UPDATE – HILARITY ENSUES- Lib reactions to the new book from Card. Sarah and Benedict XVI

UPDATE 15 Jan 2020:

Antonio Socci (not a fan of Francis) says in Facebook (I’m not a fan of Facebook) that Francis summoned Archbp. Gänswein, read him a riot act, and demanded that Benedict’s name be removed from the book. Hence, Benedict asked for his name to be diminished in the book project so as to shield Gänswein from retribution.

Meanwhile, the lib reaction continues.

Two lesser luminaries in reporting on the Church, one for RNS and one for Reuters, opine (rather than, you know, report new) about the SALES of the book.  It’s an interesting window.

The book is selling well in French. I hope I have had something to do with that. HERE‘s a link!

Note Gibson’s use of Latin caveat emptor juxtaposed to a comment about high sales. There’s a movie with a phrase like, “I don’t think that means what you think it means.”

And note, “conservative groups” are out their buying up copies to inflate numbers of Card. Sarah’s books.  Oh, really?  Which conservative groups are those?   And has no lib group ever done that?   Nice try.

Note how Pullela says, “I’ts boring.”  I can see how it might be boring for you, Phil.  Moreover, you might not be the book’s target audience.  And if it is really that boring, inconsequential, then why has your end of the media spectrum gone bananas at the very thought of it?


UPDATE 14 Jan 2020:

This is how the enemy rolls.

  • Make a nasty insinuation or ridiculous proposal.
  • Let the poison you create bubble for a while.
  • Start walking back what you originally said.
  • Meanwhile, you’ve managed to gain a little ground for your side.
  • You’ve either caused corrosion in some good thing that your enemy did or you have bumped the needle a little bit in the direction you want it to go.

For example, the case of those who want to prosecute priests who won’t violate the Seal of Confession.  This comes up again and again and again.  Each time it is shot down.  However, each time a little more ground is gained, a few more people are convinced that a law should be passed that requires priests to violate the Seal.  Eventually, they get their way.  It’s called creeping incrementalism.

There was, if memory serves, a scene in Martin’s Windswept House wherein the arch stand-in figure for (I think) Card. Bernardin instructed the patsy stand-in figure for Bp. Lucker of New Ulm to make an outrageous statement and then, after some days, claim in the presss that he was misunderstood, or that he misspoke.   The Lucker character was to, in effect, take one for the team but in the meantime they would have changed the topic and gained ground.

That’s how they roll.

Now comes this tweet by Austen Ivereigh, one of the most obvious of the cringing papalotrous out there.

First, we roll back the clock.

A snarky comment to denigrate Benedict.

Then an accusation a few hours later.


Is there a secretive group behind Card. Sarah and Benedict pulling the strings?

Turn to your allies. NB: La Croix is, in effect, Bobby Mickens, who had once lost a job with The Tablet for publicly wishing in social media that Benedict would die. He despises Ratzinger/Benedict.

Then he claims a victory lap while taking a shot at Archbp. Gaeswein as Benedict’s “handler”. See? We were right in saying that Benedict didn’t have anything to do with authoring the book because Benedict didn’t see or approve the books cover!

Then Card. Sarah released letters and the dance step mutates.

Releasing his inner Hillary…

Yes, it’s a vast, right wing conspiracy.

In short… take in the “no one doubts” bit.


Consider what is going on.

The discussion isn’t about anything substantive. It’s now about process.

All resulting in …


The left will now claim victory.

Meanwhile, I suspect that their whining will only result in higher book sales.

May I suggest to you readers that you pre-order multiple copies to give as gifts to priests and seminarians?


Okay… maybe the attacks are right that Benedict didn’t write his section. Maybe Greta Thunberg’s dad wrote the section by Benedict!


Gerard O’Connell and Jesuit run Amerika attack Card. Sarah and the new book claiming that Benedict didn’t really write the section written by Benedict.

Now Card. Sarah responds via Twitter.


Attacks seem to insinuate a lie on my part. These slanders are of exceptional gravity. This evening I give the first proofs of my close collaboration with Benedict XVI in writing this text in favor of celibacy. I will speak tomorrow if necessary. RS +

Who wants to hold their breath until the Jesuits apologize for lying about Card. Sarah and Benedict?

