#ActonU 2017: Day 1

We have completed the first full day.

I gave my lecture today on Augustine and the City of Man.

A view of the great deco/liberty hall in the older portion of the otherwise state of art facility. I always like walking through this space

Tonight we heard from Russell Moore.  He was really good.

Afterwards, I caught up with friends on the deck.

Which drink is mine?

After this, with cigars I sat with one of the faculty (one of the smartest on the staff) and a entrepreneur, solider from Israel who also had several years in the yeshiva talking, arguing, about Jewish political theory.

Acton is a place where you wake up all those parts of the brain that haven’t been challenged for a while.

Tomorrow, as usual, TLM at 7:15.

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  1. Windswept House says:

    Can you post your talk?

  2. Mike says:

    One wonders what your preference in cigars might be. A sound sacerdotal recommendation cannot but be worth considering.

    [It depends on the occasion.]

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