Dodging Global Extinction Events

These days it is hard to look around and not wonder if we are at last really in the End Times.  We seems to be experiencing the Great Falling Away.  Signs and signs and signs of faster and faster autodestruction flow over us.

Just to brighten your day…

First, I read at the always cool Spaceweather that your planet just ran the gauntlet.

DRACONID METEOR OUTBURST: On Oct. 8-9, Europeans outdoors around midnight were amazed when a flurry of faint meteors filled the sky. “It was a strong outburst of the annual Draconid meteor shower,” reports Jure Atanackov, a member of the International Meteor Organization who witnessed the display from Slovenia. Between 22:00 UT (Oct. 8) and 01:00 UT (Oct. 9), dark-sky meteor rates exceeded 100 per hour. In eastern France, Tioga Gulon saw “1 to 2 meteors per minute,” many of them shown here in an image stacked with frames from his video camera:


“It was a rare and impressive event,” says Atanackov.

It could easily have been 10 times more impressive. In fact, Earth narrowly dodged a meteor storm[Meteor STORM.]

The European outburst occurred as Earth skirted a filament of debris from Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner. If that filament had shifted in our direction by a mere 0.005 AU (~500,000 miles), Earth would have experienced a worldwide storm of 1000+ meteors per hour. These conclusions are based on a computer model of the comet’s debris field from the University of Western Ontario’s Meteor Physics Group. Here it is, showing Earth shooting the gap between two filaments of comet dust:

Western Ontario postdoctoral researcher Auriane Egal created the model and predicted the outburst before it happened. Egal’s model was in good agreement with a rival model from NASA, so confidence was high. Meteors seen over Europe came from the larger filament on the right.


It goes on to describe how meteor forecasting allowed NASA to shut down some satellites and reposition them so that their harder sides were toward the comet dust.

So, that’s one bullet, or a gazillion, dodged.

Another comes in the form of damn scary story in German sent by a Doctor/Scientist/Researcher of my acquaintance.

At Christliches Forum:

Besorgniserregende Abnahme männlicher Fruchtbarkeit durch immer mehr Östrogene

Worrying decrease in male fertility due to more and more estrogens

This is a world-wide phenomenon and the consequences could truly be dire.   You can use translation tools for the whole article.  Here are a few pulls:

It was not until September 2018 that the US newspaper Newsweek wondered who was responsible for the death of America’s sperm. Vox published seven questions that we probably did not dare to explain for fear.

Professor Shanna Swan of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York wrote, “In the past 40 years, the sperm count has been halved.”

The danger that we would no longer be able to have children by natural means is still a long way off, yet male fertility provides an indication of his health: those with the lowest sperm quality had the highest probability of dying soon. Whatever restricts the fertility of the man is responsible for premature death.


Feminization has been going on for the last ten years. Alpha males are no longer there. Instead, they wear tight-fitting jeans, a topknot and behave increasingly like little girls. Real men are dying and women no longer want to deal with effeminate men.

Strictly speaking, this means that our Western civilization is dying out because it simply fails in the fulfillment of the task of creation.

Actually, one observes the loss of sperm count already in early 1990. Whether it is a coincidence that we began genetically manipulating our crops in these years, is an open question. In the 1970s and 1980s research focused on atomic and other carcinogenic environmental toxins.


Synthetic estrogens come from animal husbandry. Phytoestrogens are found mainly in soy, but also hops (beer). Estrogen-like chemicals are found in pesticides and plastic products. In addition, you can not filter out estrogen-containing contraceptives or pills hormones from the treatment plants, which we consume it with our drinking water.

We live in a “lake full of estrogens,” say the scientists. First and foremost, Colborn, who was the first to speak of genital malformations, which develop before birth and result in a lifelong reduction in sperm quality. The threatening, rapidly spreading evil is a flood of estrogens that feminize the drowning men in the end.

Whomever you blame, be it our mobile phones, rising temperatures, agriculture, pill or petrochemistry, it’s clear that in 2017, 3.85 million babies were born in America. With six births in 100 women of childbearing potential, blessing is as low as in a long time.


This is a real thing.  More and more I hear of… problems.

And in the Church and priesthood… there are those like James Martin, LGBTSJ, going around promoting effeminacy and sterility.  Then we are engulfed in the artificial soup being brewed up by tinkering and tinkering and tinkering.

And if you don’t think there is a connection between the two, then you are, so to speak, nuts.

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  1. Clayton says:

    Estrogens in BEER? This is extremely disconcerting; fortunately there is gin and tonic.

    [I’ll say!]

  2. Gab says:

    Italian men have been saying for generations “non rompere le palle”.

    How prescient!

  3. bibi1003 says:

    Drew Mariani was talking about this on Relevant Radio today. It sounds like a Dystopian science fiction novel.

