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Today – the 8th day of the month – is one of this blog’s very lean days.

There are three people signed up to make monthly donations. That means when 8 September, 8 October, 8 November, etc., rolls around there are three people subscribed on that day. That’s a bit dispiriting.

There are a lot of you out there who come often to read and comment.

If this blog is useful to you, please consider signing up to make a monthly donation.  Doing so today would make this 8th day of the month a good deal more encouraging when it rolls around.

Here are some options.

Some options

I am deeply grateful for your support and I regularly remember my benefactors in prayer and with Masses. And thank you, once again, to those of you who have already subscribed or who send donations via snail mail (address on sidebar).


Thanks to people making new subscriptions!

First out of the block was Fr. CE who is the translator of this fine book. US HERE – UK HERE

Along with Fr CE for 8 Oct are LMO, PM, LT, PJ, SN, AN, JC, HVB, JH, DS, KM, MC, NDW, MB, MH, JP, RP, KK, DD, AR, OS, McE, RA, AP, CE, MM – And for 9 OCT – ES, CR, BF, CT, CD, McC, MC, LG, SD, DH, OR, KB
And for 10 OCT – CB, MS

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