Wherein @MassimoFaggioli tosses another nastygram at the “rigorist” straw man

Massimo “Beans” Faggioli … what a puzzle.

He seems to be bright, but he constantly tweets dopey things.

For Beans, a Catholic “rigorist” is anyone who does not simply roll over and accept unquestioningly that, for example, chapter 8 of Amoris laetitia needs no additional clarifications.

So, he writes…

This is Francis’ Church of mercy that Catholic rigorists don’t like.

Beans would have you think that his fictitious straw-men rigorists want separated fathers who can’t afford housing, to sleep rough or in their cars.

I am reminded of the malice of the dems who return like dogs to the vomit of the lie that republicans want to push grandma in her wheelchair over a cliff.  Never mind that it’s the dems who push euthanasia and abortion.

BTW… that’s a problem in Italy… jobs, incomes, a place to live, people with good degrees and skills and even decent jobs sleeping in their cars.  It’s a big problem.

I looked up the details of the program that the Diocese of Albano set up.  There is a story in L’Osservatore Romano (not that L’O is that reliable).   Some additional notes about who owns the property and how it being paid for HERE.  The Bishop of Albano is also the secretary of the Pope’s gang of cardinals which meets regularly.

Essentially, there is now a house where, as it is reported, they can take in eight men who wind up without a dwelling after a separation or a divorce.  As the diocese says, this is “a new and increasingly pressing form of poverty that the diocese of Albano is addressing in its territory.”

For my part, I think that this is a great initiative.

The area in question, the Castelli Romani, stringing to the southeast of Rome, is deeply troubled, with lots of illegal immigrants and massive drug problems… not to mention Satanic activity.  Helping these guys is a great idea.

The Bishop of Albano, in the bit published by L’O, says that:

The words written by Francis in Amoris laetitia, especially in chapter 8, and the invitation to welcome, accompany and integrate were for us like a true corroboration.

Interesting. The Pope’s words were a corroboration of what they were doing.  They started on this before Amoris.  However, the Bishop wants to associate the work with Amoris.  Fine.  Who can see a problem with that?   Admitting men to this house isn’t the same as admitting the divorced and then publicly, civilly remarried and living more uxorio to Holy Communion without further qualifications.

Care of these poor men is an entirely separate issue.

Hence, Beans comment is pretty nasty by anyone’s reckoning.

Why would he say such a thing?

His tweets are simply meant to provoke, to pull in a little more traffic, to make a name for himself among those whom he wishes to impress… rather like a kid who wants to join a gang or like a new cadre in the New catholic Red Guards wants to show that he’s got the chops.

Oh… by the way… Beans “blocked” me on Twitter, as if that makes a difference.

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  1. ChrisP says:

    There is a Universal shelter for progressive, confused academics and priests separated or divorced from reality, paying daily with their minds and souls, without a horcrux to depend on. She simply asks that you do what He says. This is part of the true Church of mercy that FrancisThink™ rigorists don’t like.

  2. Spinmamma says:

    Lying by straw man–a form of false witness that the Left has perfected. Sadly, most of their followers accept it without question.

  3. DeGaulle says:

    Doesn’t blocking smack of ‘rigidity’?

    [If you are lib is is a form of virtue signaling cum conscience suppression.]

  4. Elizabeth D says:

    I know a man who has been homeless for many years because although he works he cannot afford to house himself after paying his child support for several children, whom he loves. I don’t think he’s ever been married, and isn’t Catholic, but I have a fair amount of respect for this man’s decency and I find his situation heartbreaking. I so support this idea of help for men.

  5. Seppe says:

    Fr. Z, the connection you highlighted between the political and religious “progressive left” is very significant…

    Just as the “deep state” moles and saboteurs have been exposed within the government bureaucracy, sadly there are also various groups at work deep within the Church (Bella Dodd’s “red” seminarians, Marie Carre’s AA -1025 – Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration Into the Church, liberation theologians, St. Galen Mafia, the Amor-ites, etc.)…

    We know that Pope Francis is deeply annoyed by what he calls RIGID Catholics… His practice to label “orthodox” Catholics as “rigid” and suffering from what he perceives to be latent neurotic or psychotic tendencies serves to discredit and marginalize them and make examples of them for others to avoid… (e.g. the Franciscans of the Immaculate, Order of Malta, dubia cardinals). Michael Rose chronicled its usage in “Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church”. Psychology was often “malpracticed” and “weaponized” as a tool of seminary formation.

    Coincidentally, It is also one of Saul Alinsky’s techniques to marginalize opposition listed in his “Rules for Radicals”. It shows that Pope Francis is following the progressive methods of disinformation and control used by his mentors on the left… by which he attempts to silence and control of those who voice legitimate doctrinal concerns over his progressive policies…

    The following article, while politically focused, also applies to the recent “church politics” as well and will illustrate the methods behind it! The author lived in Russia and became a US citizen…

    Comrade Psychiatrist is Unhappy With Trump’s “Delusional Reformism”

  6. JMody says:

    Mr. Faggioli may suffer from a condition against with my father warned me — his education may have outrun his intelligence.

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