The Cardinal, the Model, the Miter and the Gay-la. The lesson?

There is a Latin phrase….

Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent.

Whoever lies down with dogs, rises with fleas.

If you go these galas and try to deal with them on their terms and turf, it isn’t going to go well.

Card. Dolan made a joke about lending a miter to some supermodel.  The MSM ran with it.

Alas, this whole thing is a mockery.

I read Ross Douthat’s piece in the NYT.  I am digesting it.  However, I would also say to Ross…

Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent.


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  1. Orlando says:

    Aren’t the “princes” of our Church called to convert and lead people from sin? Why legitimize this event and party with people who mock your faith , question it’s very tenets, will never convert and revel in there own stupidity and immorality? Does the Cardinal and all his yes men not realize the incredible harm they are doing to bride of Christ? I’m tempered to through up my hands and say “ who needs them?”. Just plain stupid.

  2. JustaSinner says:

    Never heard that phrase in Latin; my Nuns always said, ‘He who runs with the rats, becomes a rat…’

  3. teomatteo says:

    It seems funny that Cardinal Dolan would never think about wearing a Capa Magna but he goes ga-ga over the celebs and their ‘imagination’.

  4. frjim4321 says:

    I’m not at all impressed with the “hail fellow well met” style of this prelate, nor of the silly humor on his satellite radio show. Everything is a big joke, including the sin of gluttony.

  5. Josephus Corvus says:

    I don’t know how Cardinal Dolan behaves out in NY, but in his previous location he showed that he had no respect for his sacred vestments, as exemplified by him putting his zucchetto on the head of just about every baby he picked up and laughing about it. His involvement hear does not surprise me in the slightest – it was a party after all.

  6. SanSan says:

    this has all made me just sick…….the evil in the world continues to penetrate the innocent, our Church, our clergy, our families…….how much longer Lord Jesus??

  7. youngcatholicgirl says:

    I think we should all pray a LOT for His Eminence.

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