Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard during your Mass to fulfill your Sunday Obligation?

Let us know.

For my part, I was deacon for a Solemn Mass.  I heard five Aquinas’ five points about the wicked, ungrateful servant in the parable, whose debt was forgiven but then who throttles the first fellow servant he runs into (Matt 18:23-25).

1) The shortness of time. He punishes his fellow servant as soon as he leaves the King’s mercy.

2) Sanctimony. He was humble with the King but prideful with the fellow servant.

3) Unkindness. How horribly he treated his fellow servant.

4) Insignificance. The fellow servant owed him an insignificant sum, compared to his own debt.

5) Cruelty. He treats his fellow servant with extreme harshness.

How often do we seek forgiveness from God and then right away fall again.   And yet God in His mercy forgives those who ASK for mercy.

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  1. Joy65 says:

    MANY MANY BIble quotes about money, material wealth and how if we do not use this for the poor and the needy we will be VERY STERNLY judged and we may not make it to Heaven. WE MUST use what we have to help others who don’t have.

  2. bibi1003 says:

    At the FSSP mass, Father Marc said that sacramentals aren’t amulets and shouldn’t be used in a superstitious way. He talked about the spiritual danger of using Ouija boards, tarot cards, going to fortune tellers, etc. He also spoke about the danger in witchcraft, alluding to the witches’ spells being cast against Brett Kavanaugh. He said that the hatred felt by the people casting these spells is dangerous to their own souls and that they dont understand that the darkness they are calling on could arise and turn on them. His final point was that we should never cooperate with evil and should guard our hearts when angry so that we don’t let our anger lead us into sin.

  3. JonPatrick says:

    OF Mass. The rich man seems to see something in Jesus that is lacking in his life with all of its material comforts and possessions that causes him to run up and inquire. Jesus recognizes that the one impediment for him, the thing he puts ahead of God, is his wealth and therefore asks him to give all to the poor. Sadly he cannot do this, he is too attached. We all have something we are attached to e.g. sins that may be keeping us from God.

    A brick-by-brick note: this parish which never had scheduled confessions since we have attended there irregularly over the last decade, now has confession scheduled for 1/2 hour before the Saturday evening Mass we attend.

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