Getting ready for Holy Week and singing the Passion in Latin

Where I am, we are preparing for the great Triduum with its ceremonies which make present to us, sacramentally, the mysteries they represent.

Yes, we are going full-tradition this year.

I am very hopeful about having the help of priests for these days, which will also involved the singing of the Passion.   I’ve done the whole Passion several times… whew.

In anticipation of Palm Sunday, and the Passion according to Matthew, I’ve been sending out some information to our prospective sacred ministers.  It occurred to me that priests out there might also like to have this.

Here’s an oldie ASK FATHER and also PODCAzT text from 2016.  Follow the links if you are interested:

I had a panicked email from a seemingly desperate cleric who is to sing the St. Matthew Passion for Palm Sunday.  I am glad that he wrote today instead of next Saturday!   He wanted help with the tone.

As if I have time to record the whole Passion from St. Matthew and post it here!  Sheesh!

No… wait…

did record the whole St. Matthew Passion and post it here!  Years ago, in 2008, in my PRAYERCAzT project, which has lain dormant for a while.

Once upon a time, I was regularly recording short podcasts to help priests new to all this singing in Latin thing get the tones and Latin into their ears.

My podcast for the Palm Sunday Passion has a longish intro of beautifully sung chant from the Mass, but I get into the 30+ minute text soon enough.

Here, Father!  For you!  And good luck with the singing.

Do you need the notation? HERE

BTW… I mention the special tone for the part of the Passion excluded from the 1962 Missale.  I have for years now improvised the last part, after the genuflection and silence, in the old tone.  It works just fine and it is permitted.  In my recording, I included the excluded part, lest we lose the sound and memory of that beautiful tone for the Passion.

021 08-03-11 Palm Sunday – Passion of St. Matthew (sung)

And for good measure… before someone asks.

023 08-03-18 Passion of St. John (Good Friday – 1962 Missale Romanum)

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  1. Shameless promotion!

    For Dominicans who need music to sing any of the Four Passion Gospels (in the shorter 1962 format) according to the Dominican tones, a nice hardback edition can be purchased here: You will need three copies.

    And for those who need the 1960 Holy Week Missal for the Dominican Rite, we have it for sale here:

    This is actually the only O.P. Missal that conforms to the rubrics of 1962. The 1933 cannot be used for Holy Week; the 1965 Missal can be used, with minor rubrical revisions.

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    What a shame you’ll have to wait for the next world to find out the positive spiritual impact you’ve made on this one. God will richly reward you.

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