A sermon by an old friend about The Present Crisis

My old friend Fr. Robert Altier, back in my native place, gave a sermon last Sunday, 19 August, which is worth your while.

Fr. Altier and I were in seminary together, though he was a couple years ahead of me.

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  1. acardnal says:

    He’s a good man. Thanks for posting the audio.
    He also has a series currently airing on EWTN TV that is worth watching.
    “Beauty, Truth, Goodness: The Fundamentals Of Catholicism With Fr. Robert Altier” HERE

  2. benedetta says:

    Excellent sermon.

  3. clare joseph says:

    Father Z., thanks for posting this podcast of Fr. Altier’s sermon. Well worth listening to, and I think one to keep handy.
    Today’s issue of Zenit published Bishop Robert J. Baker’s (Bishop of Birmingham, AL) response to the PA Grand Jury report. It’s a good response, and he identifies homosexuality as the problem.
    By the way: How about the reading from Ezekiel for today’s Mass? I assisted at two Masses today. At the first, the woman who read the first reading read it with appropriate zest. But at neither Mass did the priest refer to this first reading in his homily. It would be interesting to know how many priests (especially bishops!) across the nation spoke about it.
    Fr. Altier’s homily brought to mind the situation of Monsignor Milingo. I knew people in his circle in Rome during the time when he was gradually being taken down by his enemies. A young African priest who was close to him told me that Mons. Milingo knew the name of every freemason in the Vatican. And we see what happened to him.
    Fr. Altier is right. It’s going to be (and already is) ugly … but then it’s going to be beautiful beyond words. And those of us who live to see it are going to be extremely happy, and that’s understating it.
    Father, you said a while back that you felt drawn to move toward a life of greater prayer and solitude (if I’m remembering correctly). Good luck. Don’t let all this suck you in too far. Steady as she goes.

  4. Ave Maria says:

    Yes, I wondered if Father would refer to the first reading about the poor shepherds and he did not. But it hit home for me.
    And Father Altier is stellar! Thanks for posting this. I used to listen to his homilies some years ago and then he got silenced and I lost track of him. I hope to hear more now again.

  5. aviva meriam says:

    Thank you for that: I needed to hear that message after reading the news of the day.
    It truly is ugly and difficult to hear all of the ugliness…. and yet I know and understand that this purification process recently began.
    Praying for him: that God continue to guide, protect, provide for and comfort him.

  6. tamranthor says:

    If that homily doesn’t put the fear of God in you, nothing is likely to do so.

    I fear God more than I fear the homosexuals, but it will not be an easy path to travel.

    Gird your loins.

  7. tskrobola says:

    Yes! This is beautiful. Tough but beautiful.

  8. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Holy moley! Ave Maria, you were right about that first reading today!

  9. JesusFreak84 says:

    I was only getting the audio in my left ear, but good sermon!!! I wish I could still believe these things were solely in the realm of conspiracy theory…

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