And then there’s this guy…

And Beans is giddy.


How badly does the left want to kill this book?


____ Originally Published on: Jan 13, 2020

As you probably know by now, Robert Card. Sarah and Pope Benedict XVI have collaborated on a new book. They respond to certain aspects of The Present Crisis.™   It is their right to do so.

From the Depths of our Hearts

US Pre-Order Soon HERE for 12 March 2020 release! – FRENCH HERE

“But Father!  But Father!”, you pewling libtards are moaning, “Benedict isn’t a Cardinal!  He’s a Pope Emeritus!  He doesn’t have any rights, because… because …. YOU HATE VATICAN II!”

Yes, the libtards want Benedict to be quiet.  But consider that these same libtards didn’t want him to be Emeritus Pope, either.  They wanted him to become just another Cardinal again.  In which case, he would have a right to make his concerns known… so long as he agreed with them!

They want Benedict to be quite because, like Bobby Mickens, they hate him.

In any event, they want Benedict not even to be seen, much less heard, because with every word he publishes, their mask is pulled a little lower.

A good example of the panic incited by Benedict is Beans (aka Massimo Faggioli), the relentless self-promoter of Villanova.  Here are a couple beany tweets.   (I’m blocked by him… HA!)

In other words, “Shut up!”

And… in full panic mode…

Yes, one wonders.  One also wonders if Beans thinks that euthanasia might be a good solution for emeriti.  THAT would shut them up!   After all, old men with experiences don’t have a right to express an opinion about anything.

The best response to Beans yet. As a matter of fact, useful every day of the year. This guy to Beans:

Sapienti pauca

Homosexualist activist James Martin, LGBTSJ, is taking time out from defending sodomitical practices to sow some jesuitical doubt wherever he can.

See what he is doing? Rather than deal with what may be the substance (which he suspects doesn’t support his agenda given the sources) he is sowing doubt.

([The serpent] said to the woman, “Did God say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree of the garden’?”)

“Did Benedict XVI really write the part allegedly attributed to him?”

In any event, I am now reading the new book in French.

More later.


Ultra-liberal Robert Mickens, who lost a job with The Tablet for wishing on social media that Benedict would die, exchanged tweets with Daniel P Horan OFM of CTU (aka The Horan of Babylon)…

Birds of a feather.

Inter alia, since most people are saying that the book deals with celibacy, viri probati, etc., Mickens also tweeted that in 1970 Ratzinger once supported the relaxation of priestly celibacy.  To which the sane person responds: So what?   Ratzinger grew up, came to his senses, recognized that he was wrong, and changed his mindErrare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum.

As for the Horan of Babylon, you can get a sense of the astonishing quality of education offered to students at CTU from these two tweets.   I am not making this up.

That’s right.  You read it correctly.  The Latin Church’s discipline of priestly celibacy is on par with not eating corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day if it falls on a Friday of Lent.  Conclusion: a bishop can dispense his subjects from abstinence on St Patrick’s Day with the snap of his fingers.  Right?   Then the Bishop of Rome can dispense priests from celibacy with the snap of his fingers, right?  After all, they are merely matters of discipline.

What a brain trust CTU must be!

BTW… some snaps of fingers are worse than others, to use this “marvelous” example from a cartoon (for the CTU grads out there).


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  1. Grabski says:

    By protecting BXVI God protects his people

  2. Suburbanbanshee says:

    First of all, I would not trust any of these “sources” if they said the sky was blue.

    But that said, we have this thing called “dictation” and this other thing called “speech recognition.”

    Also. a lot of writers work in 15 minute increments in the prime of life. So there would be no reason why an older person could not do it.

    But like I said, I don’t believe these sources. Benedict has trouble hearing and seeing, but that hasn’t stopped his brother from doing lots of retirement work.

  3. Cy says:

    BXVI speaks!

    Wow, this is awkward.

    Will the “real Pope” please stand up?

    Did he just?

