Super creepy poster for “gay” conference reveals agenda

The Enemy is getting bolder.  Remember: The Devil tends to tell you what he is up to, but we often don’t listen.

This morning I found among my texts from Europe that come in through the night, a super creepy image of a poster advertising a “gay” Church thing.

Open image in a new tab for a larger view

My sender wrote in the SMS:

Notice the repulsive, scary deliberately provocative boy-hand and man-hand getting closer.  The Devil is driving them brazen.

That was also my reaction.   I think quite a few people see through this image.

One of the commentators under another post wrote of this poster, before I saw it:

These men don’t understand this crisis in the least, and here’s unsettling proof.  I am greatly disturbed by this and word needs to get out there.

On the brave Joseph Sciambra‘s site he has shared information, including the advertisement, at an upcoming conference in England called “the Quest Conference”.  “Father” James Martin is to speak at this conference.

Go look at the header before they take it down, it is one of the most revolting images I have seen, and I don’t mean graphic.  It portrays two hands at the top of the header, one, a boy’s hand, and the other, a man’s.  They are flirting with each other by using their fingers to “walk” toward the other.  This is a clear reference to the sexual molestation of boys by men, and this is something “Father” James Martin certainly understands.  At the very, very least, this is a conference no Catholic priest should be speaking at AND, in light of our current situation with Uncle Ted, this is an outrageous affront to every single Catholic man and woman and child.

These men are blatantly saying, there is nothing to see here, continue on your way stupid Catholics, all is well, and do put your checks in the basket on the way out….

These disgusting, disgusting, predators and perverts.

What’s going on?

First, it is incredible and entirely believable that this poster, with homosexualist activist Jesuit James Martin should be out there at all.  It is a bit more shocking that a bishop should be so taken in.

I’ve written about this before, for example HERE.

The next step in “normalizing” perversion, what I call their “brass ring“, is the legal lowering of the age of consent.  That’s the trajectory.

Some people have questioned the wisdom of continuing with the big meeting coming up in Dublin, Ireland for the “Family”, given present circumstances, the past of that country, and the compromised cast of characters to take part.  It should be cancelled or at least rescheduled and relocated.

Given that it is probably going to happen, I have to ask a question that I have asked before.

What message does it send that James Martin, SJ is speaking at the World Meeting of Families 2018?   Fr. Martin has a large range of topics that he can speak on, and I’m sure that he does quite well with them.  However, right now Martin is associated with one issue and only one issue.   No matter what he chooses to speak about at the WMOF2018 that issue is what everyone will pick up.  Effectively, the choice to have him participate looks like an endorsement of what he is stumping for.

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  1. Unwilling says:

    Holy Stonehenge!

  2. Benedict Joseph says:

    A couple decades ago I ceased to be shocked but I must admit that the brazen “in your face” of this poster and the event it advertises does appear somewhat over the top given the current situation. What would make such an attitude possible?
    What could it possibly be?
    Those to whom these individuals — a bishop, a Jesuit priest, another priest whose pedigree is unclear, and a female “theologian” are not accountable.
    They get their pork and beans paid for no matter what they do. Yank the bucks, revoke the “credentials.” This will provide them martyr status for a weekend, but it will amputate Catholicism from their “CV.”
    I wonder who would be able to accomplish that.
    But he doesn’t.
    Case closed.

  3. Joy65 says:

    This is a sin and any Catholic clergy who is involved needs to be disciplined SEVERELY. It isn’t even in hiding or with hidden images or messages. God Have mercy on us and on the whole world.

    PLEASE LORD let this kind of blatant horrible stuff be taken care of immediately and appropriately.

  4. The Masked Chicken says:

    Why is there no gate-keeper troll under the bridge or, at least, a sour-looking nun with a ruler?

    Robert Grosseteste would box their ears.

    The Chicken

  5. netproportions says:

    “Notice the repulsive, scary deliberately provocative boy-hand and man-hand getting closer….”

    And the bridge is constructed out of wooden blocks… a classic children’s toy.

