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Do you have some good news for the readership?   It’s Monday, and we all need some.

For my part, Delta finely managed to produce my luggage… at 1:30 AM.  It only took them 5 hours to get it here from the airport, which is 20 minutes away.  But, it came intact and unmolested, or relatively so.   I think Delta should give me the miles that my bag racked up.  Maybe you could suggest the same to @Delta.

Also, this morning I went with friends to a coffee shop for breakfast and, as we were ordering, a young feller entered in a plain black cassock and fascia.  “Hmmm”, quoth I.  After we completed our orders, I marched over to him, introduced myself, and invited him to sit with us, which invitation he accepted.  As it turns out he is a priest of the SSPX, visiting family (hence, not stationed here).  He explained that he had come to the excellent coffee shop with his folks, and didn’t come there alone, but today – fortuitously – he did.  We had a great conversation.   I really like the SSPX priests whom I’ve met.  I look forward to the day we are together and without canonical conundrums.


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  1. SKAY says:

    That is a very nice story, Father and I am so glad you received your luggage finally.

  2. John Grammaticus says:

    went and saw my spiritual director, met and approved of by one of the cats in residence and had a fruitful discussion.

  3. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    My father celebrated his 91st birthday yesterday.

    My second son starts college this week at the eminently Catholic Thomas Aquinas College.

    Work continues on the restoration of the 100+ year old Kimball organ where I play (currently) a simulacrum. I hope that the work will be completed before our pastor is reassigned.

    The number of 20-something and 30-something parishioners in our parish continues to grow.

  4. APX says:

    Tomorrow in Nigeria, the FSSP will ordain yet another priest this year. The Rev. Mr. Charles Ike will be the first priest ordained in Nigeria in the EF since the 60s. It is quite the event and a very big deal in Nigeria.

  5. frjim4321 says:

    A parishioner has made a recovery from a very serious, scary and unknown blood infection. It just went away.

  6. Charivari Rob says:

    My great-aunt celebrates her 100th birthday Tuesday.

    Had some family connection time this weekend. Nice in and of itself, but especially good in supporting one particular relative who has been going through some troubles.

  7. tomthumb says:

    Our newly ordained priest at our parish brought home a copy of “The Power of Silence” and our Pastor both mentioned it in the bulletin on Sunday and this morning in his daily mass homily.

  8. Discerning Altar Boy says:

    I will be observing the Solemnity of the Assumption by attending Mass at the magnificent Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Providence, RI.
    I will be attending a Mass in the Extraordinary Form(a rarity in my diocese)this coming Sunday to commemorate the Feast of the Little Flower.
    With any luck, I will achieve the rank of Eagle Scout this Wednesday night, which is also my 18th birthday. This will cap off my 10 years of dedicated participation in the Boy Scouts of America.

  9. Scott Wilmot says:

    An extraordinary form Vigil Mass was prayed tonight for the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Broadview Heights, Ohio. Assumption Parish is one of the oldest parishes in the Cleveland Diocese, created in 1857, 10 years after the creation of the diocese. It was an absolutely beautiful mass and very well attended. Father also blessed flowers and herbs after the mass.

  10. Greenfields says:

    Father D, in residence at the parish rectory while studying in San Francisco, called Saturday evening to ask for a driving lesson / practice time behind the wheel on Sunday afternoon. He advised that he had two driving school lessons and his test is Tuesday (tomorrow). Generous to a fault I said ok. Then, like Saint Peter I doubted. My beautiful car! What if Father wrecks it, or dings it? The good news is that Father had years of experience driving stick shift in France and wants to get his drivers’ license in an automatic. The practice time went off without a ding. Say a prayer for Father D. His test is Tuesday at 3:00 PT.

  11. ChesterFrank says:

    I had two slices of pizza today. They were delicious.

  12. stephen c says:

    Someone I have known for a very very long time – a very good person, but who suffers dreadfully (although without realizing it, I believe) from a lack of faith (having been surrounded in childhood by very foolish people, let’s leave it at that) – said something to me today that makes me think that true faith in God is growing in that person’s heart. In brief, and leaving out the (tragic) details, I said I would pray for something important to both of us and the reply from that person, without sarcasm or reservation, was that it (the prayer) will be appreciated. A statement like that (without sarcasm or any reservation, for the first time ) might not seem like all that much but when you have wondered for decades and decades if you would ever hear an honest Christian statement like that from someone you cared about – and then you do – well than it can’t be said that it does not seem like much. I have not been blessed (who is?) to be surrounded by many happy and fortunate people in this life, but I have been blessed with many friends, here and there, who believe in the power of prayer. Please pray for us, and for those we love.

  13. Nan says:

    Cardinal Burke went to Guam for a minute a couple of weeks ago, to preside over an ecclesiastic trial. Guam didn’t tip over while he was there.

    My road trip with my Lutheran friend went well. We went to Missa Cantata at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Lacrosse, sister to St Mary Major after which she asked me why the priest was turned away from us. I told her it’s his job to lead us to heaven, so he’s facing God in order to do so.

    She also asked about indulgences since the priest mentioned the possibility and we walked the via crucis before having lunch and hitting the road for Holy Hill.

    The via crucis at Holy Hill is wonderful. Life size figures, begins at the bottom of the hill and ends near the beautiful church. There’s also a grotto, so I had to explain Our Lady of Lourdes, and that grottos are a thing, but didn’t explain that it’s frequently at French churches.

    Sunday we went to Mass at Our Lady of Good Help, went to the gift shop where she bought a cross for the son going off to college. I didn’t explain that it’s a 4 way medal, just suggested asking a priest to bless it and there was a visiting priest in the gift shop to ask.

