POSITIVE! New head transformed Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” within the CDF

Edward Pentin reports at the National Catholic Register that Francis has appointed someone to run the new section within the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which has taken over the brief of my old stomping ground the former ad hoc Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei“.

Msgr. Patrick Descourtieux!

Descourtieux, French, has been a professor of Patristics at my school, the Patristic Institute Augustinianum (across the street from the Palazzo Sant’Uffizio and colonnade of St. Peter’s Square).  He also worked with the now CDF-absorbed PCED for many years.

Msgr. Descourtieux is sincerely dedicated in regard to traditional groups, level headed, very smart and well-informed.

This is a very positive development.

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  1. Charles E Flynn says:

    And it is not April 1 as you post this.

  2. Pius Admirabilis says:

    I have an idea for his successor: His name is John, he is a priest, and runs a successful blog on the internet. He is very dedicated to the traditional liturgy, and has some very strong, but logical opinions. I think he would be a great head of the PCED subdivision of the CDF. You might know him.

  3. JabbaPapa says:

    Even I have heard au fond de mon trou good things about Monseigneur Descourtieux — IIRC he is a very orthodox and clever (and even Marian) theologian.

    That’s my third good news today —

    1) our PP (or possibly our Bishop) has instituted Liturgical colour Rose for this Laetare Sunday

    2) my thigh seems finally to be basically healed (no pain at Mass, even though standing still is my generally most difficult position to endure), so that I’ll finally be able to get back onto my foot pilgrimage to Fatima, Compostela, and Lourdes towards 9th/10th April

    3) Monseigneur Descourtieux !!! Ad Laudem

  4. robert hightower says:

    Praying for full regularization of the SSPX

  5. JustaSinner says:

    How’d he sneak through?

    [Your relentless negativity in my combox wearies me.]

  6. richiedel says:

    Thanks for the positive news, Fr. Z. It is relieving.

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