FEAST DAY! 21 July 1773 – Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuits!

It is a great FEAST today.

I am enjoying an icy cold limonata!

Today, 21 July, in the year of grace 1773, Pope Clement XIV of happy memory, issued his Bull by which he suppressed the Jesuits.

I have all sorts of Papa Ganganelli gear which you can order and proudly display.


There are mugs and shirts.


Clement_XVI_Mug_01 Clement_XVI_Mug_02

I put the salient text from the Bull, Dominus ac Redemptor, on the back

Oh yes… and then there’s this…

Gloria.TV posted a photo of the Superior General of the Jesuits, Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal, SJ, venerating Buddha.  We’ve read about him before.  HERE


And then there’s the Jesuit homosexualist activist, James Martin.  Sapienti pauca.

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  1. HvonBlumenthal says:

    Time to repeat the exercise…..

  2. Mike says:

    In a restored Church it will be a Greater Double with a vigil and an octave.

  3. Arthur McGowan says:

    Better to call attention to such feasts about a month ahead of time. In fact, “Next Month’s Feasts” should be a regular feature.

  4. Anneliese says:

    Dave Meconi, Chris Collins, and Mitch Pacwa deserve a little more respect. To equate them to James Martin is insulting.

  5. JesusFreak84 says:

    I saw someone comment on Twitter that there should be “Jesuits of the Strict Observance.” As long as strict means strict, I say go for it and suppress the rest. I do think holy priests like Fr. Pacwa shouldn’t be tossed out with the bathwater of Fr. Martin et al.

  6. Malta says:

    The Jesuits annoy me, not en masse, but the hierarchy on up to someone in the Vatican. They have a superior attitude which rings me the wrong way. When I was a Senior Trial Prosecutor I absolutely loved to debate. I would love to ask this silly Superior General, “Would St. Ignatius of Loyola really be pleased with your silly antics?”

  7. Malta says:

    These religious in my state are preserving the faith: http://www.ourladyofguadalupemonastery.com/

  8. HvonBlumenthal says:

    The suppression of an order doesn’t mean that good priests are tossed out with the bathwater, merely that they would be welcomed in a healthier order; I find Anneliese’s remark above reminds me of the sort of things liberals are always doing: put words into your mouth and then attack you for something you haven’t said.

  9. Ave Maria says:

    Oh if only they had been suppressed again before we had a Jesuit pope! So many of them and many of their institutions are a scandal and a danger to the faith.

  10. teomatteo says:

    On an all together different note: that counter top appears to be, Saint Cecilia, comes outta s.america. i think.

  11. truthfinder says:

    The order of suppression stated the Jesuits were abolished ‘forever’ and in some translations “for eternity”. Makes you wonder…

  12. Gabriel Syme says:

    What a disappointment the modern Jesuit Order is.

    I suppose, if you take (what was) a loyal and dynamic order, and set them to a bad task (implementation of Vatican 2) then this could be the result.

    There must be some parallel with brave and brilliant soldiers who fought for Nazi Germany in WW2. Men who had excellent personal qualities, yet ultimately their actions were in the name of an evil regime – and so repugnant. (NB I am NOT equating Vatican II with Nazi Germany! Just drawing an analogy).

    The Jesuit situation pains me, because it was at a Jesuit Church where I returned to the Faith (an accident of Geography). I had good friendships with some of those priests, who – although they have now moved location – are still dear to me. I even got married there. Yet I remember the abject horror among them when I started asking about “the” mass. Probably talk of devil-worship would have been more welcome (there could be an ecumenical angle).

    I am sure there will still be some faithful “straight up” Jesuits, but we do not hear of them and they are likely a minority.

  13. Uxixu says:

    After the reading of Malachi Martin, St. John Paul II should have issued that exact same proclamation after he recovered from the assassin attempt.

  14. ChgoCatholic says:

    Agree! I feel sad for the few who are more orthodox. I’m sure they’re in a bind, right Fr. Z? I pray that the future of the order, like others these days, attracts more orthodox seminarians. But with the well publicized examples they see on Jesuit college campuses like the one I attended, and on TV, sadly, I’m not sure what the future will hold. Certainly, more devout Catholics who consider becoming SJs in the future may indeed come from homes and parishes that are more familiar with Fr Pacwa—we can pray it is so!

  15. ChgoCatholic says: the few who are more orthodox. I’m sure they’re in a bind

    For sure. And people mention great Jesuits such as Fr. Mitch Pacwa. He works for EWTN for a reason. I can add a number of names of living Jesuits too: Frs. Fessio, Baker, Mankowski, Gavin, Schall, Carola, Koterski, Fu?ek,… and I have no doubt that there are a good many of the younger men whom I’ve never met who are exemplary.

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