CQ CQ CQ – #HamRadio Wednesday: Zednet – UPDATE

UPDATE 29 March:

It looks as if some of you hams are poking around!

Also, I now have access – thanks to a reader – to a remote station!  I’ll be getting active (phone) pretty soon.

I’m working on MORSE again, so QRP is down the line, once I figure out what rig I want for that.  Elecraft?

___ Originally Published on: Mar 27, 2019

I’ve been dormant too long!

One of our frequent commentators here, WB0YLE, who is my online Elmer, has been lavishly generous with technical knowledge and skills.   He is the one who set up the Echolink node for our use.

Today I had a great pleasure of welcoming WB0YLE to Mad City (he has come for work).  We got together with my local Elmer and his gracious wife (and also a ham) for supper and chat.

WB0YLE brought a Baofung DMR – RD-5R radio (US HERE – UK HERE), with a mobile repeater made with RaspberryPi, configured for a future “Zednet”.

WB0YLE is taking our networking possibilities to a new level.  Zednet might be activated on a regular basis.

We could post the specs and basics for all who are interested.

ZedNet will be available on Wires-X room 28598, if any of you ham readers are near a Wires-X repeater.  It will also be available on DMR Talkgroup 31429 for those near a Brandmeister multimode repeater.  I am also pretty sure that you can join through Echolink, which he has patched in.  That means that even if you are out and about, you could access the net through your smart phone if it has an Echolink app.

I guess that that would make participants ZedHams rather than ZedHeads.

He is working on all the mechanics.  However, people can monitor the network now:


What we would need to do, I suppose, is find out how many of you are operating in these digital modes.

For those of you who are digitally active, WB0YLE set up the Echolink node available to us (554286 – WB0YLE-R  – Thanks! – Remember: You must be licensed to use Echolink.

I created a page for the List of YOUR callsigns.  HERE  Chime in or drop me a note if your call doesn’t appear in the list.



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  2. Aman4allseasons says:

    Ve7XRN here. (in honour of St. Maximillian Kolbe SP3RN)

    I rarely use digital modes (limited radio set up), but this post inspired me to install Echolink on my phone. 73!

  3. Ve7XRN de W9FRZ

    Thanks for chiming in!

    The digital adventure begins. I will be able to post an equipment list for the DMR thing pretty soon.

  4. deaconjohn1987 says:

    Sounds good, I’m already a DMR user here in NE Pa. My call is W2JPG. Usually monitor 3142.
    Btw, there is a wonderful Catholic Net on 20, 40 & 80 meters called The St. Max Net, named after St. Maximilian Kolbe, the only known Saint who was a licensed Ham! Here’s a list of times and frequencies:
    All time are East Coast Times:
    Sat. 9am 7.238
    Sun. 6pm 14.341
    Sun 8pm 3.814
    This is a weekly net.
    Here’s a link for more info:

  5. brasscow says:

    K0KB here

    I’m not on the digital VHF modes but will make an effort to correct that. I’m sure you know that Paul Bittner W0AIH has passed but wanted to let you know in case you had not.

    [Yes, I had heard that his key is now silent. RIP.]

  6. jeb0001 says:

    Awesome! I don’t have the kind of radio needed for the ZedNet but will have to check out the St. Max net. de KI4ITG

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