ASK FATHER: Are blessings, sacramentals from SSPX priests efficacious?

From a reader…


Are blessings made by SSPX priests efficacious? Like when they bless sacramentals, water, salt etc, are these really blessed?

Let’s see.

SSPX bishops validly ordain and confirm.

SSPX priests validly confect the Eucharist.

SSPX priests (now) validly absolve sins.

I think that they validly bless sacramentals and that they are efficacious.

In the case of Epiphany Water, the priest should have the faculty from the local bishop. However, that would be for liceity rather than for validity. When it comes to rites like the exorcism of persons, however, if I were an SSPX priest I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot aspergilum without the explicit faculty of the local bishop.

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