“I originally sent you this story 8 years ago, for the brick by brick file…” UPDATE

From a reader about a parish in Williamston, MI:

I originally sent you this story 8 years ago, for the brick by brick file:

After decades with no crucifix and no tabernacle in the sanctuary (other than a processional cross), both were installed this week in anticipation of the Christmas season. This is a temporary solution, using what was available to us, but is definitely a great first step. Our parishioners (99.9% of them) are overjoyed, at least one even breaking down into tears. Our priest has been slow in steady, catechizing for over a year, in preparing for these changes and is truly to be praised and continued to be encouraged for working towards this.

As a reminder, this is what the church looked like after the initial renovation under Fr. Peter Clark (retired), returning the tabernacle to the central axis of the church, behind the altar, with the baldacchino from a private chapel on a budget of $0. Previously the tabernacle resided in a side chapel, there was no crucifix, and and the sanctuary space was mostly empty except for some quilts that served as backdrops during different liturgical times.

Fast forward 8 years and I received this picture of the new sanctuary after years of prayer, fasting, fundraising, and more prayer.

To your readers – never give up hope.


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  1. The Egyptian says:

    stunning, clean lines yet classical, who says modern architecture cannot be made to look reverent and holy, and I bet it was not a “million” dollar project either
    Now all that is needed is a railing and it would be about perfect

  2. Sconnius says:


    Praise God!

  3. maternalView says:

    “after years of prayer, fasting, fundraising, and more prayer”

    That is the answer.

    Why aren’t more doing that?

  4. yatzer says:

    Wow! No wonder someone was moved to tears.

  5. Lorra says:

    “Why aren’t more doing that?” Some of us are in dioceses that aren’t friendly to this. We do the best we can. My diocese hasn’t had an ordination now for years due to the fact that our former bishop seemed to empty out the seminary before he left for another diocese. Our present bishop had to start from scratch with a new seminary director.
    These things take a lot of time. I notice his priest had to catechize the parishioners. Many Catholics have forgotten what they once knew, and others were never taught the faith.

  6. Ave Maria says:

    Isn’t that incredible! Deo gratias for this priest!

  7. Charles E Flynn says:

    The lettering on the stairs adds so much to the design at so little cost.

  8. maternalView says:

    But prayer and fasting can be done in any diocese
    And perhaps is needed even more in the less friendly dioceses

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