Dots to connect

Another post providing more dots to connect.  What they mean and how they line up and where they point… who knows.  I suspect that we are entering the phase when the Church will begin to shine with the light of the Lord’s Passion.

In France, attacks on Church’s are becoming more frequent.  Officials say they don’t know why.  Yeah, right.  There was even a fire set in Saint Sulpice in Paris, which I often visit when there.  I’ve noticed an uptick of the practice of the Faith in Paris over the last few years.  Churches are being cleaned and more people are praying in them.

In Montreal, on a priest was stabbed at St. Joseph’s Oratory during Mass on Friday morning – today as I write.  Pray for Fr. Claude Grou, whose injuries were not severe but certainly troubling.

Meanwhile, the numbers of Masses in the Extraordinary Form continues to rise.

  • My friend Fr. Shawn Tunink in KC, KS, has worked up what sounds like a fine celebration of a Solemn Mass for the Annunciation, 25 March, in Leawood, KSHERE
  • In Boise, there is now a regularly scheduled TLM at St Paul Catholic Church in Nampa, IdahoHERE
  • In Santa Barbara area, Montecito, CA, at the beautiful Our Lady of Mount Carmel – I was just there a few weeks ago to speak to a Legatus Chapter and I visited that lovely church – there will be a monthly TLM.  Hopefully more to come.  HERE
  • In Vero Beach, FL, there is now a regular Sunday Low Mass at Saint John of the Cross.  I get to Vero occasionally.  It seems likely that I will pitch in when I am in the area.   On Laetare Sunday they will have a Missa Cantata.  HERE

Friends, review your lives and determine if there is some addition act of reparation for sins that you could perform.

Also, examine your consciences and…


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  1. Suburbanbanshee says:

    That Montreal video is shocking, all right.

    OTOH, the Quebec men are great! They move quickly, they improvise a lance, they do something!

    On the gripping hand, it seems that we cantors need to be a little more on the ball. Turning away from unauthorized access to the altar was dumb; although probably he thought it was a homeless and harmless crazy, and was trying to calm the situation by distracting the convention’s attention. But the cantor did make a recovery and got moving with purpose.

    Also, we do see that screaming by us ladies does have a practical purpose, in that it convinces the hesitant men to start moving.

  2. LeeGilbert says:

    In PORTLAND, OR at 6 in the MORNING there is now a DAILY, Monday through Saturday Dominican rite low Mass in Latin at Holy Rosary Parish, 375 NE Clackamas St. This is a very quiet, contemplative Mass.

    The celebrants, btw, never fail to include the collect for our Archbishop Sample.

  3. JustaSinner says:

    Just asking Father, but are YOU prepared for a slash n stab attack? Maybe even low caliber hand gun protected?

  4. Suburbanbanshee says:

    More info — the attack took place in the crypt church, which was one of Bl. Brother Andre’s favorite places to pray. And of course St. Joseph’s Oratory is famous as a pilgrimage shrine associated with healing and miracles.

    Fr. Grou’s wounds were superficial… Because the knife broke.

    God is very good.

    Oh, and some of the screaming ladies not on camera apparently ran out of the church to get security, call police, etc. So a very proactive bunch of daily Massgoers!

  5. Gab says:

    In your charity, please could you all pray for Fr Joseph Tran who was found dead yesterday after being accused of sexually abusing a young girl while he was parish priest (PP) in his former parish.

    Fr Tran, 49 year-old asylum seeker from Vietnam originally, was PP in the same parish for 15 years here before being moved on to another parish, where he had been for one year. Fr Tran was a gentle soul and much beloved priest by the parishioners. Fr Tran was moved from his long-held parish position last year to make way for a younger priest from Africa, Fr Cyprian, who is also devastated and some fear he may be targeted by nutjobs who are just out to attack priests and the Church. In the 15 years Fr Tran was at the same parish, there was never an ounce of scandal associated with this good man.

    The papers say Fr Tran committed suicide, but unless an autopsy was carried out overnight, I doubt it. In any case, he was confronted this week by the girl’s mother from the former parish, (the child is now 12), and Fr Tran was gravely devastated by the accusation plus given the injustice meted out to Cdl Pell and the general atmosphere of hate towards the Church over here, I guess that would have had an effect on him.

    In any case, a good and holy priest is dead, and I beg you all, in your kindness, to pray for his soul.

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