Donations, PayPal, alternatives, and you

Dear readers, your donations are gratefully received and I remember donors and benefactors in prayer and with Mass intentions. The same goes for those of you who send items from my wishlists (right side bar). And there are options for other ways of giving.

Today – 17th of the month – is one of the “lean” days of the month. There are very few subscribers on these 17ths. 

It may be that you benefit from the content here.  Please consider helping.

How can you help?   Above all, please pray for me.

1) It’s easy to subscribe to a monthly donation with PayPal. Scroll down the right side of the blog and you’ll find a PayPal drop down menu. Choose your amount and follow the link!  The same menu is at the very bottom of the blog page as well.

2) If you don’t like Paypal, an alternative is CONTINUE TO GIVE.
Try the QR. Also, to receive a link to donate via Continue To Give using your smart phone SEND MESSAGE: 4827563 TO: 715-803-4772 (USA)

3) There is now also something called Zelle, which has a really dorky website.  However, I have received donations that way.

4)  More and more of you are opting to send a check via snail mail.  Some seem to come through an automated service.  I looked at my own bank’s website and, under the “Pay Bills” section, I found a way to have a monthly check sent by snail mail.  Very cool.  Here’s my snail mail address.  It is always on the right side bar.

Fr John Zuhlsdorf
Tridentine Mass Society of Madison
733 Struck St.
PO BOX 44603
Madison, WI 53744-4603

That’s a US Post Office Box, in case you are one of those loons who send threatening messages.   I have no qualms at all about getting federal law enforcement involved, if you get my drift.

On a far happier note, I’ll head to Rome on Sunday after Mass for business and pleasure.  While I’m there I’ll say Mass for my benefactors more than once, at least one at the beginning of my stay and then – provided nothing interesting intervenes – also at the end.  I’ll update.

You’ve all been a blessing for me over the years.  It is my pleasure and duty to keep you in my daily prayers and to remember you at the altar.


Many thanks to those of you who have made ad hoc donations through PayPal and Continue To Give! – JA, SH, JL, JF, MP, TB, SAS, MJC

And thanks to you who set up a new monthly subscription! – BD, CW, DC, CB, MC, OK

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