The #AmazonSynod and what happened AFTER the Golden Calf Incident

Bp Athanasius Schneider recently penned a piece which likened the introduction and honoring of the demonic wooden idols, the amazonian Pachamama figures – whether they are part of a cobbled-up fake cult like Wicca or not is irrelevant – as being like the Golden Calf episode of Exodus 32.

You have to ask hard questions about this Pachamama thing.  People get that this is a turning point of some kind, just as are the proposals that came – ostensibly from the Synod (“walking together”) – in the Relatio Finalis to Francis.  I don’t think many people doubt that the document was written some time ago, so these were the desired objectives all along.   A combination of German money and influence with thoroughly unprepared South American input, as well as a glaringly weak slate of participants at the “walking together” guaranteed their predetermined outcome.

What was truly weird was this Pachamama phenomenon.   No one ever gave an adequate explanation of what it is or why it received so much attention.    So we ask the questions.   Were these figurines really important?   They got a lot of attention and insiders ran around with their hair ablaze after they were boosted from the church.   They bowed down to them in the gardens and lugged them around in processions.   If they are important what the heck are they?   And, if they are really not all that important (read: No, they are not demonic idols of a false religion.), then effectively they are grown ups playing with dolls on the edge of a Synod of Bishops.   Weird, doesn’t cover this.

The Golden Calf image has come to a lot of people’s minds lately, and rightly so.   Bp. Schneider isn’t the only one to make the connection.

What I’ve been thinking about is the aftermath of the Golden Calf Incident.

First, when Moses came down the mountain, straight from God’s expressions of wrath, he heard a “noise of war” which was the revelry of the people.   There are indications in the texts, euphemisms.  There was a wild orgy going on.

Moses destroyed the idol, ground it and made the people drink the water.

The Aaron gave the lamest excuse ever given in Scripture: “Hey, they gave me gold and I put it in the fire and, well, this calf came out!”

Moses saw that the people had “broken loose”.

Remember that, before, they had come to the mountain to form a covenant with God and all the men still exercised the Adamic priesthood.   Not any more.  This is when the priesthood was stripped by God from all men and settled on the Levites, descendants of Levi.

The first thing the new priests did was to take swords and go through the camp and slay those who had “broken loose”, who fell into idolatry.   The ordination of the Levitical priesthood was a baptism in blood of idolaters.

And then God sent a plague.

The point: Glorious and horrible things result from idol worship and the overthrowing of false religion.

I will repeat what I have written before.

God chose us from before the creation of the cosmos to live in THESE days.   It is an honor to be witnessing the crazy stuff going on.  But it is incumbent on all of us now to buckle on the spiritual armor God offers and take places in the lines of the Militant Church of which we are members.

Review your state in life.  Make corrections if you have to.

Use the sacraments well.

Increase your mortifications and acts of reparation.

Review your Faith and be ready to explain what you believe.

Be inviting and be joyful and be confident.

If something truly dreadful results in the Church from what we are seeing, know that Christ the King and Mary, Queen of Heaven, will triumph.  Be on the winning side of that, even though it costs dearly.

Let us close our ranks as never before in the face of the internal and external challenges to come.

Viva Cristo Rey!

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  2. Ms. M-S says:

    Pray for the conversion of heretics.
    Pray for the confounding of wolves in shepherds’ clothing.
    Pray for the rebellion of misguided sheep.
    St. Joseph, Patron of the Church and Terror of Demons, pray for us.

  3. Chris in Maryland 2 says:

    Pachamama is the Andean fertility goddess chosen as the idol of the Marxist co-workers of the “Communitarian” political movement, led by South American Marxists like the Bolivian dictator Evo Morales. This is the same Evo Morales who joined with Pope Francis in staging the photo-op stunt of the Hammer and Sickle Crucifix, done at the price of profaning our Lord’s self-Sacrifice.

    The explanation is Pachamama is on the environmentalist website here:

    Pachamama is the new Lord of All.

  4. DeGaulle says:

    Conchita of Garabandal said that Communism would come again, if my memory serves me well.