  6. Sawyer says:

    Conference speaker James Alison “is known for his firm but patient insistence on truthfulness in matters gay as an ordinary part of basic Christianity.” Hmm… does that mean he forthrightly states that homosexuality is intrinsically disordered, that homosexual acts are gravely contrary to natural law and under no circumstances can be approved, and that same-sex “marriages” are contrary to God’s will and in no way remotely analogous to marriage? Methinks not. I suspect his modernist contortion and distortion of “truth” should be called falsehood and lies by people who think straight (pun).

  7. Kathleen10 says:

    Didn’t James Martin write a book on “bridge-building”? This is the kind of bridge he had in mind. The imagery is undeniable, using a child’s blocks and the hands…they knew exactly what they were doing with this photo.
    It is a revealing and repugnant image, stomach turning, and that they are so bold to do it. This is positively inflammatory and designed to be so. They are saying, we have your children, and there’s not a thing you can do about it. If we are the Christians we claim to be, we will fight these men with every single thing we have and never stop. Fight them in every way and with everything. I want to be able to say to God, I did my best to protect your children Lord. They can have the culture, have the money, have the church if they will, have the Catechism, have it, but have children, THIS THEY WILL NOT HAVE.

  8. Dismas says:

    The soon-to-be Irish fiasco will proceed because this is a triumphal procession for the abortion vote. This is intentional.

    The Lavender Mafia has free reign at every level now. They intend to tell God who is in charge. They intend to change God’s very nature. I now pray to survive the coming storm of God’s wrath. I doubt that there is really much of any use for “prepping” in this regard.

  9. richiedel says:

    But, wait a minute.

    I’m confused.

    Surely, there must be some mistake.

    Father James Martin himself said that it was all about building bridges between the Church and the gay community, not men and boys.

    Surely, there must be some mistake.


  10. HvonBlumenthal says:

    There is another chilling detail. The grownup hand is walking from the side of the bridge marked by the Vatican flag.

    The Child’s hand is accompanied by a gay flag.

    The implication seems to be that gay children can find a sympathetic hand in the Church hierarchy….

  11. Imrahil says:

    All of which, however, is no reason to put scare quotes around the “Father” in “Father James Martin”. He is a priest, and for those (usually non-English-speakers) who restrict the title “Father” to religious priests as opposed to diocesan priests, a religious priest. He has not been banned by his order; he has not been suspended, to be silent of laicized, by the Church.

    As the title “Father” has always been understood to refer to a priests position, which is God’s gift and not his achievement – and precisely not his achievements, merits, orthodoxy and what-not, the scare quotes, I am sorry to say, smack of Donatism.

  12. Imrahil says:

    Fight them in every way and with everything. I want to be able to say to God, I did my best to protect your children Lord. […] THIS THEY WILL NOT HAVE.

    I might caution that fighting, even in every way and with everything, is not the equivalence of winning. – When once They get over the State to be willing to take the children away from the parents if They disapprove of their attitude, and to break resistance with the full force of its armed power, then you can resolve to die a hero’s death in the defence of the children, of course, and I am not even sure that this might not be the best possible action; but you can be sure of nothing further than that.

  13. hwriggles4 says:

    A few years ago, a Call to Action Conference took place in Detroit. Archbishop Vigneron publicly denounced the conference. Parishes in the Archdiocese (and neighboring dioceses) told parishioners not to go, advising that the conference was a voice of dissent.

    Did any European bishops do the same?

  14. Ages says:

    There’s no way this poster is not intentional. Pedophilia is the next closet they want to open.

  15. maternalView says:

    Catholics need to show up and say the rosary outside this event and any other such event. All good Catholics need to pray and fast whenever they learn of these events.

    If we’re sad over these things imagine Our Lady’s sorrowing heart!

  16. Absit invidia says:

    Something’s fishy when these lefties announce James Alison, a “priest”, without the Fr. in front of his name like they do with other priests on their ad.

