1 May – St. Joseph the Worker – Mighty Intercessor

Georges_de_La_Tour_Joseph_Carpenter_workerPray to St. Joseph, especially in your needs concerning your work and your vocation.  St. Joseph is a powerful intercessor.  He comes through for you especially when you are specific about what you need and when you need it.

I’ve had a couple amazing experiences with his intercession and I have friends who have as well.

I recommend St. Joseph especially for fathers in families.

And remember the mighty Bux Protocol™.  This is more needed today than ever before.  Joseph is the Patron of the Church, after all.

Today’s feast of St. Joseph, the Worker, is modern.  It was given to the Church by Ven. Pope Pius XII in 1955.

We celebrate Joseph today especially as a patron of workers.  No doubt the thought behind the feast was, among other motives, to offset the incorrect atheistic, materialist view of work and workers presented by Socialism and Communism.

May Day had been a civic feast in many places since ancient times and festivals were held.


Rerum conditor Deus, qui legem laboris humano generi statuisti: concede propitius; ut, santi Ioseph exemplo et patricinio, opera perficiamus quae praecipis, et praemia consequamer quae promittis.

Remember not to confuse the verbs condo, condere and condio, condire, both of which give is “conditor“… one being cónditor and the other condítor.


O God, creator of things, who established the law of labor for human kind: grant, propitiously; that, by the example and patronage of Saint Joseph, we may bring to completion the works which you command, and we may attain the rewards which you promise.

At the heart of our vocation as images of God we all have work to do.  God, our Creator, “worked” and then rested and saw that His work was good.  This is also our paradigm as His images.

When our First Parents revolted against God’s command, the entire human race fell.  The human race consisted of only two people, but it was the whole of the human race.  In their fall, we fell.

As a consequence of the Fall, man is now out of sync with God, himself, others and nature.  We do not live in the harmony that would make the tasks of stewardship of the gift of life and the honor of being at the pinnacle of material creation without sorrow, toil and pain.

And yet even before the Fall man had been given labor by God the Father.  Man had duties in the Garden.  It was our Fall that transformed that labor into toil.

God knew every one of us from before the Creation of the universe.  He calls us into existence at the exact point and place in His plan He foresaw in His providence.  We have a role to play in God’s plan.  We have work to do.

When we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our part in God’s plan according to our vocations, whatever they may be in our own circumstances, God will give us every actual grace we need to do His will and come to our perpetual reward in heaven.

He gives us the work, the grace and the glory.

With our wounded nature, our disordered passions and appetites, it is hard to understand that the work we do in life is a manifestation of both present grace and anticipated glory.

As an early American preacher once said,

“grace is but glory begun, and glory is but grace perfected”.

Put another way, God gives us the work and then He makes our hands strong enough for the task.  The achievement is therefore both His and truly ours.

As St. Augustine says, God crowns His own merits in us.

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  1. jaykay says:

    I like that the final phrase in the Collect: “…et praemia consequamer quae promittis” in a way echoes the closing prayer of the Rosary: “… et quod promíttunt, assequámur…”. Very fitting, i.m.h.o.

    Thanks for the reminder about St. Joseph’s power, Fr., and especially for men and fathers. Also, “Fathers”, our shepherds. He really is too much overlooked, I think.

    And I do hope you’re feeling better. I’ve succumbed myself to a seasonal bug. Nasty.

  2. I was baptized under the patronage of St. Joseph the Worker (that is, in a parish named St. Joseph the Worker). I would be obliged if Father’s readers could join me in praying to him for his aid in the matter of a very special intention. Please and thank you.

  3. Mary Jane says:

    Today is my husband’s and my wedding anniversary! 8 years and 5 (soon to be 6) children later, we feel incredibly blessed. We were married at a lovely church by an FSSP priest, and we had a High EF Mass following the wedding – not a Nuptial Mass, because interestingly enough the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker “trumps” the Nuptial Mass. So, the propers were from the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker and the Nuptial propers were commemorated. Our family asks St. Joseph daily for his intercession. St. Joseph, ora pro nobis!

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