  4. LeeGilbert says:

    This is so tremendous. I hope it is the first volume of a series that deals with synodalism, Amoris Laetitia, Pachammamalism etc. etc. The more we hear from these two the better.

  5. jcocucci says:

    Interesting that Vatican press person Andrea Tornielli describes the work as “a book on the priesthood that bears the signatures of Pope emeritus Joseph Ratzinger and of Cardinal Robert Sarah.” “Pope emeritus Joseph Ratzinger”????? How dismissive does one have to be before crossing the line into total disrespect? And this from “Vatican News”!!!

  6. iamlucky13 says:

    Yes, I saw right away what he was doing in focusing on authorship, rather than the validity of the content.

    Furthermore, when it comes right down to it, these people should NOT want to raise questions about authenticity of authorship; not even for books, and much less so for far more significant publications like encyclicals.

    I accept that even though Pope Francis likely had a lot of assistance writing Amoris Laetitia and Laudato Si, they are still words he wanted us to read, because he put his name on them. Somebody should ask Father Martin to stop making
    insinuations that Pope Francis’ encyclicals might be illegitimate.

  7. Bob says:

    The Pope Emeritus has the right to voice his opinion as any other Catholic. He is not saying anything that other popes in the past have not said with clarity, it’s just that he is not carrying the water of the current thought concerning clerical celibacy that is coming out of the Vatican. The Pope Emeritus and Card. Sarah have a duty to question the reasoning of removing the clerical discipline of celibacy and whether or not it is a wise decision. Pope Francis will decide what he wants whether or not anyone likes it, but he will have been forewarned.

    The ONLY reason Benedict is being criticized is because the liberals in the Church know his opinion carries a lot of weight with many of the faithful. Any blame for the kerfuffle over this ordeal falls squarely on the Vatican and it’s German cohorts.

    This type of confusion, ambiguity and deliberate fogging up of the Truth has got to stop for there will be hell to pay. “Whoever causes one of these little ones to stumble…”

  8. Geoffrey says:

    The comments on Facebook have been most nauseating. Everything from “he should be silent” and “has no right” to speak to “he should not be called Pope Benedict any longer”.

    What a bunch of tripe. As a bishop, he has every right to speak, emeritus or not. I didn’t know when clergy retire from administrative or active ministry, that they were expected to go “quietly into the night”. And, His Holiness the Pope Emeritus retains the styles and dignities of the office he once held out of courtesy, just like the father of the current King of Spain.

  9. ChrisP says:

    During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
    Viva Christo Rey!

  10. JoanM says:

    I have tremendous respect and fondness for His Holiness Pope emeritus Benedict xvi he hs ery rght to let us know how he feels re clerical ebacy. I, also strongly favor celebacy. It does not matter when it was institted Jesus soke clearly about men beng ceibate. And thre would be nobenefit frm remoing the disciline, only even more abuse

  11. Unwilling says:

    “has a role”
    …magis amica veritas.

  12. Zephyrinus says:

    Dear Fr. Z.
    You mention on your excellent Blog, “Bobby Mickens”.
    Is it possible that “Bobby Mickens”, because of the similarity of surname, is a relative of Mrs. “Miggens” of “Black Adder Pie-Shop Fame” fame ?
    Such a similarity of surname cannot be accidental.
    I suspect that, “Bobby Mickens” has a, possible, historical connection to a Pie-Shop in London.
    Who am I to judge ?
    Why not watch Mrs. “Miggins” on YouTube at

  13. Kathleen10 says:

    Even the sheep know when something momentous has happened. It is momentous that this book was written and will be distributed, given the topic. This really matters. They have spoken and defended something we all know is in peril. Interesting. What will Francis do now, his attack dogs all recognize this is a direct threat to the plan, well underway and the ink not dry on the particulars of how it will be done. Will it be hard for him to continue on this path he has carved out? Yes but, his ego will demand it. There is nothing in his papal history to indicate he can suppress that.
    Only God could divert him from it.

  14. Kathleen10 says:

    I meant to add as well Fr. Z., that is an amazing anecdote about your encounter, one to treasure.
    You must have confirmed the topic for them in that moment. What a thing to be able to ponder.

