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The effect of lay participation on the souls of priests

Today during Mass I was struck hard with something, which reinforced an observation I read recently in an email.  In effect, the priestly writer said that priests, who are under constant and insidious attacks by the Devil, are therefore also constantly at … Read More

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REVIEW: A beautiful Catholic ABC Book for children

This morning after Holy Mass I was given a wonderful book.  It’s a children’s book, but no matter: it’s a delightful reprint of an old ABC or Alphabet Book. It doesn’t get more Catholic than this!  This would be a … Read More

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OLDIE PODCAzT 87 (2009): The Pentecost Sequence dissected – Veni Sancte Spiritus

Here is an oldie PODCAzT made back in 2009.  Tempus fugit. ___ I started this one thinking that I could make a fast audio project and then move on.  Ha! In this PODCAzT I dissect the Pentecost Sequence, Veni Sancte … Read More

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Your Pentecost Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made during the sermon you heard for your Mass of Pentecost Sunday obligation? Let us know what it was! UPDATE: Some of you took my request for “a good point made during the sermon” to vent about something … Read More


The spellbinding Romanos the Melodist on the Holy Spirit

A Patristic moment on the Holy Spirit. The spellbinding Romanos the Melodist (+6th c.) has this about our praise of the Spirit. Amazing imagery: […] Now those who before were fishermen have become skilled speakers. Now those who once stood … Read More

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