Prime Minister of Poland to European leaders: “Rise from your knees and from your lethargy!

I am in a developing state of envy of the Polish people.

At American Catholic I read that the Prime Minister (whose son was recently ordained for the FSSP), Beata Szyd?o, upbraided other European leaders for their head in the sand approach towards the invasion of their lands by unknown, unvetted agents of the Religion of Peace.

“We are not going to take part in the madness of the Brussels elite,” she railed. “We want to help people, not the political elites.

“Where are you headed Europe?” she demanded. “Rise from your knees and from your lethargy or you will be crying over your children every day.

“If you can’t see this – if you can’t see that terrorism currently has the potential to hurt every country in Europe, and you think that Poland should not defend itself, you are going hand in hand with those who point this weapon against Europe, against all of us.

“It needs to be said clearly and directly: This is an attack on Europe, on our culture, on our traditions.”

Addressing the people of Europe, she asked: “Do we want politicians who claim we have to get used to the attacks, and who describe terrorist attacks as incidents, or do we want strong politicians who can see the danger and can fight against it efficiently?”

Our Lady of Czestochowa, pray for us!
Our Lady of Victory, pray for us!
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

And, everyone, please do read…

Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War by Sebastian Gorka.


More on this HERE.

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  1. JustaSinner says:

    The Poles get it! The Pols, not at all!

  2. LarryW2LJ says:

    As my Polish Grandfather said, “There’s book learning and then there’s common sense.” Obviously, this lady has common sense.

    Sto Lat, Poland, Sto Lat!

  3. MikeS says:

    I’m reminded that it was the Polish army who rode to the rescue of Vienna on the original September 11.

  4. Stephen McMullen says:

    I would like to add…..that the number of terror attacks Poland has had is…….0! None. Why? They have a STRONG and STRICT anti-immigration policy. Coincidence? Er….. I think people can put 2 and 2 together. Well….wait….at least 65 million people in this country cannot.

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    Feminist types extol the silliest things as reasons to be “proud”, dumb accomplishments women pull off, usually for acting like a man. It’s boring and vapid, meaningless and goofy. But this woman made me feel proud. She speaks the truth without apology, if only more leaders were like her. She is 100% correct. There is only one way to prevent Islamic attacks, keep them out or kick them out. Anything else is just temporary containment.

  6. Philmont237 says:

    “And the Winged Hussars Arrived!”

  7. Sword40 says:

    My wife, who is of Polish descent is just “beaming”.

  8. rtjl says:

    Can you say King John III Sobieski?

  9. Geoffrey says:

    I just married a Polish woman on May 13th and she is “beaming”, too!

    Beloved Europe needs more voices like this. Oremus!

  10. bwfackler says:

    The prime minister’s son was ordained for the diocese of bielsko-?ywiecka but said the traditional roman mass on Pentecost at the FSSP church in Kraków.

  11. Maelwys says:

    If you haven’t seen The Day of the Seige, you’re missing a great Polish movie about Catholic Polish glory, produced as a gift to the American people to amend our historic imbecility.

  12. Absit invidia says:

    But modern white western Catholics have a problem with her words because, in their twisted minds, it opposes the ecumenical spirit of Vatican 2.

  13. Teofila in statu viae says:
  14. bibi1003 says:

    Father Rutler of St. Michael’s in NYC had a great weekly column on 9/25/16, days after Muslim terrorists attacked an officer with a cleaver and planted two explosives. He talked about people who ignore the terrorist threat, stating: “Terrorists are not ghosts and will not go away even if reasonably intelligent people misuse their brains to pretend they are not there.”

  15. Charles E Flynn says:

    Interesting map:

    Map of terror attacks in Europe. Poland has a strict no-migrants policy. Draw your own conclusions, posted on Twitter by Jack Posobiec.

    Below the map, there are ten observations about Japan by one “Shawn”. I have seen no previous references to these observations.

  16. Charles E Flynn says:

    As they used to write in The New Yorker, which page d’ya believe:

    Viral graphic says Japan keeps out radical Islam through strong restrictions on Muslims, posted on Politifact by Louis Jacobson.

  17. Deacon John says:

    On Tuesday, the bishops of Poland renewed the consecration of the Polish church to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Story, and text of act here (in Polish):
    In attendance: prime minister Szydło and president Andrzej Duda. The latter was also present when the country’s bishops proclaimed Christ as King of Poland last November.

  18. Serviam says:

    Ah ha!! Someone else with Polish envy, dare I call it “holy” envy? Also, their bishops once again reaffirmed Church teaching regarding divorced and remarried not receiving Holy Communion unless they are abstinent. Imagine that, they’re CATHOLIC!! Deo gratias:-)

  19. Semper Gumby says:

    God Bless the Poles and Poland.

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