Happy feedback and a note about donations

What a great day this is turning out to be.

From a reader…

Fr Z – I am grateful for your work and would like to support you monthly. I think you mentioned a particular day of the month is lighter than others. How might I go about making a monthly support on whatever that day is?

Frankly, today is one of the “lean” days of the month.  There are very few subscribers on this 25th day of the month.

I am so grateful that you asked.  The positive feedback helps.

Dear readers, your donations are gratefully received and I remember donors and benefactors in prayer and with Mass intentions.  The same goes for those of you who send items from my wishlists (right side bar).  And there are options for other ways of giving.

It’s easy to subscribe to a monthly donation.  Scroll down the right side of the blog and you’ll find a PayPal drop down menu.  Choose your amount and follow the link!


Thanks for new monthly donations go to



And on 26 April thanks to…


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