Some Views From The Journey: Rome again – UPDATED

FYI:  On Sunday (Sunday after Ascension – not Ascension Thursday Sunday) I will celebrate a Mass for the intentions of my benefactors, all of you who donate and send items, etc.   I take seriously my duty to pray for benefactors and it is a pleasure to do so.

One of the most beautiful things on your planet. It’s worth the trip to Sicily to see this and nothing else.

And after… have a cold Crodino!

Sicily.  Who knew?

Sicily.  Who knew?

Sicily.  Who knew?

Ditto.  Best I’ve ever had.

And did I mention this?  Where I ate those?

And now I am in Rome.  Today, I was showing a friend these great plaques and this, by chance, was the anniversary of the plaque.

I went to the Basilica of St. Agnes to pray for my home parish.   I look back on what I gained there over the years and it is simply… staggering.  Staggering.

There is a huge protest going on in Rome right now.  All the places that have tables outside shut down because the city wants to impose even more taxes on them.   Hmmmm…..

Tonight we were not closed at Ss. Trinita.  I said Mass earlier in the afternoon and there was a Solemn in the evening.

Which drink is mine?

This plate of saltimbocca was mine.

Contorno: Roman artichokes.

We went to a place not far from Ss. Trinita where … mirabile dictu… I had never been.  The food was surprisingly good.  To look at it (as I have over the years) I would never have gone in on my own.   I will remember this place.   The other guys had great food, too.   We had vigorous discussions about many issues: the Pope, the Germans, the SSPX, the status of this and that, “What would you do if….”, etc.   We closed the place down.


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  1. jaykay says:

    Hmmm… I recognised Monreale as the first. What mosaics, unmistakeable, better than Cefalù, although “better” is relative in the context. And the one with the fantastic vaulting…well, I had to do a Google search. Erice? Didn’t know about it. Wow!

    And the food. Yes, the food… et iterum dico – wow!

  2. crifasi says:

    My wife and I are travelling to Monreale and Erice this very July! I can’t wait to see these places. Can you give us any recommendations on places to eat (such as the place where you had those prawns)?

  3. crifasi says:

    And also places to visit besides the specific spots in those pictures. (We’ve went to Palermo last year, and are looking to explore northwest Sicily this year…)

  4. Why didn’t you tell the readers that the church in the first photo is Cefalù? Or is this a ploy to get them going trying to find it on the web? If so, don’t post this message.

    Spectacular (a bad word recently, it seems) mosaics, one of the most beautiful towns on the norther coast, and exquisite cuisine. Yes, worth the whole trip to Sicily.

    —-Fr. Augustine O.P.

  5. Yes, now looking at the wide arm-span of the Pantokrator and the side mosaics, Monreale is correct.

  6. GHP says:

    …Which drink is mine?

    Father, is it a fair guess — whenever you show multiple drinks and ask the above question — that ALL the drinks shown are yours?


  7. Semper Gumby says:

    These photos sure are impressive. The closing of outdoor cafes under any circumstances, okay maybe a meteor strike, is an outrage.

  8. stephen c says:

    Thanks, Father Z, for the pictures.

    Also, what Semper Gumby said. Because of a “strike” (and not a meteor strike), someone somewhere lost their last chance at a pleasant and very very memorable meal, and had to sit at the unwanted tables inside, instead of the good tables outside That is unfair. Restaurant owners may not have much respect for their customers, after all those years of making food, day after day, but the fact remains, if you work at a nice restaurant, every evening service has the potential of including at least one customer, an old person, usually, or sometimes a young person in bad health and without too much longer to live, experiencing, for the last time in their lives, that unusual and rare happiness of their last “good meal out” with their loved ones, or just with friends who care (same thing, I guess). Shut down the sidewalk tables, and that last meal is, disappointingly, not as good as it could have been.

  9. Kathleen10 says:

    The photos are lovely, such beauty everywhere. Europe is incredible. Europeans should fight to maintain their national identities. It’s sad to imagine a homogenized Europe, or anything even less savory.

  10. Julia_Augusta says:

    Father Z,
    Thank you for saying Mass for your benefactors. I hope you are in much better health.

    I pray for you often. Yours is the first Catholic website I found when I came back to the Church after 40 years away. I am celebrating the second Ascension weekend after having come back to the Church and I’m so happy! I continue to read your blog posts. They help me very much.

    [I am very grateful for your comment and prayers.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

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