#ActonU 2017: Day 0

We have gathered again in Grand Rapids MI for Acton University 2017.

Once again there is a huge and diverse group from all over the world.

Tonight we have registered and greeted lots of old friends and now our first event is beginning.  After our first (excellent) meal, there is a talk by Hon. Janice Rogers Brown.

I would love for all of you to have the experience of Acton U.  I’ll give you some tastes along the way.



Sam Gregg is giving a talk.   He is maybe the smartest guy in the room.

Here is is explaining that he doesn’t use Powerpoint because, of course, power corrupts and Powerpoint corrupts absolutely.

And he just blasted Karl Rahner.  This is great.

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  1. Well, saying Mr. Gregg is the smartest in a room filled with people of that caliber is no small compliment; considering the host organization and our humble blog scribe is also there.

    Jealous a bit…though I have no fantasy that I’d even be able to understand 1% of the proceedings…I have a feeling it would like being able to sit in on, and drink from the well in one of +Benedict’s former summer sessions with his students. Maybe by osmosis something would sink in this thick Irish/French Canadian head. What a feast, though.

    Enjoy, Father!

  2. The Masked Chicken says:

    I don’t use Poweroint, either. Chalk and talk is much better (and there are studies that show this). I had a talk with a colleague in humor studies, the famous sociologist, Christie Davies, at lunch a few years, ago, and we both agreed that Powerpoint is too passive a form of presentation to really engage the audience. Religion rarely comes up as topics at humor conferences, alas. I have heard two in about twenty years (although one was about Jewish Biblical humor and it was very interesting).

    The Chicken

  3. Mario Bird says:

    Please give our best to Fr. Sirico! We enjoyed, and we were greatly edified, listening to him in Alaska this past spring.

    I would like to attend an Acton U symposium based on the prompt, “And the whole world groaned, and was astonished to find itself socialist.”

  4. OldProfK says:

    I use a fairly bare-bones PowerPoint, preferably with a whiteboard so I can raise the screen and mark or diagram on the slides. I’ve been praying for the Hon. Judge Brown to be appointed to the USSC for years now.

  5. Rahner was blasted? And I missed it? Man! If you forget it, or have never heard the story, ask Father W, when next you are in town, about the time that then Cardinal Ratzinger lectured at the seminary and Father W asked him a question about Rahner’s book on the Holy Trinity. It is a great story! I will not spoil it. I have photos of him “concelebrating” with His Excellency. When I gave him two views that I printed onto photo paper he claimed that he must have a doppleganger.

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