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  18. Sawyer says:

    More about James Alison. He identifies as gay. Read these citations from a transcript of a creepy radio show interview he did:

    About homosexuality: “I think the key word is not only the ‘givenness’, but the ‘non-pathological’. I think that that’s precisely the realisation that there is a certain form of flourishing that is proper to this way of being. Merely noticing that something is, is not particularly helpful. Because something is, it can be a defective thing that one’s just got to be patient with. The real ethical question is not whether it just is, but whether its being has a shape of flourishing. I think that that, if you like, is what we’re exploring now. ”

    About changing Church doctrine: “Yes, well I think the signs are mostly negative. In other words, it’s the absence of interventions where you might have expected them, that have been a positive thing, that are being what I’ve noticed. One of the first things you have to say, is that when was the last time you actually heard a leading Catholic cleric – whether the Pope or anyone else – actually defend the Church’s teaching? I do not mean repeat the Church’s teaching, anybody can repeat the Catechism – but you know, members of the Communist party nomenklatura could repeat chunks of Marx, but in the early 1980s you were not finding any reliable Communist intellectuals who were actually able to defend the system. Now what I’ve noticed over the last few years is that you haven’t actually had any public defence, for instance, of the notion that the homosexual condition is objective and disordered, because there is no evidence with which that can be defended….it’s a regularly occurring, non-pathological minority variant. Well, once you can start people saying that, which actually formally contradicts what used to be the magisterial teaching of the Church, which is that this can’t be treated as a morally neutral issue – this is something that’s formally contradicting that teaching, and it’s been allowed out. Why? Because I think this is part of what’s good about Ratzinger: he’s not a fundamentalist. He knows he’s got a job to do, he’s got the hold the whole thing together, but it seems that the screws are being gently undone, and wiser voices are being allowed to speak up….The moment you stop putting down the screws on the new opinion, you are effectively agreeing that the old opinion was an opinion, rather than the teaching of the Church. And I think that’s how these things tend to move, if you like, in the subtle waltz in which people save face and allow things to move on….”

    Reading the whole interview is an eye-opener. He lays out the whole strategy, hope, program and aims of Catholic homosexuals. He’s very frank about it all, unlike Fr. James Martin, who is more circumspect but no doubt has the same objectives.

  19. Imrahil says: All of which, however, is no reason to put scare quotes around the “Father” in “Father James Martin”.

    I think you’re worried about the wrong thing.

  20. TheBackPew says:

    I feel like the classic movie character who cries out to the police for help against the mob only to discover that the police are in the mob’s pocket.

  21. Ditto, Anita. There is a lot more to worry about than “Father”. Good grief!

  22. Antonin says:

    The problem with James Alison’s argument is that he writes that homesexually is a “regularly occurring non-pathological variant”. This might well be true but within that non patholicgal variant is a significant problem within the church connected to pedastry, and the “lavender”mafia which is a catch all phrase that accurately captures how a significant portion of people who just so happen to be part of the non pathological variant who are behaving in a very pathological manner.

    Agree also about posters regarding the symbolism of the poster. There appears to be nothing in this conference that addresses the very real crisis right now within the church -a crisis worse than the crisis of the reformation. And the empirical fact is that much of this just so happens to centre around homosexuality in the clergy. Yes there are heterosexual controversies but the overriding and much more numerous concern at least in the west is homosexuality and it must be addressed

  23. YoungLatinMassGuy says:

    Here is only silver lining in all this I’ve been able…

    Everyone, deep down, KNOWS the Catholic Church is Different.

    What would you think if a bunch of homosexuals infested the Methodist Church? Would you really care? It says a lot that they targeting The Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has a target on Her Back. Always has. Always will.

    That they’re targeting The Catholic Church, and no other, says something.