  5. DaveH says:

    “Let us close our ranks as never before in the face of the internal and external challenges to come.”

    Amen to this, Father. Most Catholics are already at the edge of the dome and can’t go any further without losing their big-C Catholic identity. We all are being put to the test…it’s time to polish up our Confirmation armor. And judging from the social media reactions to the past week’s activities, many have already done so.

  6. Kathleen10 says:

    Amen to this, Fr. Z. It is all unfolding before our eyes.
    Lord, give us the strength to persevere, and have mercy on us, especially those we love who do not have the faith, amen.
    Could I please impose on anyone to say a prayer for the soul of a loved one, Robert, who passed a few days ago unexpectedly. Many thanks.

  7. Kathleen10 says:

    I am hearing the demon idols were not at the Papal Mass. This only means they have pulled a Jesuit and have adjusted so as not to go over the total edge. They have not overplayed their hand, in THIS incident, but have already overplayed it. Once you see the pope participating and blessing demon idols, blessing the pagan ceremony, and all we have seen and heard, there is no going back. I am seeing relief from Catholics the idols were not there.
    That would be meaningless, except it proves once again how cunning the Jesuits are, and that they are toying with us.

  8. Ivan says:

    “They will be like thunder-clouds flying through the air at the slightest breath of the Holy Spirit. Attached to nothing, surprised at nothing, troubled at nothing, they will shower down the rain of God’s word and of eternal life. They will thunder against sin, they will storm against the world, they will strike down the devil and his followers and for life and for death, they will pierce through and through with the two-edged sword of God’s word all those against whom they are sent by Almighty God.
    They will be true apostles of the latter times to whom the Lord of Hosts will give eloquence and strength to work wonders and carry off glorious spoils from his enemies. They will sleep without gold or silver and, more important still, without concern in the midst of other priests, ecclesiastics and clerics. Yet they will have the silver wings of the dove enabling them to go wherever the Holy Spirit calls them, filled as they are with the resolve to seek the glory of God and the salvation of souls. Wherever they preach, they will leave behind them nothing but the gold of love, which is the fulfillment of the whole law.
    Lastly, we know they will be true disciples of Jesus Christ, imitating his poverty, his humility, his contempt of the world and his love. They will point out the narrow way to God in pure truth according to the holy Gospel, and not according to the maxims of the world. Their hearts will not be troubled, nor will they show favour to anyone; they will not spare or heed or fear any man, however powerful he may be. They will have the two-edged sword of the word of God in their mouths and the blood-stained standard of the Cross on their shoulders. They will carry the crucifix in their right hand and the rosary in their left, and the holy names of Jesus and Mary on their heart. The simplicity and self-sacrifice of Jesus will be reflected in their whole behaviour.
    Such are the great men who are to come. By the will of God Mary is to prepare them to extend his rule over the impious and unbelievers. But when and how will this come about? Only God knows. For our part we must yearn and wait for it in silence and in prayer: “I have waited and waited.”

    St. Louis De Montfort (“True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary”, Chapter II., 57-59)

  9. jflare29 says:

    If not many doubt the letter was written well before, I guess I’m one of those few who do. He makes the appropriate points, yet the timing creates issues. Did Bp Schneider or Card Muller simply not know what to expect? Maybe they didn’t know to expect a display in a church? It’s a simple problem for me: Either we DO believe the gravity of points raised, …or we don’t. If we do, …we should’ve heard about some royally rowdy row within the Vatican about intended ceremonial events. Before the Synod. …I guess I will hope that I missed something important in the runup to the Synod. Maybe it got lost in the ruckus over the Instrumentum Laboris. …Maybe.

  10. Semper Gumby says:

    Amen Fr. Z.

    “You have to ask hard questions about this Pachamama thing.”