  15. JustaSinner says:

    First went the false idols into the Tiber…me thinks some other false idols need to join them.

  16. Mojoron says:

    I had this same, at least subjectively the same, conversation with our local Lutheran minister, who happens to be single I might add and 65 too, on our priestly situation and not being married and our apparent low numbers of clerics. Of course marriage will automatically make the number increase exponentially he said or inferred anyway. I told him that priestly formation really doesn’t lend itself to a marriage state, although, I have an ex-Baptist minister friend, who is married, become a priest two years ago after attending St Meinrad’s Seminary. I hold out that there might be a worthy man out their, who is married, who can become a fantastic priest because there are very capable men in the Conservative Episcopal Church who HAVE become excellent priests.

    There is a shortage of priests, case in point is our little country church has had a number of Indian priests over the past few years and they just don’t cut the mustard; they are way out of their comfort zone. But we love them anyway. That’s why I have to laugh at Fr. Z’s importance of the “Right Way” to say Mass. Heck, we have trouble understanding our homilies let alone following along listening to pigeon Latin at Mass. LOL>

  17. Ultrarunner says:

    15 minutes of stamina is an enviably long period of time for a Jesuit accustomed to 30 second tweets using a soft keypad.

  18. Amerikaner says:

    As I was reading those tweet-captures, I felt a real sense of evil. The hatred for Pope Emeritus Benedict is diabolical.

  19. Suburbanbanshee says:

    The job of a bishop, according to St. Fulgentius of Ruspe and others, is to be the eyes of the Church, like a guard on a watchtower. (Taking literally the noun episkopos, over-see-er.) So of course it is appropriate for all bishops to “watch out” for us and report the dangers that they see.

    But also, notice how eager these people are to silence not just the Pope Emeritus, but also an African cardinal. Not much listening to the peripheries or learning from diversity, you notice. They are such hypocrites and racists.

  20. andia says:

    Glad to see the recommendation of this book! Thank you.
    It does not not surprise that Fr Martin and Fr Horan aare against this book, it saddens me to say that I sort of expected it. I am looking forward to reading it.

  21. JakeMC says:

    It’s the usual smoke and mirrors game. Distract and misdirect, and throw in a few irrelevant statements cleverly disguised as related issues just to stir the pot. It’s enough to try the patience of a saint.

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  23. Dad of Six says:

    “Okay… maybe the attacks are right that Benedict didn’t write his section. Maybe Greta Thunberg’s dad wrote the section by Benedict!”

    How dare you!

  24. Joe in Canada says:

    If Mr Ivereigh really thinks that viri probati could be ordained in the Amazon tomorrow “using the Greek Catholic rite” he is ignorant about what “rite” means.

  25. Benedict Joseph says:

    Things have taken a turn which even I, long ago having shed the rose colored shades, have difficulty believing are transpiring in the public eye. We have indeed become a school of scandal. The judgement will not be light.

  26. Spinmamma says:

    I immediately pre-ordered the book on Amazon, hoping that the first English version will have our beloved Benedict listed as co-author. How it disgusts me to see the jackals attacking what they perceive as a weakened enemy I continue to see Benedict as a tragic figure–I hope all about his strange abdication and exile will be made clear at the Final Judgment. May he be sustained in his remaining days as he speaks up for Holy Mother Church with his last strength.

  27. Gab says:

    If what Mr Socci states is true then I am astounded at the seeming spitefulness Of the Pope. Why on earth would he want BXVI removed from the book?

  28. Fr. Kelly says:

    To all those who saythat Pope Emeritus Benedict must stay silent, I reply: you wanted him to speak out about the “theological” pamphlets published in honor of Pope Francis a couple of years ago. So much that Dario Vigano didn’t mind lying about what Benedict actually did say

  29. TNCath says:

    Truth is truth no matter what the avenue.

  30. GHP says:

    I just pre-ordered the book; hopefully I’ll get a first-run with both author’s names, not an author and “contributor.”

    Hmmmm …. mebby’s I’ll order a second copy and put it in the Sunday offering basket (we have a very traditional NO parish run by the IVE).

    — Guy

    [Outstanding! Put a copy in the collection basket with a note for the priest.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

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