  24. Benedict Joseph says:

    YoungLatinMassGuy: You could not be more wrong. “What would you think if a bunch of homosexuals infested the Methodist Church?” Oh, they have. They have indeed. There is not a mainline protestant body which is not invaded by homosexuality, and in fact by all manner of sexual license and immorality. For years I worked in one of the leading prominent interdenominational schools of theology. In that context I served an Episcopalian scholar/clergyman married to a woman with two adult children, who was an active homosexual. He was merely one among others, let alone the student body. This behavior is not at all frowned upon. In fact, it brings a certain panache to their character. A slightly different cast of characters on that side of the Tiber – with the admission of females into their clergy class they have an abundance of lesbians on their hands – and you don’t cross them, believe me. The Episcopalians have too many clergy – swelled by that element – and insufficient parishes to place them. Presbyterians, Methodists, Congregationalist – it’s all something of the same stew. Left-wing Baptists [yes, they do exist] have their problems as well. The smaller Evangelical congregations I cannot speak of, but where there is no governance there is ample room for misbehavior.
    All of these look upon what we endure at present with a wink, a nod, and often bold glee wondering when we will “get over it and get with the program.” And also with no small delight that Rome is getting the knee where it hurts. Abandon all notion that the puritan impulse survives in protestantism. That was shed long ago.
    The other crew that delights in what is transpiring are our own who hold the Church as it is divinely constituted to be an anachronism. They too find the characterization we now bear to be a well-deserved slap in the face AND a step forward – not one of shame. The enemy is within and in very high places. Thus we read of “disappointment” rather than blazing rage.
    We are the focus of attention because Catholicism is despised as Jesus Christ is despised by the world. All the more reason that all of us need conform ourselves evermore to Christ Crucified and His Gospel. We might take some satisfaction in that our scandal is still after two decades “news.” Theirs is not a scandal because it is their pride and not news at all.
    And rest assured, indiscretions prompted by desire of all sort are not unknown among Jewish clergy, male and female, as well as our confreres in Orthodoxy. The records of the appropriate insurance companies bear this out.

  25. veritas vincit says:

    I have been skeptical of Father Z’s oft repeated assertion that the homosexual rights activists want to lower the age of consent.

    After seeing that creepy poster, with the children’s building blocks and the 2 hands — one a child’s — making those childish gestures, I’m less skeptical.

    I agree, this is diabolical.

  26. aliceinstpaul says:

    All of the other mainline Protestant branches have already fallen. PCUSA, UMC, etc. all have had rainbow signs welcoming practicing gays for years now. And yes, people did care, because we lost souls and allies in our battles for the truth.

    Perhaps here and there, a given small denomination is the holdout for now, but it won’t take long. The mainline branches have numerous actively gay and lesbian clergy. Several have moved on to transgender clergy. Go look at the Divinity school at Duke or Princeton or the GTU in Berkeley. Look at the bishops in episcopal church in the US. Then look at the rainbow signs outside the corner presbyterian church.

    The RC Church is attacked because we haven’t yet all bowed to the Father of Lies. But the others fell first because it turns out, that once you leave the Vine, you can’t defend the truths of your faith not even recognize them.

  27. JustaSinner says:

    The pervs are coming. They will get the age of consent lowered to six. Ask anyone in 1990 if gays would be allowed to marry in USA—-AND would be sanctioned by a conservative majority SCOTUS—and you’d get a hearty laugh in your face. Eight years, that’ll be how long the Left/the Dark One takes to bastardize this nation, and drop the AOC.
    I ask how many of you fathers will take jail time and beat the chicken hawk short-eyed loser tries a little touchy feely with your daughter? Devote LEOs, will you look aside if a father does this in a case you are called to? If you witness, will you remain silent?

  28. Lurker 59 says:

    Perverted..the whole thing. Nees to be called out as abhorrent, sinful, and leads people to perdition.

  29. fmsb78 says:

    If the Church’s situation were at least a “little normal” the so called “Fr. Martin” would’ve been laicized a long long time ago and under normal circumstances, he would never been ordained to begin with…

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  31. Nicholas says:

    Regarding the World Meeting of Families, Fr. Martin has already revealed in a recent interview that he will be speaking on LGBT issues.

  32. Imrahil says:

    Dear Anita Moore and semperficatholic,

    well, I actually do think that the real worry is not the attack of the enemy, but the compromises, cowardices, oversteppings of the boundaries of just anger and, yes, also little etiquette mistakes breathing a heretical air of the good side: because here it is the good side that lets itself be provoked to do something bad. That the bad side does bad things is no big news.

  33. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Apparently James Alison joined the Dominicans, got ordained in 1988, and then left the Dominicans in 1995. So he is tooling around the world as an “itinerant preacher,” but he describes his canonical status as “anomalous,” and even his liberal friends call it “ambiguous.” His website does not seem to explain.

  34. frjim4321 says:

    It looks like “Quest” is also the name of a youth ministry program run by the diocese there; if you google “Quest” and “Lincoln.”