    A quote from Bp. Schneider from Diane Montagna’s LifeSite article linked above:

    “On October 4, 2019, on the eve of the Amazon Synod, a religious ceremony was held in the Vatican Gardens, in the presence of Pope Francis and of several bishops and cardinals, which was led partly by shamans and in which symbolic objects were used; namely, a wooden sculpture of an unclothed pregnant woman. These representations are known and belong to indigenous rituals of Amazonian tribes, and specifically to the worship of the so-called Mother Earth, the Pachamama. In the following days the wooden naked female figures were also venerated in St. Peter’s Basilica in front of the Tomb of St. Peter. Pope Francis also greeted two bishops carrying the Pachamama object on their shoulders processing it into the Synod Hall where it was set in a place of honor. Pachamama statues were also put on display in the church of Santa Maria in Traspontina.”

    “In response to outcries from the Catholic faithful regarding these rites and the use of these statues, Vatican spokesmen and members of committees of the Amazon Synod downplayed or denied the evident religious syncretistic character of the statues. Their answers, however, were evasive and contradictory; they were acts of intellectual acrobatics and denials of obvious evidence.”

    Fraternizing, to put it lightly, with the occult is the opposite of the Great Commission.

    This pontificate often proselytizes on behalf of globalist and socialist “bad actors.” Here is Bp. Schneider in “Christus Vincit” in response to a question by Diane Montagna:

    “Would you say more about the proper role of the Church in the temporal sphere?”

    “Temporal affairs are not the real and primary competency of the Church. She does not have the authority to govern the strictly temporal affairs of human society. God did not give the Church this competency and this mission. Christ said to the Apostles, “Go and preach the Gospel and teach the people to observe all that I have commanded you.””

    The souls of many men and women in the Vatican bureaucracy (and elsewhere for that matter) would benefit by avoiding: the praising of idols; the manufacturing of disinformation; insulting faithful Catholics; behaving like typical Party of Death politicians.

    To paraphrase Card. Sarah: Holy Mass is not agit-prop theater.

    “Be not deceived, God is not mocked. For what things a man shall sow, those also shall he reap. For he that soweth in his flesh, of the flesh also shall reap corruption. But he that soweth in the spirit, of the spirit shall reap life everlasting.”

    -Galatians 6:7-8

    Christus vincit.

  11. Lockwood says:

    I was curious about Pachamama and I found a description on Infogalactic from which I copied the excerpts below (footnotes omitted).

    See: If this is remotely accurate, it seems beyond dispute that Pachamama always was, and is still, a pagan deity. It appears also that the rites recently performed in Rome by Pachamama’s devotees have deep historical roots as Pachamama worship.

    The modern attempt to transform Pachamama into a mere environmental symbol strikes me as similar to the attempts to cover up Satanic rituals by characterizing them as harmless “fun” or benevolent “white magic”.

    Excerpts follow: “Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. She is also known as the earth/time mother. In Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting, embodies the mountains, and causes earthquakes. She is also an ever-present and independent deity who has her own self-sufficient and creative power to sustain life on this earth. Her shrines are hallowed rocks, or the boles of legendary trees, and her artists envision her as an adult female bearing harvests of potatoes and coca leaves. Pachamama is the wife of Pacha Kamaq and her children are Inti, the sun god, and Killa, the moon goddess. The four cosmological Quechua principles – Water, Earth, Sun, and Moon – claim Pachamama as their primordial origin, and priests sacrifice llamas, guinea pigs, and elaborate, miniature, burned garments to her. After the conquest by Spain, which forced conversion to Roman Catholicism, the figure of the Virgin Mary became united with that of the Pachamama for many of the indigenous people. In pre-Hispanic culture, Pachamama is often a cruel goddess eager to collect her sacrifices. As Andes cultures form modern nations, Pachamama remains benevolent, giving, and a local name for Mother Nature. Thus, many in South America believe that problems arise when people take too much from nature because they are taking too much from Pachamama.

    Rituals to honor Pachamama take place all year, but are especially abundant in August, right before the sowing season. Because August is the coldest month of the winter in the southern Andes, people feel more vulnerable to illness. August is therefore regarded as a “tricky month.” During this time of mischief, Andeans believe that they must be on very good terms with nature to keep themselves and their crops and livestock healthy and protected. In order to do this, families perform cleansing rituals by burning plants, wood and other items in order to scare evil spirits who are thought to be more abundant at this time. People also drink mate (a South American hot beverage), which is thought to give good luck.

