Benedictines of Norcia: Concussi surgunt! Super nifty BEER news!

News from Norcia!

I warmly urge you to visit their site, check out their donation page, and consider joining their beer club.

Speaking of beer, be sure to look at what they have going … below.

Dear friends,

In moments of tragedy when all seems lost, God calls us to trust that somewhere, somehow, good can come from it.

Over the last 9 months, we monks of Norcia have set out to follow that path. Our home, the monastery and basilica of St. Benedict, the birthplace of our patron, was destroyed. We have lived in tents, then cabins, all the while wrestling with nature’s coldest and snowiest winter of recent memory. And we have dirtied our hands and habits in mud, working together to begin the work of constructing new buildings, and with them, a future.

17_06_10_norcia_01With that recent history in mind, we thanked God deeply and joyfully this past Sunday, the feast of Pentecost, which celebrates the Holy Spirit’s descent on the Apostles. We believe that same Spirit was there in our new wooden chapel, built to accommodate as many as 150 faithful and 24 monks. Finally, those ancient chants swelled through the new wooden rafters and once again we were able to open our doors to those eager to immerse themselves in the mysteries of God alongside the monks. While the formal inauguration of the building, which is the first phase of our future abbey, will take place September 17, we chose to celebrate Mass even with an unfinished roof. In this way, we remember: Nisi Dominus aedificaverit domum in vanum laboraverunt qui aedificant eum. Unless God builds the house in vein do the laborers build it.

17_06_10_norcia_02The entire first phase has been possible with the help of hundreds of individuals and groups from around the world. For their generosity, we are deeply grateful. But on the heels of the opening of our new chapel, one sponsor deserves special recognition: Leffe beer. Leffe took on the construction of our chapel as a special way of contributing to the efforts to rebuild Norcia and give hope to the whole earthquake-affected region.

17_06_10_norcia_04Leffe beer, one of the most highly prized beers of Belgium and brewed in the monastic tradition, launched a special limited-edition brew with Birra Nursia, our own beer, as a joint label with Leffe Blonde. While the two beers, Leffe and Birra Nursia, remain distinct, the Nursia name on the Leffe Blonde bottle signifies the shared commitment of the two breweries: to rebuild Norcia and bring hope to the tragedy-stricken region.

The beer is available in Italian markets starting this week. 100,000 bottles will be sold, and all the profits will go to sponsor the chapel, which is not just for the monks, but is open to all those thirsting after God. Read more about the Leffe project at Every purchase directly benefits the monastery.

17_06_10_norcia_06The announcement of the Leffe sponsorship of the chapel also provides a fitting occasion to remind our friends that we hope to break ground on our own new brewery this August. To meet that goal, we need 250,000 in funds. We hope that you might help us by making a gift to this project.   [HERE – tell them Fr. Z sent you]

As Summer heats up, the monks are hard at work building, planning, but most of all, praying that out of the darkness of this recent period in this mountainous region’s history, God might bring graces upon the people of Norcia and all those in Italy who have suffered from the earthquakes. The monks also look forward to the more formal inauguration of the new structure, which is planned for September 17. We hope to share that moment with our friends, so please consider making a visit.

May God Bless all of you as well for your prayers and your material support of the monastery.

In Christ,

Fr. Benedict Nivakoff, O.S.B.


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  1. Penta says:

    250,000 euros? US Dollars? Context is a little ambiguous, though I’m guessing Euros.
    (What’s the exchange rate like, anyway?)

  2. Charles E Flynn says:

    According to the currency converter at ,

    at the moment,

    1 EUR = 1.11956 USD

  3. Philmont237 says:

    Is this beer available in the US? Leffe blonde is one of my favorites as it is, and this makes it better.

  4. jaykay says:

    Ahhh… yet another good reason to drink Leffe – as if any were needed. Just back from the Chartres pilgrimage over last Whit weekend, and my beer of choice in Paris beforehand, and in Chartres afterhand, was Leffe, either blonde or brune. It always has been anyway when in France or Belgium, but I’m really glad to know about their support for Norcia. Will share this with our pilgrim group.

  5. Grant M says:

    Heh heh…I’ve been living amidst Muslims and Protestants for so long, I’m genuinely startled to see a beer promotion on a religious website…?

  6. Grant M says:

    Sorry that was meant to be a smiley face not a question mark. I love the news!

  7. Charles E Flynn says:


    There is a remarkable beer search engine:

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  9. mwa says:

    For anyone in the Charlotte, NC area: “Norcia Night” reception on June 29th,  7:00-9:00 pm at St. Ann’s Catholic Church (Allen Center)

    The “Friends of the Monastery of Norcia” will be hosting a “Norcia Night” and all are invited to attend.  We will sample their monastic brew, enjoy Italian inspired hors d’oeuvres, hear an update on the monks and their rebuilding efforts since the earthquakes of 2016, and end the evening with Compline chanted as the Monks of Norcia pray each night. It will lift your hearts and minds to heaven.

    There is no charge to attend, but RSVP is requested. The first 100 guests to RSVP will receive a complimentary Birra Nursia glass. 

    Questions…Please email

  10. Semper Gumby says:

    Great news Fr. Z, thanks.

    mwa: That is excellent, have a great evening.

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