    Also, that masthead is nowhere to be found except from Scambrai’s blog.

    I suspect it’s fake.

    [Perhaps it was taken down once it’s creepiness was exposed.]

  35. Fr. Reader says:

    Really disturbing. This image would be useful for a program for prevention of child abuse.

  36. Peter Stuart says:

    No one will ever convince me that the diocesan-Vatican church is a safe place for struggling SSA’s like me, or for children. Thank God I scooted out to the SSPX, and don’t think I’m not watching my back even there.

  37. Peter Stuart says:

    And the image is not fake as frjim4321 (surprise) suspects. It’s still on the conference registration site here ( I downloaded a copy too, to protect against the liberal Minitrue.

  38. Benedict Joseph says:

    How anyone, let alone a priest, could give credence to the “Quest” element — James Martin & James Alison over Joseph Sciambra is nothing less than astounding.
    What needs to drop down upon us before some priests just wake up?

  39. JustaSinner says:

    Fr. Reader, like that bad joke about what time is bedtime at the Neverland Ranch. When the big hand touches the little hand…

  40. SanSan says:

    this is so disheartening and sickening. Mea Culpa Dear Lord.

  41. surritter says:

    Imrahil, would you object if I call him Mother Martin?
    Because sexuality is a man-made construct — that is, if you read into what Martin and other gay-friendly leaders are promoting.

  42. Fr. Kelly says:

    This is from something called “The Quest Conference” in England
    It bears no resemblance to the QUEST retreat for 9th and 10th graders which was developed in the diocese of Rockford, Illinois around 20 years ago. We offer it in the diocese of Lincoln a couple of times a year. Its focus is on the young person’s developing sense of the love of God, of neighbor and of self within the context of well-prepared celebrations of the sacraments of Penance and Holy Eucharist.
    But I suspect you knew that and were simply trying to muddy the waters and deflect criticism from this perversely advertised conference.

  43. Simon_GNR says:

    A couple of names leapt out at me: I used to work just down the road from Bishop Grosseteste’s College (as it was then) and once went to a taxation/accountancy seminar there. And I knew Canon Professor (later Bishop) Stephen Sykes when I was at Durham University, though he wasn’t one of my tutors/lecturers.
    Bishop Grosseteste’s College became a university only quite recently and was originally a teacher training college. It’s the smaller of the two universities in Lincoln, the other being the Univeristy of Lincoln, itself only 20-odd years old. Neither of these institutions has a very high reputation for scholarship and research.
    As for this conference, I’m appalled that one of the diocesan bishops of England was involved thus, it seems to me, giving his approval to James Martin’s uncatholic, heterodox views.

  44. Kathleen10 says:

    There is really no way to interpret that header other than the obvious intended meaning. It is a Pederasty Promotion. It remains shocking to realize Catholic priests are speakers at this event. They have made their interest entirely obvious, and we must respond accordingly. I believe the computers of every one of these men should be confiscated, and no parent should leave their boy or teen alone with these men. Parents, please do not ever leave your boy alone with a homosexual. Don’t take a chance with your boy’s innocence.

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  46. snegopad says:

    Masked Chicken
    What an idea!
    (only among us:)):
    why isnt out there some super-Catholic-computer-genious-network to send systematically trolls and malware etc. to these “gay”networks?
    Besides praying and mortifying etc. of course………

  47. Imrahil says:

    Imrahil, would you object if I call him Mother Martin?

    Dear surritter, yes of course. Because after all, sexuality is not a man-made construct, and we have to base how we treat people on objective reality, not on their own supposed philosophy

    (OT: I read your Because sexuality is a man-made construct and though I knew how you meant that, and if I didn’t you would have made it clear in the sentence afterwards, still I couldn’t help thinking: What a pity that English doesn’t have an efficient way to express passages of indirect speech, that is without that-ting all your way through the quotes…)

  48. surritter says:

    Imrahil — Of course I agree with you that sexuality is not a man-made construct. The end of my post was meant to clarify the sarcasm.
    But specifically, the person who put quotes around Father may have been hinting that Martin is not worthy of such a title. Dunno…

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