Total Eclipse Planning

I am giving strong consideration to the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse.

Plans are to be made.

A strong contender must be in Missouri, near to St. Joseph and to Gower, which the wonderful Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles are to be found.


However, it may be that it is too late now to organize some large Eclipse/Blognic.

That said… I’m thinking a special Solemn Eclipse Mass with custom vestments.  A friend of mine wrote:

“Black with a moon face?”

To which I responded:

“Black with a black circle surrounded by wavy gold and silver?”

Thus, he:

“Here’s a pattern we can use. Maybe we can borrow the monstrance.”


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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    You’ll poke yur eye out kid!

  2. acardnal says:

    The monstrous monstrance!

  3. ViperDoc says:

    Consider Greenville, SC, also in the path of the totality. Home to Prince of Peace parish which offers the TLM daily and Our Lady of the Rosary parish (a beautiful new church), home of Fr. Longenecker and the Shrine of the Divine Mercy of the Southeast.

  4. mepoindexter says:

    Anyone remember Princess Beatrice’s hat from the Royal wedding a few years back?

  5. thomistking says:

    If such a mass were to take place in Greenville, I would definitely be present.

    [A priest can’t just show up somewhere. He has to be invited.]

  6. NBW says:

    That monstrance looks like a wind turbine. It would make Baby Jesus cry. It makes me cry as well. It is NOT fit for containing the beauty and splendor of the Real Presence of Our Lord. He deserves the only the very best and most beautiful monstrance.

  7. leftycbd says:

    The eclipse has many rural areas concerned with the expected influx. Said areas are not equipped to handle such an event, with all the expected camping, sanitary, and law enforcement issues.

    Think an event on the order of the yearly ‘Burning Man’, but in many locations and without the resources or experience for effective planning, either by authorities or attendees.

    ‘What do you mean there is no food for sale out here officer?’

    ‘You should have googled that … Sorry no cell service either? You should go home, but you can’t because that one lane highway back to civilization is jammed with city folk who thought they would enjoy the eclipse, but forgot to check that there are no car charging stations this far out. ‘

    Pray for all those involved in this event.

  8. mysticalrose says:

    A total eclipse of the sun on the eve of the Immaculate Heart/Queenship of Mary in the 100th year since the Fatima apparitions?! I’m not sure if I should be excited or fearful…

  9. LarryW2LJ says:

    May the Lord forgive me, but that monstrance looks more like a fried egg gone wrong than a repository fit for our Redeemer’s Body.

  10. Stephen McMullen says:


  11. jeffc says:

    Might I suggest my alma mater, Benedictine College in Atchison, KS. Scientists from the Vatican Observatory will be there.

  12. MissBee says:

    As Catholics we don’t concern ourselves with celestial events though, do we?
    In my former life I practiced astrology, my understanding now is that all of that is to be left behind.

  13. MissBee says:

    And my apologies if I’m misunderstanding the spirit of the post….

  14. don Jeffry says:

    Perhaps saying a Mass with Père Marquette’s chalice? Look for Kaskaskia Island. It is separated from the Illinois mainland by the Mississippi River. Right on the line and longest duration. I expect to be there. Permission can be had.

    [That would be very cool.]

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