    She assumed he was off duty and I told her he wouldn’t be dressed like that if he thought he was off duty. She wanted me to ask him to bless the cross, so I did. He laughed at the possibility of an off duty priest, put on his traveling stole and blessed it. He hit every concern she had. All he knew was her son’s name. She was in tears and couldn’t believe that a priest who didn’t know her son would take the time to bless a cross for him. She’s still blown away that he seemingly knew everything. I told her it’s completely normal and to be expected.

    When she asked about the ribbon around the priest’s neck I explained that he wears it at confession and Mass, two times it’s not really the priest.

    No idea of her next step but incredible that Mary is one of her issues with the church, yet she was willing to visit 3 Marian Shrines.

    Oh, I sent her home with a bottle of holy water from Our Lady of Good Help.

  14. Cath says:

    Construction on our perpetual adoration chapel has begun.

  15. Ellen says:

    The Fathers of Mercy had three men take their temporary vows and one take his final vows. I went, it was most moving.

  16. un-ionized says:

    Fr. Jim, praise be to God!
    I’ve been having to miss Mass frequently due to illness but there is light at the end of the tunnel (which is NOT an approaching train!). I am blessed with many friends at work too.

  17. Irish Spectre says:

    ..met my betrothed for the vigil Mass last night on the way home from work, w/ the two younger boys still at home from Enormous State U for summer break (returning to college tomorrow) expected to be there also (w/ regular Mass attendance (Newman Center during the school year) not being an issue for them, thank God.) Well, they were nowhere to be seen, as they’d taken a run “off the island” a couple of hours prior to get an “interview suit” for the elder, which admittedly ate at us a tad, so it was particularly uplifting to see their tall, handsome personages (thanks, Mom) wielding the collection baskets for the offertory. (Now, if they’ll only take my strong suggestion to them to make a run down to Confession today, before their departure back to the lion’s den for the semester (please God!))

  18. lmgilbert says:

    Father Vincent announced at Mass this morning that Fr. Gerald Buckley, O.P. passed away at 12:40AM this morning, the Feast of the Assumption. He celebrated his 60th anniversary of ordination a few weeks ago, and while continuing to celebrate Mass and give delightful sermons, he had been getting more and more unsteady on his feet and had trouble breathing. He mentioned to me in the sacristy that doctors thought it was his heart, and then a few moments later to himself, “Well, you have to go sometime.”

    Yes, indeed, but to to fly off to Heaven on the Feast of the Assumption, to be anointed by your prior, receive the Apostolic pardon, and finally to expire while three of your Dominican confreres are singing the Salve Regina over you, what holier death could there be? How I will miss you, holy and friendly priest, compassionate confessor and obviously- how obviously!- wonderful friend of Our Lady.

  19. PTK_70 says:

    This past Sunday, a statue of Our Lady of Fatima was carried up to the top of a mountain with a very good view of my state’s largest city. Having found a suitable rock formation for Our Lady, we placed her there, knelt and prayed before her, specifically asking that she spread her mantle of protection over our city and our families. This took place on Aug 13th, during the 100th year anniversary of the Fatima apparitions.

    That very same morning, while driving to the trailhead, I heard something on the radio unknown to me: a presentation of Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber’s Rosary or “Mystery” Sonatas, composed in the 17th century. (This station devotes three hours every Sunday morning to a Sacred Concert series.) There are 16 sonatas, one for each of the mysteries, such as they were defined at that time, and one sonata dedicated, apparently, to the guardian angels. The presentation I heard included readings by actor Timothy West, which were quite edifying and not too sappy, if I may say so. Among the offerings on YouTube are recordings of a live performance by violinist Jin Kim. The sonatas are composed to allow for recitation of one decade of the Rosary before going on to the next.

  20. Nan says:

    Thank you for Shari g the need of this holy priest’s possible entry to heaven. I’ll pray for the repose of his soul tonight at adoration.

  21. westham1 says:

    The forthcoming Young Catholic Adult Weekend @ Douai Abbey, England (20th -22nd Oct 2017) is booking up fast! It was sold out one month in advance last year. There will be catechetical talks, Gregorian Chant workshops, rosaries, socials! All Masses are in the Old Rite (Roman Rite High Mass and Domincian Rite Sung Mass. To book goto:- To Book: For updates goto:-

  22. Jack in NH says:

    We attended Mass for the Assumption at our now one year old FSSP parish, St. Stanislaus. We also celebrated the first ringing of our renovated bell. The 100+ year old bell now rings daily the Angelus (morning, Noon and evening), the Mass Call, the De Profundis for the Dead at 9 p.m. each night, as well as bells for the Gloria and Consecration at Mass and funeral tolls. The bell will also ring the hour during the day.
    Very cool; I felt like I was ten years old, again.

  23. I was blessed to attend a TLM (FSSP) at Church of the Resurrection in Ft. Meyers, FL on Sunday and then again on the Feast of the Assumption. I was also was able to go to confession and counseled on what a priest in my parish (not the pastor) told me was not a sin, was indeed a grave sin.

    Having been spoiled by the availability of the TLM in San Francisco and Oakland, CA, I’ve felt quite deprived since my relocation to the Florida Keys. The nearest TLM (and only Sunday opportunity in the archdiocese of Miami) is in Miami, which is a 2.5 hour drive (5 hours round trip). Ft. Meyers is a 4.25+ drive one way, but my mother-in-law lives there, so I get blessed with a TLM when my wife and I visit her if we happen to include a Sunday. The good news I have to report is that the FSSP recently added a daily TLM at St. Agnes in Naples, FL and are hoping to add a TLM on one weekday at Church of the Resurrection in Ft. Meyers. They are also planning to have classes at St. Agnes.

    A long-distance blessing to attend a TLM once in a while (perhaps monthly) is better than none at all. Praise God!

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