DISGUSTING LBGT story reveals something about homosexualist agenda in the Church. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

This is disgusting, but it is necessary for you to know.

A forward, which I have offered before:

I’ve argued here – often – that the homosexualist agenda has been patiently engaged for a long time and is still reaching for that brass ring.

The brass ring is the lowering of the age of consent.

The homosexualists have slowly been shifting the language about deviant same-sex acts and those who regularly commit them.

Through the MSM and entertainment industry the image of homosexuality as something hidden and unclean was broken by replacing it with victim status during the flaming up of the AIDS epidemic in certain populations.

Then the victim image had to be broken and replaced, which was accomplished through cool and “with it” characters in TV shows and other culture movers.  Think of the absurdly high percentage of homosexuals in TV shows, increasing every year.  You can’t turn on a TV series now and not find it filled with deviants, now doing deviant things in prime time.

BUT!  They are cool and emotionally sensitive, who have answers for the dysfunctional and often less attractive “hetero” characters.

Fuse this culture shift with the rise of no-fault divorce and nearly universal contraception and we have the perfect deadly storm that can rip the sexual act conceptually away from marriage (what’s that?) and procreation (what’s that?).

Shall we mention the near total silence of the Catholic Church?

Now that subcultures are multiplying like viruses, we are just about ready, I think, for the next stage of the assault on the human person and God’s plan.  Not content for legalization of same-sex “marriage”, the next phase of the homosexualist agenda will soon be implemented: lowering of the age of consent (aka the aforementioned the brass ring).

And now they have helpers within the Church who are highly visible and often in positions of authority.   Certain Jesuits are blatant homosexualists, their superiors do nothing to stop them and bishops allow them to speak anywhere.  Bishops themselves in Germany are talking about blessing same-sex relationships.

Within the Catholic Church very highly placed authorities are working incrementally to detach procreation from human procreative powers and potentials and acts.

If you can successfully detach procreation from the use of procreative acts, etc., then it’s game over for Catholic moral teaching and, subsequently, for all Catholic doctrine.  Once you say that what is true (in nature and revelation) isn’t true, it’s over.

And, to be clear, the brass ring they are all reaching for is the lowering of the age of consent of those whom you can rape … have sex with.

And to hell with those who are trying to live chaste lives and who fight various inclinations.  Now, highly placed teachers in the Church are offering justification for mortal sins because, after all, people can live according to “ideals”.  And, well, in our “lived experience”, we see that living chastely can be difficult, and that many fall.  The ideal remains the ideal but we all know that it is is simply too hard.  Therefore, let’s stop calling acts that violate the ideal an obstacle to receiving the sacraments (which are also “ideals”, I guess).

If some at the very pinnacle of those behind the scenes fueling these movements – not their Jesuit tools, German bishops, etc. – have the ultimate transformation of the Church in mind, those who are at lower levels of the movements really want to have sex with anyone or anything, and to start recruiting while their young.

Now look at LifeSite‘s story about

LGBT fetish underwear designer defends making 9-year-old drag queen its ‘covergirl’

January 11, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The designer behind an “LGBT luxury brand” is defending using a 9-year-old drag queen to advertise a sequined onesie alongside a “BDSM Bondage Leather Star and Chain Dress,” bondage-themed nipple pasties, and glittery anatomy-highlighting men’s underwear.

House of Mann, run by Brandon Hilton, is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based online shop that sells clothing and lingerie for drag queens and gay men. It uses “vegan leather,” sequins, and various bondage and sex motifs to make its products.  [It’s safe for the environment?]

Nine-year-old Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden, also known by his drag name “Lactatia,” became a sensation after appearing onstage at the Montreal stop of the “Werq the World Tour.” His mother, Jessica Mélançon, encourages Nemis to be a “drag queen.”

Breitbart and the Daily Caller originally sounded the alarm at Nemis named House of Mann’s “covergirl,” and being featured alongside “vegan leather harness jackets” and “fetish stripper boxer briefs.”


Mark you… this is what the homosexualists within the Catholic Church also want.

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  1. comedyeye says:

    Jesus promised the Gates of Hell would not prevail. And the brass ring comes with a ticket straight to Gehenna.

  2. JabbaPapa says:

    Is this the “paradigm shift” that Cardinal Parolin is gushing about ? [Did you see any of the video? When did Card. Parolin “gush”?]

