@Church_Militant report on a twisted priest-predator has a familiar ring

I received this note from Church Militant:

Church Militant filed a FOIA request and obtained the disturbing police audio recordings of Fr. Robert DeLand, now serving time in Michigan State Prison, caught in the act of preying on a 17-year-old male victim.

Get a first-hand glimpse inside the twisted mind of this depraved clergyman, and learn how Detective Brian Berg orchestrated a four-month covert operation to nab this predator priest.


Folks, I went through this and it sent shivers down my spine. Watching an autopsy can be fascinating in a morbid way, but this is the autopsy of an attempt to destroy a soul. This is demonic and not for the weak of heart.

One thing that this perverted, twisted, probably possessed priest said rang in my ears as familiar. To wit: Some of the manipulations that this sicko used on this young man sounded very much like the homosexualist propaganda of a certain highly visible Jesuit. “You’re okay! It’s okay to feel this way! Doesn’t it feel better to say it? Be who you are! I love you anyway”.

It’s diabolical.   The twisting of the relationships of mentoring, friendship, authority, for predatory reasons is so evil.

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  1. Woah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sick and twisted, evil human being. That was such an evil laugh when he thought the boy was high. He should be kept in prison for a lot longer than his sentence calls for, like FOREVER! I am so glad this young man ratted him out. I pray that the victim doesn’t suffer emotional wounds from being touched by this sick individual who willingly dances at the end of Satan’s marionette strings.

  2. Just Some Guy says:

    This report was highly disturbing. But it is what people need to hear to realize the severity of our current problem. This is on tape. All the other abuse over the decades, similar to this, was not. Somehow, knowing what it sounds like is even more jarring. When he goes around the country giving talks, that irrepressible Jesuit provides cover for abusers like this. It should also be noted that, while this man was attempting to abuse a minor, the victim was not a child. To satisfy their cravings, it seems these people always look for young victims to take advantage of and corrupt. They must lose interest in each other when they age.

    On a personal note, when the whole McCarrick issue came out, we had a sermon in which Fr. Martin was quoted, with our priest using Martin’s words to describe how we should be justifiably angry at what he did. No mention about homosexuality at all. I was, I must say, quite upset. But I kept quiet. Perhaps I shouldn’t have.

  3. SanSan says:

    Time to really look at our parishes and young boys who are continually being “looked after” by certain clergy. It’s so sad that it has come to this. Those parishioners who stood by “Fr. Bob” have to be mortified that they were so duped. You will know the righteous by their “fruits”, not by how popular they are….aka that Jesuit

  4. Gregg the Obscure says:

    it was with good reason that the civilized world referred to “the UNSPEAKABLE crime against nature”. there isn’t good reason for perversion to be mentioned casually in public discourse.

  5. I read that report too, and it made me sick. As horrible as it is to read, there is something good about this report. Namely, it gives a very concrete image of what predatory “grooming” actually is.

    A kindly priest who takes time to talk to kids, even to boys, even to teen boys, is not “grooming.”

    If you think about it, it should be obvious how different an upright, truly fatherly relationship is from the sick thing this manifested. A true priest, a true spiritual father, will not pry and invade, but he will be trusted to listen and protect. There will be no possessiveness, no attempt at control. The child may need and benefit from confidentiality, but the priest will never have to say, “this must stay a secret.” Above all, the true spiritual father will always seek to point to Christ, and to cultivate virtue. It truly made me ill to read about a priest encouraging a young man to take part in specific sins, involving pornography!

    This is important, because I believe one sad consequence of this whole mess will be young people, young men in particular, being shied away from priests as spiritual fathers, as trusted mentors; and at the same time, priests being afraid to provide this role, or viewed suspiciously if they take too much interest. Men become healthy men with the help of good male role models, good fatherly figures. We will be worse off if priests are excluded from this.

  6. SanSan says:


  7. Jerome Charles says:

    Fr Martin Fox– well said. And, as a parent, how am I to know who to trust? I’m sure plenty of pedophile priests seem entirely trustworthy. If a priest was showing interest toward my son today, even if innocently–as a spiritual father–I would be uncomfortable and suspicious. Even if I tried not to be, I think I would doubt and just not want to chance putting my child in harm’s way. It is sad, indeed. It is a loss of trust in our priests–not just the pedophiles, but the many who knew of pedophiles and did/said nothing, and also in church leaders for deliberately covering up the crime/sin. Pope Francis’ response is weak–what will change, really?? If bishops failed to take action before, why would they now? This illness in our Church may have generations of consequences. And until we are willing to explore/implement institutional changes that seem too scary to consider… what will change?

  8. JustaSinner says:

    Dante’s seven level issue there!

  9. Spinmamma says:

    As a former prosecutor, I am very familiar with the grooming process. Even so, I could not finish the audio but had to read the transcript instead, my soul recoiled so much from the evil All suffer terribly from this demonic sin–the victims most of all, but the good and faithful priests bear the shame from being tarred with the same brush. A few weeks ago a local paper saw fit to print the names of all accused clerics in our Diocese since 1970, along with the names of the parishes.( Our parish was devastated some four or five years ago when a popular young priest was arrested, charged and convicted of an illicit sexual relationship with a teen aged girl, and his name was among them ) Our dear senior priest(who became our priest after the aforementioned debacle) was contacted by the paper but refused to comment. After Mass the following Sunday he addressed the congregation and explained he did not comment because he wanted to talk the his parishioners directly and first. His anguish and sorrow were palpable as he reaffirmed his commitment to protecting the youth. It was a sobering and heart-wrenching moment to watch this good man publicly shoulder the burden of others’ sins.

  10. Jerome:

    I certainly understand your concerns. My response to your question about how you know whether a priest’s intentions are upright or not is the following:

    – Nothing should be secret. So if a parent says, “can I come along?” the answer is always yes. In my parish, we have boys’ clubs and girls’ clubs, and I — with other adults — will meet with the kids for prayer, instruction and games. We WANT parents there; we beg them to come. Nothing hidden.
    – A priest shouldn’t be singling out any one person for attention. By “attention,” I don’t mean calling and asking to serve at a wedding or a funeral, or to help out with some project; although most likely such calls will go to several kids — but not everyone. Rather, I mean: a priest who wants to “hang out” with a particular kid — as opposed to wanting to visit with a group of kids. And, it should be obvious, but — never, never should a priest be doing stuff with kids without another adult around (apart from confession of course).
    – A priest shouldn’t be seeking out the kids; but surely it’s different when the kids are seeking out the priest for his advice or help? Even then, the being alone part is tricky. I remember one time going with a walk — through a park, in the daytime — with a teenage boy who wanted my advice on something. We weren’t overheard, but everyone could see what we were doing.

    Really, if a priest is following the rules, there will hardly be any opportunity for anything untoward. When other adults and other kids are around?

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