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ASK FATHER: Overhearing someone else’s confession and revealing what you heard

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I recently went to confession in one of those open style baroque confessionals. Afterwards, I found someone directly outside the confessional (where she would have heard what was said by both parties). I confronted her about … Read More

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Women religious: compare and contrast

Something at the SSPX website caught my eye. Here is a photo from a story of the profession of vows of some sisters associated with the SSPX: “Two American Postulants Join the Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Italy” … Read More

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“And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars.”

Fama volat, it is said.  No aphorism is truer than this when it comes to Rome all the way back to Virgil, who coined it. So, reminding everyone that we are in the realm of Rumor, I’ve been exchanging texts with … Read More

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A Response to the Tornielli/Walford papolatrous attack on the Four ‘Dubia’ Cardinals

A few days ago Vatican Insider, at La Stampa, run by the ultimate Italian weather vane Andrea Tornielli, supplied a piece against the Four Cardinals of the Five Dubia (and against anyone who agrees that more clarity is needed) by … Read More

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