  3. Riddley says:

    Nasty stuff. However, although I hate to mention it I wonder if our thinking needs to be clarified slightly.

    We are (rightly) appalled at the idea of the age of consent being lowered, but a) the age of consent differs between countries, and b) in the past people have often married at ages that we would now consider unsuitably young, apparently with the Church’s blessing (royal alliances spring to mind).

    I am NOT saying that we should not resist this movement in the Church, but I suspect that a well-reasoned position will be easier to defend.

  4. YoungLatinMassGuy says:

    Pedophiles are starting to use the exact same playbook that homosexuals used over the last 30-40 years.

    Expect to see pedophilia legalized in the coming decades…

  5. rcg says:

    Why does a child need a sexual identity beyond ‘boy’ or ‘girl’. Certainly developing a sexual practise at that young prepubescent age is questionable, proably harmful, and patently absurd. It looks as if mom is expressing something of herself through her child. That is bad enough, but to have a sophisticated support system for this is simply evil.

    I hope we begin to explore the effects hyper-sexuality has on the brain so that people who deny harm based on mere physical manifestations will be shown for the demonic facilitators that they are.

  6. ThePapalCount says:

    Our Lady of Sorrows just received an eighth dagger.
    John 11:35

  7. Dan says:

    Hollywood has been trying to sexualize children and create pedophiles for years.
    Their formula is usually this.

    1. Create a show, the daughter of the main character is presented as an attractive female.
    2. At some point she challenges the parents wearing clothing that is too revealing.
    3. She walks buy a group of adult men in an alluring way, with them leering at her and commenting on her.
    4. Hollywood hides culpability by having a parent chastise the men yelling at them “she is 15!” men look sad and the show moves on continuing to portray the girl who is supposed to be 15 in such a manor.

    They have just messed with the senses and the intellect by associating a young girl with sexual thoughts and people continue to watch, over and over in show after show. No wondering kids are being victimized and sexual abuse is rampant.

    Then they turn and do the same thing with natural sexuality, show a “woman” dressed provocatively in a sexual manor, then disclose it is a man. They are slowly eroding and screwing with the senses and the intellect.

    Now they are just taking the next step and combining the two for the ultimate mind job.

  8. Joy65 says:

    Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, All Holy Saints and Angels PLEASE surround and protect us all especially all Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters, Deacons, Seminarians, our Pope, Bishops, Cardinals and all those discerning vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life from satan and all his evil ways. PLEASE help the WRONG and horrible things taking place in our society today to end and be changed to the RIGHT of your will Dear Lord. Have Mercy on us and on the whole world.

  9. David says:

    Fr. Z —
    You talk quite rightly about enablers of all this (and probably more) occupying high positions in the Church. Somehow “The Gates of Hell…” doesn’t quite do it anymore. What do you see the Church looking like in practical terms if these prelates, perhaps with the support of the Vatican, win the day?

  10. chantgirl says:

    The new movie “Call Me By Your Name” is getting rave critical reviews. I have to wonder if the movie would be getting such great reviews if the relationship took place between a priest and a teen. Yes, Hollywood is punishing morally depraved men for using their power to prey on adult women seeking jobs, while at the same time pushing intergenerational homosexual relationships in film. Roman Polanski has also been given a pass by many in Hollywood.

    Whether we want to or not, Europe and America are going to have to deal with challenges to the age of consent laws as Muslim immigration continues. Islam brings with it a near institutionalized abuse of children.

    As much as lowering the age of consent is the brass ring for the lower levels of this movement, I think there is a greater prize for the architects- control of procreation. The push toward eugenics and designer babies, “man-made climate change”, universal healthcare, and the new “responsible contraception” we are hearing about are leading to a point sometime in the future in which governments will give certain people licenses to produce a certain number of children, and some others will be excluded. Possibly, at some point procreation will be completely divorced from human relationships and be controlled completely in the lab. And, if these children are created by the state, they will in essence be owned by the state, “raised” by the state, and indoctrinated by the state. I don’t know how far off we are from such a nightmare, but it is definitely the point we are approaching sooner or later. As the hierarchy of the Church seems more and more to join the secularists, I don’t see a single institution that will be able to stand united against the culture of death. There will be pockets of resistance here and there, but they will be easily overcome without a strong institution backing them up. God save us from the destination we are surely heading toward. He may have to “reset” society in order to save us from reaching this destination.

