How libs and their “gay” allies want you crushed into silence

Crisis has a piece which talks about how homosexualist Jesuit (tautology?) James Martin, LGBTQSJ has urged his twitter and fakebook followers to attack LifeSite and other faithful Catholic sites for something they didn’t do.

This isn’t the first time Martin has organized an attack: he did that to me, too.  But I digress.

Austin Ruse writes:

[Aaron] Bianco’s cause has been picked up by dissident Jesuit Fr. James Martin who has urged his nearly one million social media followers to get Facebook and Twitter to shut down LifeSite and Church Militant. He also called on his followers to complain to their bishops. He, too, believes these groups must be silenced.

Martin calls for tolerance and dialogue. Sure! So long as nothing challenging is offered his side or so long as you agree. If you disagree, with the sickly smile of Geryon, he’ll attack you through the agency of others.

The Libs, with their massive menagerie of allies, work from a special meaning of “liberal”.  “Liberal”, as you know, is from Latin, for “free”.  Libs are those with whom you are free to agree.  Anything else is not allowed.   This is why a while back many prominent libs whined that Catholic converts shouldn’t have a voice in the square.  This is why certain libs call for people to be fired or want to watch as their opponents are guillotined.

Scratch a lib and you find a Nazi.


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  1. tho says:

    There is chaos in the church. What we need is a Tribunal, presided over by someone who is a devoted Roman Catholic layman, like former Governor Frank Keating. I am truly playing make believe, because the homosexual clergy, like Father Martin, and his cohorts, are hell bent on subverting the truths, that have been taught for 2013 years. Aside from finding a Traditional oasis, what is to be done? We are surrounded by a Judas like clergy, and Bishops who are more interested in being political than Shepherds.

  2. Hugh says:

    Professor Robert George: with all due respect to your immense work for Catholic orthodoxy, this is your moment.

    You recently stated that James Martin S.J.’s position on the intrinsic (im) morality of homosexual acts was sound, according to Catholic teaching. I have doubts about Fr Martin’s sincerity on that point, but be that as it may, Fr Martin is way out of line in his call to shut down Life Site and Church Militant. Your silence on this issue will be understood as consent to Fr. Martin’s position. I have no doubt that Fr. Martin will certainly exploit it that way. You need to explicitly oppose Fr Martin on this attempted censorship.

  3. SanSan says:

    I am so weary of “fr” James Martin and those who try to take down holy Mother Church. Lifesite News and Church Militant have been steadfast in defending our Church and all of the Magisterium. People need to get “onboard” and fight against this evil.

  4. HvonBlumenthal says:

    Yes. It is no accident that the seeds of National Socialism can be found in the liberal reform movements of 19th century Germany.

  5. Ben Kenobi says:

    Thank you Father Z! Much appreciated. Lifesite has really been a beacon.

  6. JonPatrick says:

    Lifesite has recently been under attack from another quarter by a homosexual activist who goes around trying to shut down sites he doesn’t like by complaining to the web hosting company, most of which are run by libs anyway. They were given notice that they would be shut down in 12 hours and had to scramble to find alternatives to keep the site up. Fortunately they succeeded and the site is still up. But this kind of warfare against the truth will continue relentlessly so all of these sites need our support.

  7. Bellarmino Vianney says:

    “The Libs, with their massive menagerie of allies, work from a special meaning of “liberal”.”…

    “Scratch a lib and you find a Nazi.”

    Those statements could not be more accurate – particularly the use of the words “massive menagerie”. These people are the most evil people to walk the face of the earth and there is a very large number of them.

    And now they have tools (especially electronic surveillance tools) at their disposal to more easily cover-up their evils.

    I will repeat what I have said in previous comments: these libs apparently have a very large presence within law enforcement and the so-called “intelligence” community (at least in the Democrat-controlled mid-size city where I live).

    They have developed ways to harass, intimidate, and intentionally make a person appear to be “mentally ill”; when a person accurately identifies that they are being unlawfully surveilled, harassed, and intimidated by law enforcement or other entities, the government entity apparently goes into panic mode and attempts to make that person appear to be mentally ill. They do this through the assistance of many civilians and apparently even priests, and they even do this before, during, and after the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. They have pre-planned harassment schemes that are apparently used as attempts at causing a person to get angry and commit a violent act or make a threat.

    Unlawful surveillance and hacking electronic devices is one of their main life-forces. The knowledge they obtain from wiretapping and hacking devices allows them to harass, intimidate, and even set-up a person if they so desire. Again, these are very evil people, and there are apparently a large number of them.

    Home phones and cell phones can be live wiretaps anytime they are on. They have apparently done this to me, and are apparently doing it at the present time. They can hack into a phone at will and listen in (and apparently change voice to searchable text to store in large databases) on any conversation at any time.

    And you will never be able to prove that these libs/Nazis hacked you – unless one of their insiders blows the whistle on them. But, as an article at stated a few months ago, the FBI harasses whistleblowers and makes them unemployed and unemployable in the future. Read the article.

    These libs can also make any civilian unemployed and unemployable through various tactics that are very difficult to prove if one is on the receiving end of their evil tactics.

    Another tactic they have developed is forcible drugging. They likely did this to me at a Catholic Chapel by placing a mind-altering chemical either in the holy water or some other area. It was also likely committed with the knowledge of the pastor at that time. It was an assault with a chemical weapon, and it was apparently intended to cause me to panic, go to the ER (where I was likely drugged a second time), and where they could then interrogate (and intimidate) me and perform an unlawful search through a nurse and/or physician assistant.

    What they have formed is a Gestapo in America. Think about the ramifications of a Gestapo in America with [Insert any Lib’s Name Here] leading that local or national Gestapo. This is a major problem which requires attention from Congress.

    The Jesuit Martin is indeed an evil person, but, folks, you all need to open your eyes to the fact that their are millions of Martins in very powerful government positions, up to and including law enforcement and “intelligence” communities. Folks need to start spreading the word about the Gaystapo in America. And Congress should be acting to uncover all the evils they have committed over the years, particularly through the use of electronic surveillance.

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