ACTION ITEM! Prayers for His Hermeneuticalness – Fr. Finigan – UPDATE

UPDATE 3 April 2019:

You can “Pound Fr. Finigan” by using this address/link:

And of course mine is

UPDATE 29 March 2019:

Click over to the great Fr. Finigan’s blog. His Hermeneuticalness has at last departed from his parish in Margate, which I’m sure was pretty hard. He describes his present situation.

Also, he has a good post about “Our care and responsibility for Mary“. In general, we think about this the other way around, her care for us, which is lavish. But this is a two-way street. Our Lady is ignored and blasphemed, for example. We must make reparation.

On the sidebar I have a link to a daily Marian Prayer. HERE Also, there is a link to a daily prayer for priests. HERE

In any event, you might drop over to Fr. Finigan’s place (and take note of the donation option on his left sidebar).  Moving is bothersome, after all.

___ Originally Published on: Jan 28, 2019

May I ask that the readership offer some prayers and penances for the intention of my good friend Fr. Timothy Finigan?

He is quite ill and awaiting the results of some tests. He would much appreciate your prayers.

Over the years we have benefited from his great blog Hermeneutic of Continuity.  Fr. Finigan is a terrific priest, an outstanding parish priest, and great supporter of renewal of our liturgical worship.


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  1. BrionyB says:

    I’m sorry to hear this. I will pray and offer all I can.

    If you don’t mind, Father, could I also ask for prayers this week (for similar reasons) for another much-loved priest of the same diocese?

    And in case anyone finds it a helpful idea – to make sure I remember to pray for priests every day, I offer the fifth decade of my Rosary for that intention. All the fifth mysteries seem to fit well: “I must be about my Father’s business”; the sacrifice of Calvary; the institution of the Eucharist; and of course the coronation of Our Lady, Queen of the clergy. Just an idea if anyone wants to try it too :).

  2. exNOAAman says:

    Thanks for that BrionyB. A good idea I’ve never thought of.

  3. rally1042 says:

    Same here BrionyB – great idea.

  4. JARay says:

    I too am saddened to read that Fr. Finigan is having medical problems. I have read his blog over many years now. I am more than willing to offer prayers for him.

  5. Fr_Sotelo says:

    Prayers for the good Father.

  6. Chris in Maryland 2 says:

    Will do Fr. Z.

  7. Mariana2 says:

    Of course.

  8. SKAY says:

    Prayers said.

  9. jaykay says:

    Thank you for this, Father. Have offered prayers.

  10. jhayes says:

    I am glad to hear that Fr. Finigan is still with us. I used to follow his website but he has not posted anything there since October of 2017 – and I had feared the worst.

    Fr. Ray Blake was also off line for a long time but now has a post on his site entitled “He is Not Dead but Sleeping.” It sounds as if he has serious heath problems so it would be good to pray for him as well.

  11. excalibur says:

    Prayers indeed for Father Finigan.

    And for you too, Father Z, the peripatetic priest injuries and all. Don’t know how you deal with all that flying in the best of times and health.

    How goes Father Finigan’s old parish after the disastrous appointment of his replacement? Anyone know?

  12. BrionyB says:

    “How goes Father Finigan’s old parish after the disastrous appointment of his replacement? Anyone know?”

    I get the impression it’s reverted to being a fairly ordinary modern suburban parish. Many of the more traditionally minded former parishioners (including large families, altar servers, and talented musicians) have gone elsewhere.

  13. AutoLos says:

    The care of Our Lady is great. Reminds me of a relatively new religious order, The Home of the Mother, who have as one of their three missions “The defense of the honor of our Blessed Mother, especially in the privilege of her virginity”.

  14. Sandy says:

    Mother Mary, help father F. and Father Z, and all your priest sons! The Lady Altar pictured in Father’s blog is so beautiful. Only the best for Mama Mary!

  15. Thanks so much for this Fr. Z… Can you also pray for his congregation left behind in Margate, particularly that the new parish priest will at least be a “say the black, do the red” kind of chap, and possibly even willing to continue with the Sunday TLM !

  16. Yes. The “disastrous replacement” left the priesthood IIRC. The replacement’s replacement is, by all accounts, a reasonable chap.

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