Card. Zen’s op-ed in the NYT

Be sure to read thoroughly the opinion piece in the NYT offered a couple days ago by His Eminence Joseph Card. Zen Ze-Kiun, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong. HERE

The Pope Doesn’t Understand China

I know the Church in China, I know the Communists and I know the Holy See. I’m a Chinese from Shanghai. I lived many years in the mainland and many years in Hong Kong. I taught in seminaries throughout China — in Shanghai, Xian, Beijing, Wuhan, Shenyang — between 1989 and 1996.

Pope Francis, an Argentine, doesn’t seem to understand the Communists. He is very pastoral, and he comes from South America, where historically military governments and the rich got together to oppress poor people. And who there would come out to defend the poor? The Communists. Maybe even some Jesuits, and the government would call those Jesuits Communists.

Francis may have natural sympathy for Communists because for him, they are the persecuted. He doesn’t know them as the persecutors they become once in power, like the Communists in China.


The Cardinal goes on to give a short history of the relations of the Holy See and China over the last few decades.

He ends with a plea.

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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    This one action of the pope should be enough to sideline his entire papacy. He has betrayed countless Chinese who were martyred or who have suffered greatly. He has thrown in with the fake communist church and the fake bishops in order for himself to be recognized. They are already seeing Marian shrines demolished. It is astounding any pope at all would do this, and nobody reacts. The strategy of overwhelming the system so that the people are too overwhelmed to respond is a solid Alinsky-ite strategy.
    There is no care at all for the faithful Chinese. Cardinal Zen has been relentlessly ignored. This should demonstrate beyond any doubt that neither the true Catholic faith nor the suffering of millions means a dot on a page to this pope. Who was it that said, one death is a tragedy, millions of deaths are a statistic.

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    He has proven that what he wants to do, he just does regardless of how Catholics feel about it. He doesn’t care, in fact, a convincing argument can be made that the more you express you do care, the more he is going to do whatever it is you don’t like. That’s vengeful.
    That is why Cdl. Tobin, McCarrick’s boy, is very likely to be in Washington DC. How d’ya like that poke in the eye! Thousands signed petitions, and he’ll answer, by putting Tobin in there! The man who lived with his boyfriend at the rectory, the Italian actor who is playing, get this “John the Baptist!” in a Vatican produced film. Oh that’s rich. Well, nighty night Baby.

  3. Benedict Joseph says:

    The courageous and wise Cardinal Zen, characterized artfully in terms which could only be read as “coward” by Pope Francis, writes with sober accuracy regarding the absurdity of the provisional agreement of the Vatican with Communist China. God reward him.
    Third world disorientation buttressed with utopian fantasy has no place in Catholicism.

  4. The Cobbler says:

    Anybody else catch the reference to peripheries?

  5. PatriciusOenus says:

    Card. Zen’s name will go into the history books next to Card. Ottaviani and Cassandra.

  6. Matamoros says:

    I saw where as soon as Francis recognized the Communist church the Chicoms went and destroyed two Catholic shrines to Our Lady.

    Btw, I thought your pic of the book “Fake Pope” was interesting.

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