A few Easter Vigil moments – UPDATES

A couple shots from the Easter Vigil with vestment sets that the TMSM had made during the last year.  Please support the Tridentine Mass Society of the Diocese of Madison!


More photos and also sights from Easter Sunday.

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  1. Ted says:

    That first photo is incredible!

  2. So these are the vestments you made a passing, teasing comment about using blue a few months ago! Anyway, these are stunning! The blue lining and detail with the Easter silver, gold, and white remind me of how Easter is a glorious feast of Our Lady’s joy in the resurrection of her Son after the sword pierced her heart too. (Can you tell I just prayed the Regina Caeli?) I always enjoy hearing your Sunday Masses on the Youtube channel, but I also am blessed to SEE the beauty with which the hearing of Mass is adorned. Thanks to you and to your benefactors for these sacrifices of praise to the risen Lord – with the hint of His Mother’s glorious joy!

  3. JustaSinner says:

    Those are beautiful Father, but don’t they need a bit more red? /sarc off

  4. Tom of John of God says: you made a passing, teasing comment about using blue

    Thanks for the compliment about these vestments! They are truly beautiful in person… and warm to wear.

    However, in the past when I have mentioned having BLUE vestments made, I wasn’t teasing. I have the fabric in storage in Rome. We are just waiting for the right time. That time has been pushed down, of course. That set doesn’t have as great a priority as some other projects. The next big one is BLACK.

    I bought the white fabric and the blue together and brought them to Rome. Gammarelli now has both tucked away. The white has produced a Pontifical Mass set with many extra chasubles and dalmatics (for ordinations) all with the diocesan coat-of-arms. We even have a canopy and ombrellino in that fabric. And we can have more made. For example, we had a special chasuble of that made for Bp. Morlino, God rest his soul, with his arms. When a new bishops comes here, we will get another. As for BLUE… well… we’ll see. But we have the fabric! It’s a matter of time and priority.

  5. Gab says:

    That’s an exquisite shade of blue, Father, in the picture above.

  6. You know, Father Z… in the Treaty of Paris of 1763 France ceded the territory west of the Mississippi to Spain. I’m no canon lawyer (famous last words) but surely the Spanish indult would retroactively apply to all areas west of the Mississippi River. I’m picturing a Solemn High Mass on the feast of the Immaculate Conception celebrated jointly with the Latin Mass Society of Madison bussing on over to join Una Voce Minnesota and my own parish Church of All Saints in Northeast Minneapolis at the Basilica of St. Mary (since it would have to be on the west side of the river)… followed by a candlelit Marian procession down Hennepin Avenue to the Father Hennepin bridge! To be followed of course by craft beers at an appropriate brewpub in Northeast Minneapolis… ;-) A man can dream, can’t he?!?!

  7. Tom of John of God says: Latin Mass Society of Madison bussing on over to join Una Voce Minnesota

    I like the idea. Then again, perhaps Una Voce MN could turn to the East and visit Madison!

  8. Ibimus Minneapolitani ad Orientem, Pater! Perhaps a Solemn High Mass on Corpus Christi Thursday with the new set of white vestments, followed by a twilight candlelit Eucharist procession down State Street in Madison, utilizing the ombrellino and canopy! Followed by a New Glarus beer with a bratwurst and sauerkraut at an appropriate brewpub, of course. A Eucharistic procession down State Street in Madison on Corpus Christi Thursday… and a Marian procession down Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis on the Immaculate Conception… The Old Evangelization!

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