ROME DAY 20: Great saint, tourist inferno, and fury

The Roman Sunset was 7:28 the Roman Sunset 18:21 is and the Ave Maria is 18:30.

today I made my way through several of the rings of tourist hell, like Dante in search of my reason. Indeed the reason why I headed to the Trevi Fountain was to find Santa Maria in Trivio… Trevi… trivio… tres viae… get it? In that little church is a saint, whose feast was yesterday. Hence, my tough road.  Ahi! Quanto a dir qual era è cosa dura
esta selva selvaggia e aspra…

Some shots on the way. Biscione… there’s a butcher, a good bar, some paintings, a nasone, and an escape route to the other side.

With a replica of the beloved painting of Mary in S. Carlo ai Catinari, nearby.

On the other side, you see how the building was built onto the curved back of the ancient Theater of Pompey.

Top floor, to the left the drain pipe… my room in seminary.

Near Montecitorio, someone has a sense of humor.

One of 13 ancient Egyptian obelisks in Rome.  This was the obelisk that cast the shadow for Augustus’ great sundial.

Santa Maria in Trivio

And where the church is in relation to the Trevi Fountain… see it to the left?

In front of the fountain is little Ss. Vincenzo e Anastasio, where the innards of Popes were interred.   They took their guts out and entombed them here.   Notice that Benedict XVI’s stemma is still up.

Okay… the fountain.

Nice and clean.  HOARDS of people.

Today was spent in  errands and meeting people for this and that.  I went to the Vatican Back today for the first time in years.  I had a GREAT teller who helped me get things done quickly.

Today at Gammarelli I had an experience which left me, frankly, FURIOUS.


More about that when I calm down

Did I mention…


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  1. Suburbanbanshee says:

    I hope it had nothing to do with Gammarelli itself. Those folks seem (from afar) to be all about quality and helping the customer, so I would hate to see standards slip.

    [It is precisely a professional issue that has me seriously angry, even hours after.]

  2. acardnal says:

    Fr. Z, can one drink from public water spigots shown in your first photo of Biscione? Is the water potable?

    [Oh yes! The water is potable and delicious! It’s also very very hard.]

  3. Did you make it to the tomb of Pope St. John Paul II today, Father? There’s nothing like St. Peter’s on his feast: Poland descends upon it.

  4. inviaadpatriam says:

    How wonderful that you were able to be at St. Gaspar’s tomb so close to his feast-day. He has been a powerful intercessor for us.

  5. FrankWalshingham says:

    Like Founder said to Blutarsky in Animal House: ” Don’t get mad…get even.” Hard to believe a firm that you patronized loyally and gave a lot of free PR to would not treat a loyal customer well!

  6. cstei says:

    What is in the building that the Trevi fountian? My hotel was within walking distance so I was by it twice and wondered what was in it.

  7. reneeville says:

    Looking forward to the next furious installment! And, more on your stay ??????

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