Travel Vestments Update

Some of you may recall that I started a project with Gammarelli to have bi-color, versible travel vestments made.  They will be especially spiffy with my especially spiffy portable altar made by St. Joseph’s Apprentice.  I even had them make mini antependia!  Along with the Pelican case for transport, I’ll be ready to go.  I may upgrade the small chalice and figure out a better candle situation, but that’ll be down the line.

I received a note from Rome that all my travel vestments are now ready to ship.  I may wait to have them send until a couple more things are complete.  I also have an order in for folded chasubles for our violet Pontifical set.  Please donate HERE.

So, they turn this pile of shantung, into vestments.

A photo of a couple of the travel vestments, alas, a little fuzzy.

I had mentioned my desire to associate the four different sets (of two color each) with possible donors.  I brought the cost down a bit by purchasing the silk, but for a set Gammarelli usually charges about €600 (c. $715).  So far JS and and M&JS sent.  There is another potential, JD.  I have the fourth slotted for someone who has been crucial to the blog’s survival, DY.  What I’ll probably do is have fabric “envelopes” made for each set and embroider the name of the donor on the envelope, rather than on the vestments.  Since the vestments are reversible, there’s no good place for a donors name (except, perhaps, inside the burse… hmmm).

The combinations will be:

White (gold trim) & Red (silver)
Black (silver) & Green (silver)
Violet (silver) & Rose (silver)
White (gold) & Blue (silver)

In any event, I am anxious to see them live and in person.


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  1. cstei says:

    Father Z,
    I am traveling to Italy in a few months and want to in Gammarelli’s on one of my free days in Rome to get something for myself and a gift for my Parish. I was wondering if you could tell me if they speak English. I am working on my Italian but doubt I will be able to carry on a conversation. Thanks.

  2. Yes, a couple of the guys there speak English pretty well.

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