Head exploding juxtapositions (literal and figurative)

Here’s a jocular head exercise for the readership.

Today I saw a video (sent by an old staffer of the COL Forum) about drone warfare.

It’s terrifying. Watch this, please, and try not to freak out about the potential misuse of this tech.

Okay… are you scared yet? It is like something that the Avengers will have to stop.

The audience was applauding.

Shifting gears, over at New Liturgical Movement – whiplash? – David Clayton also has a piece about drone warfare. HERE

This time, it is about sacred music and the power of a single note sung continuously alongside the melody, much as you hear in Byzantine chant and some medieval music. He talks about acoustics. Many modern churches – designed to look more like municipal airports than sacred temples of God – have dreadful acoustics. What kind of music can help them out. He also nimbly goes off into architecture (i.e., harmonious proportion). He includes some embedded videos of the sort of music he is talking about. His a good examples. Here is one of my one.

You can feel your head about to explode after a bit, and not in a bad way.

So… drone warfare, ladies and gentlemen.

On an entirely different level, I note that the German bishops conference this year made a lot of money. From Handelsblatt:

Germany’s Catholic Church counts its many financial blessings
Controversial church taxes brought in a record €6 billion last year, a Handelsblatt investigation has uncovered. Transparency is still as interpretational as scripture in Germany’s 27 Catholic dioceses.


That’s a head exploding amount of money. Not bad for a year. Of course, they Germans also caved in on Amoris laetitia. They found emanations of penumbras which allowed them to admit those who are divorced and remarried to Holy Communion.

Shifting gears, who else made more money this year?

Lifesite reports that big-business abortion – Planned Parenthood – beloved and defended by the DNC,…

New Report: Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Makes More Money Than Ever Before

The Planned Parenthood abortion business released its newest annual report over the New Year’s weekend. The report indicates the abortion company made more money than ever before.

Although Planned Parenthood bills itself has a woman’s health organization, in reality it is little more than an abortion business. Multiple exposes indicate that it does not provide adoption referrals or prenatal health care for women, but it does more abortions than any other company in the United States.

The report shows that the abortion organization had a record income of $1.46 billion and the fifth highest annual profit—$98.5 million—in its history.

In fact the newest annual report indicates that Planned Parenthood killed over 320,000 unborn children and abortions. That is well over one-third of all the abortions that take place on an annual basis in the United States.


Talk about head exploding….

Not as much as the head-swelled German bishops, however.


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  1. iPadre says:

    Anyone think N. Korea. Yet, some mad man like him gets his hands on this technology and he will kill us all. Picture the chaos as a plan flies over and makes of dump as in the video. No place to run, no place to hide.

  2. rodrigow says:

    There is a longer version of the video on this page: https://www.sciencealert.com/chilling-drone-video-shows-a-disturbing-vision-of-an-ai-controlled-future . Apparently it’s meant to be taken as a warning. It’s still fictional, although I believe we’re very dangerously close to it becoming reality.

  3. Josemaria says:

    The video is not from a real TED-style symposium, but is a fictional representation of how drone technology could be abused.

    Full video:

  4. Paul says:

    IS that genuine? If so very scary.

    You can wipe out an evil ideology…who decides what is evil?

  5. acardnal says:

    Here’s an article from “Business Insider” on AI drones and this video in particular. HERE . According to the article, the short film was released by the Future of Life Institute in Boston . The Institute is backed by Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and others who are NOT fans of AI reportedly.

    There was also a report by Fox News on this video in November 2017 HERE

  6. Marion Ancilla Mariae II says:

    Re: drone – whether it’s with us now, or won’t be with us for some years . . . what I want is a Smart Personal Rechargable Localized Electromagnetic Pulse Generator. (SPeReLEPuG). One that can be worn on one’s person, and can kill the electromagnetic power in any object for a distance of say, 150 feet.

    The pulse generator would have to be designed with a feature that would prevent it from interfering with the operations of legitimate devices such as automobiles, traffic signals, electric utility transformers, etc.

  7. KateD says:

    It’s windy where we live, and we are all pretty good at badminton…but most importantly, we’ve prepared ourselves by watching plenty of Sharknado.

  8. JabbaPapa says:

    Kill an evil ideology“.

    If they attempted that, they’d be committing suicide via drone.

  9. JabbaPapa says:

    Father Z : They found emanations of penumbras which allowed them to admit those who are divorced and remarried to Holy Communion

    So basically an even deeper sliding towards Simony than we were already used to from them ?

  10. Jacques says:

    I am not sure that this technology is already so easily available.
    Othertwise “fat Kim”, easy to target through facial recognition, would be dead since long and the North Korea’s nuclear threat forgotten too.

  11. Semper Gumby says:

    One wonders about how effective those drones will be in heavy rain, sleet and snow, high winds (also see KateD), night and reduced visibility, against sunglasses and scarves, and around mini-EMP generators (also see Marion Ancilla Maria II). Then there’s battery life.

    This is an article on wearing a disguise to confuse the recognition software:


    This is an article on HyperFace camoflage:


    Deo Volente, the 21st century will see less spiritual and physical pain than the 20th century. Though, as we all know, malignant and diabolical ideologies are still prowling the world.

    Blessed be the name of the Lord.

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  12. JabbaPapa says:

    Pretty much off-topic, but I’ve just learned a cool fact that is at least metaphorically head-exploding (in a good way).

    Saint Nicholas AKA Santa Claus AKA Father Christmas was one of the Council Fathers at Nicaea.

    Don’t look into your stockings for his greatest gifts to us — look to the Credo and to the Canon. :-)

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