1 May: Feast of St. Jeremiah, Old Testament Prophet


Today is not only the feast of St. Joseph the worker, but also the feast of the prophet Jeremiah.

Some people do not know that many figures of the Old Testament are considered saints by the Catholic Church.  They are not celebrated on our main liturgical calendar but they are in the Roman Martyrology, an official liturgical book.

Here is the text of the 2005 MartRom, which I will leave to you readers to work through animi caussa (just for fun)!

Commemoratio sancti Ieremiae, prophetae, qui, tempore Ioachim et Sedeciae, regum Iudae, Civitatis Sanctae eversionem populique deportationem monens, multas persecutiones passus est, quam ob rem Ecclesia eum habuit ut Christi patientis figuram.  Novum aeternumque insuper Testamentum in ipso Christo Iesu consummandum praenuntiavit, quo Pater omnipotens legem suam in imo filiorum Israel corde scriberet, ut esset ipse iis in Deum et essent illi ei in populum.


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