New video documentary about Benedict XVI from German TV

At National Catholic Register the intrepid Ed Pentin has posted at there is a 30 minute video documentary in German about Pope Benedict XVI’s life in the Vatican Gardens.  It aired on German TV on 3 January.   HERE

It is in German, of course.

It is quite beautiful and respectful.  There are quite a few images from inside his present residence in the Vatican Garden and a good deal of information about his youth.


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  1. Andreas says:

    Father Z; Many thanks for providing this link to a beautiful documentary. The producer of this documentary, the Bayerische Rundfunk (BR), is a wonderful state broadcaster which has created and shown a host of splendid works about The Church and, especially, Pope Benedict. Still, with this particular film, I must admit to having been very moved indeed seeing the Holy Father once again. I was especially heartened by Archbishop Gänswein who noted that although he is frail and his speech is fading, Pope Benedict’s cognitive faculties remain clear and sharp. We have been and will always be blessed by his declarations of beauty, uncompromising truth, scholarship and absolute faith. I miss Pope Benedict….terribly.

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  3. The Egyptian says:

    Oh how I wish I spoke German, if there is ever an English language version please jeep us posted, l am really intrigued by the photos from his youth, i have visited German but not that part, my visit was confined to lower Saxony, at my ancestral home, hosted by my 4th cousins, some day hope to get back before it becomes germanistan and see the rest of the country and France, (Alsace Lorraine) where my maternal grandfathers family was from

  4. Filiolus says:

    Fr. Z, thank you for sharing that documentary. I concur with Andreas’ description of seeing Pope Benedict as he currently is as, “moving”. I had to smile at Archbishop Gänswein’s report that Papa wanted “nothing not Bayern” in his apartments. I did not know he was so frail, though. It was particularly striking because his current frailty was juxtaposed against the strength and confidence of his prime. Anyway, he remains in my prayers.

  5. Mariana2 says:

    That was charming, and very interesting, also very well done by BR. All those details supplied by Archbishop Gänswein, about food, about things in his home, even the writing table, were things you would otherwise not know about.

  6. s i says:

    Wish I understood German! Wonder if it will ever have English subtitles…

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