What is he really saying?

Ideologues are totalitarians.

There is a group of hard-core ideologues grouped around Francis.

As always, these ideologues demand that you deny the evidence of your senses, including common sense, and ignore the principle of non-contradiction.  It’s the alternate universe of 2+2=5. Their positions are irrational.  With nearly sycophantic dedication they take everything Francis does as oracular, even the things that he gets wrong. And, if you decline to accept their zeal as your own, then their attitude and actions become like to the Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution, a New catholic Red Guard.

That said, here’s something to consider.

“Restored the role of conscience”.

What is he really saying?

That’s code for “Do whatever you want!” as in reception of Holy Communion by manifest adulterers and non-Catholics who don’t accept the Church’s teachings.

That’s code for pitting conscience against the teachings of the Church on a number of important issues including contraception and abortion.


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  1. FrAnt says:

    “That’s code for pitting conscience against the teachings of the Church on a number of important issues including contraception and abortion.”
    I thought I would add to this list: Sodomy, “same-sex marriage”, and euthanasia. In other words, these ideologues desire the breakdown of traditional society so that people will become dependant on the state, and once one becomes a burden to the state he or she must be euthanized for the greater good of the state.

  2. Benedict Joseph says:

    Given this Ivereigh chap’s misrepresentation of Blessed John Henry and the current occupant of the Chair of St. Peter all things are possible? One is left confounded that our contemporaries in high places have not already filed the requisite materials for their own beatification processes. Having them in place now surely we will all profit by their speedy ascension to the altars upon their demise. After all, it is a “new paradigm.”

  3. erick says:

    Mr. Ivereigh also seems to imply that papal infallibility entails an exemption from making everyday mistakes. Can he have gotten it so wrong? Or do I misread him?

  4. richiedel says:

    Beans had his own reflection on this same point, which was actually a little less agenda-driven, by which he concluded that the whole matter may be a bit more “complicated” than we think in that the conscience may also be invoked by those who want to build a wall with Mexico.

  5. Traductora says:

    Their twisted thinking never ceases to amaze me. Bergoglio seems to have found a way of insulting Newman while canonizing him. This is going to be done during the dread “Amazon Synod,” and I saw a tweet from some Francis fan the other day gushing about how Newman would have loved this and was actually responsible for it….Poor Newman! He is being used as the standard bearer for something that was absolutely antithetical to him and completely at opposition with his thought.

  6. andromedaregina says:

    This deep bench of heretics spread within and throughout the Church (and yes, to the Chair of Peter), know that it’s unnecessary to formally change Church (capital “D”) Doctrine (though, at some point they will once its within reach i.e. the Pater and Death Penalty test); but like good cultural Marxist, they know the first step is just to change things in their “sense,” that is, the sensus fidelium – as this is how the masses (the majority) receive and live out the faith. Change this, and eventually everything else will eventually follow.

  7. ChrisP says:

    Ivereigh is saying “I am Mumpsimus”. And Oct 13th is day of significance that he is probably blissfully unaware of.

  8. OrdinaryCatholic says:

    I’ve been conscious of popes since Pope John XXII [And you are so well-preserved!] and never in all those years has there been such controversy concerning popes in my lifetime. So what is the verdict? Is PF the Pope? Is he a heretic or not? Is he changing Church teachings at will and doctrine to boot or isn’t he??? Why are so many FOR the Pope but just as many against every thing that comes out of his mouth??? I will say this my dear priests of the Church, I am sick of all this uncertainty that is surrounding my Church, the Church of our Lord Jesus. I am sick of NO one explaining to the pewsitters what we should be concerned about, what we should believe from the Pope and what we should jettison in short order. Where is the guidance due from our shepherds? Where is the strong hand that will defend the faithful in this quagmire of mind vomit that comes from the hierarchy?

    I understand that there are always malcontents in our Church. We are a Church of sinners and our faith should be in Jesus not the bishops et al, but dear lord, help us out here, we have NO say when it comes to issues in an Archdiocese or the Vatican proper. I do not have the intellect to know if every little nuance that comes from the Vatican is Truth or not, licit, valid and what ever. We depend on our priests, bishops and cardinals and so far we get friggin crickets from the pulpits.

    Sorry for the rant but I’ve had it. There is no where else to go except through this devastation we call the Catholic Church that we can depend on. If Christ was not the head of this Church I would have gone long ago.

    [Stick around here. That’ll help.]

  9. Hidden One says:

    Calling the Oratorians….

  10. boxerpaws63 says:

    Ordinary Catholic “If Christ was not the head of this Church I would have gone long ago.” Fr. Z said “stick around here. That’ll help.” Yep. Also,go to confession,receive communion. My friend “Portia” and i were discussing Pope Francis’ writing on the death penalty.Some say he changed doctrine, others that his position is the development of doctrine. Either way doesn’t matter that much as this point; it’ s still NOT one of the non- negotiables. And that’s what they are,NON NEGOTIABLE. My thinking is keep it simple,stay out the weeds,hang around here and live out your faith.
    Ordinary Catholics are just the kind of Catholics the Church needs,especially now.

  11. jflare29 says:

    “We depend on our priests, bishops and cardinals and so far we get friggin crickets from the pulpits.”

    Ordinary Catholic,
    It does seem awfully close to that too often. Sadly, our bishops in particular have a bad habit of being almost as equivocal–and dodgy–as our Holy Father. I think we hear a great deal from any number of other voices in the Church, precisely for that reason. Regrettably, …all too often they seem to dispute one another.
    Pray, my friend. Pray.

  12. OrdinaryCatholic says:

    ah yes…as you said, well preserved ;) Pope John XXIII

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