NOVENA FOR SEMINARIANS – from Corpus Christi to Sacred Heart, with a Marian Consecration

From a priest:

Dear Father, we have met several times, most recently last year at the Canon Law conference in La Crosse. I wrote a novena for seminarians to be prayed from Corpus Christi to the Sacred Heart, with a Marian Consecration on the Immaculate Heart (OF Calendar). If you wish to distribute it, here is the text. If you do so, please do so anonymously.

On another note, have you ever thought of trying to collect (no pun intended) and publish the various What Does the Prayer Really Say articles as a commentary on the liturgical year?  [I have indeed.]

Here’s the novena.  I had to guess a little at the format, but you can work it out.

Novena to the Sacred Heart and Consecration 
to the Immaculate Heart for Seminarians 

Said from the Solemnity of Corpus et Sanguinis Christi to the
Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Eucharistic and Sacred Heart of Jesus, you were not satisfied to enjoy
and glorify the Father alone with your Mother, but wanted many
brothers and sisters to join you in glory. Coming among fallen
humanity, you proclaimed the friendship of God and we, yet enemies,
crucified you. You submitted to our blows and insults: satisfying for
our disobedience with your obedience, our sensuality with your
suffering, our hubris with your humiliation, our acedia with your
ardor, and our rejection of God by submitting, obedient to the Father,
to our rejection of You and your Mother. We pierced those hearts which
so loved unlovable man and from your opened side was brought forth
Holy Church, fully Immaculate in your Mother. To make us faithful like
the Beloved Disciple, you entrusted us to Her and Her to us. Having
finished the work of redemption but wishing to remain with us still,
you called men to yourself and sent them to proclaim your teaching and
through them flow forth the stream of water and blood in Baptism and

Therefore, I lift up in prayer all the seminarians throughout the
world. Form them in solid doctrine and virtue, fill them with the
Spirit and His Holy Works, and fix them in the Immaculate and Virginal
Heart of Mary. Thus configured to you, the One High Priest, they may
proclaim the Word of God boldly and bring forth souls for the Kingdom
through prayer and the Sacraments.

Immaculate Ever-Virgin Mother of God, from your place at the side of
your son, send down upon them the grace and illumination of the Holy
Spirit, so that they, from infidelity, may be made faithful to God and
true sons of the Church.

May your love, fiery and sweet as honey, wean their hearts from the
things of this world:
So that they may die for love of your love, as you died for love of
our love.

Give them a right faith, a sure hope, a perfect charity, a profound
The gifts of will and intelligence to know and fulfill your Holy

Holy Father Saint Francis, Holy Mother Saint Clare, Saint Maximilian,
and Saint Pio:
Pray for us!

Consecration on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart

O Immaculate, Queen of heaven and earth, Refuge of sinners and our
most loving Mother, God has willed to entrust the entire order of
mercy to You, take these unworthy men who cast themselves at Your feet
with all they have and are, wholly to Yourself as Your possession and
property. Please make of them, of all their powers of soul and body,
of their whole lives, deaths, and eternity, whatever pleases You. If
it pleases You, use all they have and are without reserve, wholly to
accomplish what has been said of You: “She will crush your head”,
and “You alone have destroyed all heresies in the whole world.”
Let them be fit instruments in Your immaculate and most merciful hands
for introducing and increasing Your glory to the maximum in all the
many strayed and indifferent souls, and thus help extend as far as
possible the blessed Kingdom of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. For,
wherever You enter, You obtain the grace of conversion and
sanctification, since it is through Your hands that all graces come to
us from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Allow us to praise You, O most holy Virgin:
Give them strength against Your enemies.

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  1. Diana says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it! I have two young seminarians in my family–my two dear nephews–and I try to pray for them as much as I can! I’m passing this on to my family.

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