Your Good News – UPDATED

Do you have some personal good news for the readership?

Yesterday, I found daffodils on sale. One of my favorite flowers.

Here, “Still Life with Extinguished Candle, Daffodils and Ganganelli Mug“.

There’s an allegory in there somewhere, just as in Zurbaran’s “Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose”

Meanwhile, remember, that our trials here are only temporary. This fellow from a medieval illumination shows us the way.

Happy Friday in Lent! Memento Mori.


More good news.

I had the chance today to sample Chick-fil-a’s Lenten fish sandwich offering.  Just on Fridays.

The place was absolutely jammed.

In the restaurant, there were large images of various scenes in which their products played a part.  Here is a Navy chaplain, probably coming home and getting a snack.

The other good news is that, just as I was leaving, I saw a local cop at the counter getting some chow on his break.   I stepped over and asked him if I could buy him lunch, and his partner too, if he had one.

Thanks, cops, everywhere!

And now I have all the ingredients I need to make pasta e ceci after a consultation with The Great Roman about the use of anchovy.

It’s a good day.


And now it is an even better day.

I had a note from a young priest.  In his missive, he wrote:

Anyway…the truth works, and I’m more and more convinced that the truth is ad orientem worship.  My own experience of celebrating Mass this way has been the most edifying and fulfilling part of my priesthood.

You, of course, have been a TREMENDOUS help for me (and others)…during my years of seminary, reading your blog, and now as a priest. I’ve been regularly saying the Novus Ordo in Latin on my day off, and have been reading O’Connell’s “The Celebration of Mass” to get the EF rubrics down.  Soon, and very soon, I’ll be practicing that Mass and offering it.


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  1. jdt2 says:

    This week my wife and I finalized the adoption of our son, who is doing wonderfully. If I can selfishly ask you, Father, and the readership to please say a quick prayer that he will be kept safe, close to the Blessed Mother, and stay firmly on God’s Holy natural path.

    Thank you!!

  2. Greg Hlatky says:

    It may be completely off-topic, but Her Majesty (my lovely bride) just informed me that our Miss Delilah was Best in Show at today’s Lone Star Borzoi Club specialty in Fort Worth. Why am I telling you? I’m telling everyone.

  3. Patrick71 says:

    My sister’s parish school received a $1 million grant to complete the renovations of the school that the parish is initiating.

  4. Diana says:

    Five years after we began to film our television series on (some of) the sacred sites in Portugal, we finally received the funding to finish it, and a network that is excited to broadcast it (CatholicTV). I am so excited to get this off my desk and to show it to people, who I know will be excited to see the beautiful places in Portugal. Please pray for me as I finish. Thank you! Thank you, Jesus.

  5. momoften says:

    Son got bone marrow transplant last week (from his brother, **he has a lot of brothers, 10~and 2 sisters, so hurrah for big families!) He has a rare form of leukemia…All is going well, now waiting to see if he can stay in remission, please keep Peter in your prayers. Thanks

  6. Titus says:

    And now I have all the ingredients I need to make pasta e ceci after a consultation with The Great Roman about the use of anchovy.

    If I promise not to start any more music-history contentions in the comments here (I do so promise), will you please share what The Great Roman says about anchovy and pasta e ceci? Pasta e ceci is a great favorite on our table.

  7. Andreas says:

    I’ve been asked to conduct the choir and orchestra of the 18th century Dekanatskirche zum Hl. Petrus & Paulus during Mass on 30 June. The music for Mass will be the Mozart Missa Brevis in C (Spatzenmesse) as well as other works for the Offertorium and Communio.

  8. capchoirgirl says:

    I’ve got a book contract with Ave Maria Press for a book about suffering, the stations of the cross, and other various and sundry things!

  9. Kathleen10 says:

    I’m truly happy for everyone’s good news here, and prayers for all intentions. Fr. Z I love the still life. People say daffodils have no scent, but I love their scent!
    Our good news is our beloved family member, who was hit head on three weeks ago by a DUI, is healing wonderfully from significant leg wounds. His PT even says he may play baseball this summer! It’s a bit of a miracle. God is very good. Thank you Jesus.

  10. As to the use of anchovy, the Great Roman says:

    With! …and ‘cannolicchi’ pasta if you can find it, but grandma and mom would just break spaghetti or bucatini into it if cannolicchi were not available.

    He added, “Got good rosemary? It’s crucial.”

    He did approve of my use of ditalini.

  11. Julia_Augusta says:

    Good news: The cherry blossoms are coming out here in Kyoto. By the end of next week, the cherry trees will be in full bloom.

  12. John Pomeroy says:

    Great news: It hasn’t snowed here in 10 days and the berms of piled up ice and snow are almost all melted! A week of 60 degrees will do that.

  13. Fr. Kelly says:

    My Lambertini and Ganganelli mugs arrived today.
    I am looking forward to using them to drink Mystic Monk Coffee from.

  14. Justalurkingfool says:

    My daughter, Mary, asked me to say a Novena along with her which I have been saying for 30 days and which has been a blessing to me. I follow it here:

    At the end of each day’s prayers I read this:

    Imprimatur +Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison, 6 September 2018

    Maybe it will make you smile, Father Z.


  15. Quanah says:

    Good news: Last night, with winter chill having turned to spring chill, it was “warm” enough to sit outside with a fire in the fire pit, a cigar, and bourbon.

  16. CasaSanBruno says:

    Good news:

    Beginning on Ash Wednesday, as a 40 Days for Life action, we have been in front of the local abortion mill. Many priests present, lots of laity – all prayerful. I do my small part with a daily exorcism of place. 15 babies saved thus far. God is good! And He loves babies.

  17. straphaelguy says:

    Padding has been ordered for the communion rails at my parish.
    It seems we will soon be making use of them again!

  18. Nan says:

    A friend sent me a copy of his mom’s beautiful little self published cookbook, filled with family recipes, some for lent. I went to a fish fry at the parish my friends son goes to school at, primarily because she and her daughter had baked 20 pies for dessert. I had a piece of apple cake from her grandma’s recipe.

    I’ll soon be at the midpoint of 9 First Friday masses at my friends’ parish.

  19. Mariana2 says:

    Fr. Kelly, I read “My Lamborghini and Ganganelli mugs arrived today”…

  20. Fr. Kelly says:

    No. I assure you, it is a Lambertini, Benedict XIV mug.

    Everything about the mug encourages me to drink my coffee slowly.
    If it were a Lamborghini, I might have to gulp it down as swiftly as possible before it races away.

  21. hwriggles4 says:

    I wish I could be in Washington DC today. Fr. Joseph Coffey (CAPT, CHC, USNR) is being installed today as an auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese for the Military Services. I met Fr. Joe years ago when he served the Coast Guard and he is a good priest. I was pleased with his appointment as an auxiliary bishop. That in itself is good news.

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