  4. Man-o-words says:

    How did you get the English version of that website? Sitting here sipping bourbon after throwing half a beer away and wanted to read more.

    So, don’t drink drink water or you will become Jimmy M.

    Don’t drink beer – same result (I coulda done without water)

    No more Tofu . . . Totally good with that.

    No meat . . . Ummmmmm… need to think in that over my next bourbon.

  5. CanukFrank says:

    PD James’ ‘Children Of Men’ comes to mind. Read the book before watching the movie.

  6. TonyO says:

    OK, and how plausible is it that there is a statistical relationship between women who used the pill for years, and then had kids, and the rate of those kids having gender dysphoria problems? Hmmm? Oh, not plausible AT ALL, I’m sure. /sarc.

  7. APX says:

    As far as being in the actual end times of End Times, I’m at the point where I’m prepared to start suggesting O Come Divine Messiah as a recessional hymn outside of Advent.

  8. Dismas says:

    Hops have been in beer for over four hundred years, and the men in my Germanic family has shown no historic evidence of … reduced fertility (among other things). Don’t know about soy, but it IS in everything nowadays.

    While some gruit ales are tasty, there are other side effects possible there too.

  9. Kathleen10 says:

    Depressing Fact #2,389: The elites are instructing our children not to have children. My niece told me last night her instructor has informed this class of gullible teenagers “Don’t have children! It’s the worst thing you can do for the environment!” I realized in the last year that it has become RARE to see a pregnant woman. Think about it, how many do you see? Compared to the 70’s, 80’s, not many at all. And why would they want to, they’ve got better things to do, so they think, and ew, tummy bulge.
    I file this under the category “Things about which I can do absolutely nothing”. It’s obvious now we are heading toward an end of something. We have “pushed away the warm hand of God”, and there shall be consequences.
    And I wanted to see the Draconids, but God in His infinite wisdom almost always puts cloud cover over our area on days something really interesting is happening in the atmosphere.

  10. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    No wonder the liberal West Coasters put so many hops in their beers.

  11. KateD says:

    The report of the meteor storm brings to mind a cheesy Christian end of times rapture-fallacy type movie, “The Apocalypse”(2007). The opening scene which takes place around a camp fire is (unintentionally) hilarious. Here’s a link to the trailer:

    Regarding the estrogenization of men, primary among the thoughts I would share here: It would probably be wise to avoid PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES, the inner film of to-go coffee and soda cups, any and all processed foods (from grocery stores as well as chain style restaurants), hormones in dairy products and pesticides. Here’s an interesting article:!po=4.16667

    Pesticides would affect anything that grows. All primary producers, which are then consumed either directly by humans or by us through the meats and dairy products of primary consumers (i.e. Cows) we (tertiary consumers) eat. But there’s also a principal known as “bio-magnification” where by a toxin is concentrated as it goes up the food chain. The recent problem of Monsanto pesticides in Quaker oats is disconcerting in this regard. Monsanto has done the same thing with our corn (and soy=double whammy) as well and anything containing corn products i.e., corn starch and corn syrup.

    It would take a hurculean effort and plenty of dough to live a lifestyle comfortably free of all pesticides, plastics, hormones and electricity….but it might be the best (and only) option for long game “prepping”.

    Also, we are all familiar with the 2013 study ( which found that women on the pill were more attracted to effeminate men. The use of birth control pills therefore becomes a genetic selector for less masculinity. The CDC estimates that 82% of US women between the ages of 15-44 take oral contraceptives. Overtime it will totally change the gene pool by specifically selecting against manliness.

  12. The article quoted from the Christliches Forum says, “women no longer want to deal with effeminate men.” What about the fact that women (to generalize about typical women in a secular, feminist culture) no longer want to be wives and mothers? Girls and women go for just about every lifestyle–higher education, postgraduate degrees, consuming careers, fun nightlife, expensive travel–other than marrying young and having children during the years when their bodies can actually produce lots of children. The secular, feminist culture encourages women to go anywhere and do anything other than settle down as a housewife / stay-at-home mother; it makes women discontent with the idea of being at home. In other words, our culture instills into women a trait that belongs to the archetypally bad woman described in the book of Proverbs: “impatient of rest and not being able to stay in the house” (“quietis impatiens nec valens in domo consistere”, Proverbs 7.11).

    While we’re at it, maybe men no longer want to marry feminist women in circumstances that are biased against men. The typical Western woman has been raised to believe that, even if she does marry, she should be at least an equal sharer of authority with her husband, if not the boss of him. What man wants to marry that? And even if a man does marry, his wife can divorce him and kick him out of his children’s lives whenever she feels like it. What man wants to face that prospect?

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