A reader has fun with a seminarian, a great book, and an “ordination tambourine”

A seminarian sent this…

Hello Father,

I wanted to let you know that one of your readers, upon reading this post, sent me a copy of Pope Emeritus Benedict’s new book on the priesthood. I received it a few days ago – along with a tongue-in-cheek ordination tambourine. Thank you for the recommendation and suggestion! I look forward to reading the book.


You readers are the best.

Some of you who are new around here may not know of the huge hit song by former rapper Zuhlio inspired by the wymynpryst wannabe with her – I’m not making this up – “ordination tambourine”.   HERE (includes the lyrics – after Bob Dylan!)  And the backstory HERE.

The tune:

The book is…

Teaching and Learning the Love of God: Being a Priest Today


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