2nd Sunday of October: Votive Mass of the Good Thief in prisons, jails, etc.

As you may recall, 25 March is also the Feast of the Good Thief who, as Fulton Sheen said, “stole heaven”.

However, in your copies of the traditional Missale Romanum, in the back in the section on Masses for Various Places, we find this:

On the second Sunday of October
In prisons and in houses of reform of mores and of the discipline of amendment

On this day two II class Votive Masses of the Holy Good Thief can be said.
A commemoration of the Sunday is made and the Credo and Preface of the Trinity is said… 

I have in mind the very cool news about what is going on liturgically at San Quentin Prison in California.  HERE

The Benedict XVI Institute in the Bay Area is doing good things.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Hanging on a cross, the Good Thief looks over and sees Jesus, also hanging on a Cross, beaten, bloody, gasping for air, death approaching. To this man, to this dying, defeated, rejected man, the Good Thief directs a most amazing statement: “when you come into your kingdom, remember me.” This is one of the most mind-blowing, dramatic moments in all of Sacred Scripture. Judas, who witnessed miracles and who was privileged to follow the Master during his public ministry, sees Jesus as a failure and betrays Him: whereas a simpleton, a local hustler, in a moment of stupendous clarity, wins a crown that will never fade.

  2. jaykay says:

    Beautiful meditation, Andrew. Thank you.

  3. Semper Gumby says:

    Andrew: I second jaykay.

    God bless the Benedict XVI Institute and the San Quentin Choir.

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