VIDEO: Fr. Murray on bombings, Easter and our Catholic identity

My buddy Fr. Gerald Murray – probably now the best priest commentator showing up on any TV channel or network – was on FNC this morning.  He commented on the bombings in Sri Lanka targeting churches and about the meaning of Easter and … this is great… our Catholic identity!

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  1. Spinmamma says:

    A priest who used the microphone he has been given to spread the actual gospel with gentleness and intelligence. Amen.

  2. Karl Keating says:

    I guess all these Fox News commentators must be Catholic. They all referred to their guest as “Reverend” rather than as “Father.”

  3. Maximilian75 says:

    I noticed the same thing @Karl Keating noticed. FNC leans more Evangelical, that may be why…
    Still, at least they were willing to have the good Reverend Father on, as opposed to the other networks…

  4. JustaSinner says:

    Laura Ingraham is a new covert, Maria Bartiroma is, and I believe a half dozen others are Catholic or converts. Unfortunately calling a priest ‘Reverand’ instead of Father has caught on like all the other politically correct buzz phrases.

  5. rally1042 says:

    Missed the Reverend/Father reference. Father Murray’s answers are of such clarity, exhibiting his deep sincere faith. A true Priest. He believes! You travel in good company Father Z.! Happy Easter.

  6. SanSan says:

    Father Murray has supernatural faith. He is one of the best that has been called to speak out on TV these days. Such intelligence and grace. I wrote him one time to thank him for his commentary on the crisis in the Church, not expecting a reply from such a busy priest. Well he wasn’t too busy not to acknowledge me. Thank you Jesus for Father Murray and priests like him. Keep him safe and protected from evil. (That goes for Father Z too!)

  7. Jerome Charles says:

    Unbelievably sad news for this country and our Church. Please consider helping through Catholic Relief Services in Sri Lanka:

  8. RichR says:

    Fr. Murray is a shepherd of souls. He takes a tragedy and turns it into an invitation to grow in faith. Always a sober, yet kind message from him.

  9. Semper Gumby says:

    Thank you Fr. Murray.

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