    On the night before August 1, families prepare to honor Pachamama by cooking all night. The host of the gathering then makes a hole in the ground. If the soil comes out nicely, this means that it will be a good year; if not, the year will not bountiful. Before any of the guests are allowed to eat, the host must first give a plate of food to Pachamama. Food that was left aside is poured onto the ground and a prayer to Pachamama is recited.”

  12. Again and again, I find myself feeling discouraged by various things going on today — not just in the Church, but in society.

    Then again, I remember that the enemy is eager to discourage the Faithful. Loves it. Pours it on. Stop caring, he says; go to sleep; give up!

    That’s his agenda.

  13. Tom says:

    There once was a synod in Rome
    That featured a Pachaman gnome
    All the bishops were gaga
    To ordain some Mamma
    As a priest under St. Peter’s dome

    But one of the bishops was hearty
    Refusing to join the big party
    With wisdom and wit
    His anathema sit
    Upset those who follow Astarte

    Bishop Schneider he wrote them a letter
    Pointed out that it really is better
    To be like a Maccabee
    Whatever the matter be
    Not an Abu Dhabi syncretic go-getter

    The good bishop went on quoting scripture
    And saints showing us the big picture
    He tells us to hope
    To pray for the Pope
    And to keep the True Faith, not some mixture.

    [Well done.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  14. JesusFreak84 says:

    My fear is that the ranks of the CMRI and the SSPV (among others) will grow as a result of this sin-nod. I think it’s the straw breaking the backs of the faithful who are carried enough ? I want to be wrong, but…

  15. MitisVis says:

    I might be missing something but here’s my take on Pachamama.
    I’m under the impression that Pachamama was just part of an ill conceived attempt to proclaim the church Eco-friendly. Remember the proposed “sins against the environment” and condemnations of western civilization which immediately followed.
    The script appeared to be pre-synod schism setup, let’s pretend synod with all the planned “paths” put on the table, then accuse those who object to the lunacy of going against the pope. Pachamama split everything wide open in several ways. What clearly went wrong was when they bowed down to the figures and I can guess even the wayward realized they had gone too far. All they had left was to mumble and fumble their way through the disaster with “it’s just a symbol” and accusations of hating the indigenous people. What concerns me are the many in the church whom should, don’t seem to care now that it’s obvious Pachamama is a pagan idol. And those who obviously believe it’s alright to unite mother earth, fertility and catholic under one roof.

    Pachamama in a way was a gift from God, a wake up call that united good catholics worldwide. If they had NOT prostrated before the figures I wonder if the same reaction would have happened. This is something they definitely didn’t want, but something we should take advantage of in two ways. Most of us were not taught the faith through the church but from good parents and oddities such as this, etc. When something seems wrong or not quite right we found out what the church teaches or where it stood on certain subjects. So this is a teaching moment that should remind us to continue to learn all about our faith. Secondly I am always surprised how many good catholics do not know what is going on in the church, far more than I think we realize. Ask a few subtle questions among friends and family and find out if they know or have any idea. That is something we can and should do as we need to lift up those in our influence and we all need their prayers and support for the church.

  16. JustaSinner says:

    Locked and Loaded, Father.

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  19. LarryW2LJ says:

    “It is an honor to be witnessing the crazy stuff going on. ”

    I have no reason to argue with you on that point, Father. However, it is particularly heart-wrenching, at 62 years of age, to see this. All my life, I’ve respected what has come forth from the Chair of St. Peter. I may not have agreed with some of it (such as the loss of some of the loved traditions I remember from my youngest days), but I respected the source and authority.

    That’s very, very hard to do nowadays, and is something I am struggling with. I never, ever thought I’d even be writing something like this. It’s incomprehensible to me. I’ll remain steadfast, with Mass attendance, the Sacraments and the Rosary and I’ll console myself with “Blessed are those who mourn ……….”

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