    And God, please protect this young boy from the wolves who are certainly waiting for him. I weep to think of what awaits this poor child.

  11. adriennep says:

    Up until recently, I was a highly-paid (volunteer) and highly-trained (zilch provided by diocese) religious education teacher (formerly known as Catechism teacher), with great support from those in parish (no one else would do the job). Yet with zero tolerance policies set in place by previous modernist Archbishop (and never changed by new orthodox Archbishop), every volunteer must go through expensive federal background checks to weed out the criminals amongst those trying to teach kids about Christ or clean up in the kitchen. We must spend up to ten hours every season taking new indoctrination classes, Called To Protect, a secular program that does not acknowledge any faith-based solutions and steadfastly claims NO homosexual link to child molestation. All this because the State ordered bankruptcy due to sex abuse claims. Meanwhile, closet alternative lifestyles among the rich and famous clergy (even in this rural area) continues apace. We continue to send diocese their mandated money. Zilch on moral sin in homilies and zilch in shepherding like a father. Out the door a few minutes after Mass once a week. So you tell me—how long can this shell game continue? How long can they continue to displace their guilt? How much longer can ordinary Catholics take in seeing even their good Bishops do nothing about this and not speaking up to the bullies in the Church hierarchy? If our Archbishop is not speaking out, why should these poor, uneducated, unappreciated teachers keep trying to explain the 6th and 9th Commandments (even to those victim children of co-habitating parents)?

  12. tskrobola says:

    There is exactly zero chance that ordinary Catholics can or will have a direct positive influence on the Church hierarchy.

    In my opinion, what we can and MUST do for our bishops is to pray, be holy, perform works of mercy, and help raise the next generation of priests to turn the tide.

    In addition to the leftist and sexual revolutionary movements in society and in the Church, and the rise of Islam in Europe, we have to contend with an endless stream of filth through TV/Radio/Cable/Satellite/movies and especially the internet. From a moral standpoint it’s like trying to maintain a healthy village on the banks of a giant river of sewage.

  13. APX says:


    That’s the same logic pedophiles are using to legalize pediphilia. We used to mature at a much earlier age than we do now, but children and pre-teens of today are not mentally mature enough to consent to such acts and understand what they’re consenting to. It was also pretty much unheard of to engage in conjugal relations outside of marriage, so those younger women were getting married when they were 14 and being supported by the father of the child. I was surprised to learn that my aunt and uncle were only 16 and 17, respectively when they got married. Their parents had to sign to give their consent to the marriage. Now in Canada the age of consent was raised from 14 to 16 in 2006. I personally feel it should be raised to 18 except for married couples.

  14. Chris in Maryland 2 says:

    Americans should know that Justice Ginsberg has been quoted or published in writing her intent to lower the age of consent to (I think she said) 14…or was it 12?

    What is disgusting is that she is not impeached and kicked out of the court…because the “pols” think she is civilized…because she likes the opera.

    [Please leave opera out of this.]

  15. hwriggles4 says:

    A good priest at our college 20 years ago told a group of us that one of his biggest challenges is when a couple wants to marry and they haven’t darkened the walls of a Catholic Church since first communion. Another good priest told a group of young adults that many couples today who are coming to the Church to marry are already “playing married”, which is also a challenge.

    Our society today thinks that cohabitation is expected, and quite a few young adults who refuse to play house often end up heartbroken. The ones that are trying to live like Christian men and women need support, and those called to marriage are having a tough time. I urge good Catholics families to take the time and welcome well adjusted single Catholics who are what a popular Catholic online dating site calls “7 and 7.” Many single Catholics are out there who do not want to compromise ethics and principles.

  16. hwriggles4 says:

    About the decline in traditional marriage, most of us reading this who were born between 1960 and 1975 can recall the floodgates of divorce in the 70s and 80s. I remember being in 5th grade through about 8th grade (late 70s, early 80s) and many classmates and friends had parents who split up. This experience has made much of my generation (and those afterward) a little scared when it comes to getting married.

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  18. nycdreamr says:

    Nothing in this article has anything to do with reducing the age of consent.

    [Maybe you really believe that. Mark my words: that’s the trajectory.]

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