“With all the priests, we pray: Save us, Lord, we perish!” A snippet from the new Benedict/Sarah book

A snip of the co-authored introduction from the new book, by Sarah and Benedict.   The book is offered “en hommage” to all the priests of the world.

We thought in particular of priests. Our priestly heart wanted to comfort them, to encourage them. With all the priests, we pray: Save us, Lord, we perish! The Lord sleeps while the storm is unleashed. He seems to abandon us to the waves of doubt and error. We are tempted to lose confidence. On all sides, the waves of relativism submerge the boat of the Church. The apostles were afraid. Their faith has died down. The Church also sometimes seems to falter. At the heart of the storm, the apostles’ confidence in the power of Jesus was shaken. We are living this same mystery. However, we are deeply at peace because we know that it is Jesus who leads the boat. We know it will never sink. We believe that it alone can lead us to the port of eternal salvation. We know that Jesus is there, with us, in the boat. We want to reiterate our confidence and our absolute, full, undivided loyalty. We want to repeat to him the big “yes” that we said to him on the day of our ordination.

The image of the Barque of Peter tossed on the waves, taking on water, was used before by Benedict, just before he was elected Pope in 2005.  It was an image during the Stations of the Cross he penned for Good Friday at the Colosseum that year.  Who can forget John Paul II watching from his room in the Apostolic Palace, days before he died.

You can understand why the libs hate this book so much that they are smearing even its authorship.  They’ll do anything to stop this book from being widely diffused and taken to heart… especially by priests and bishops.

They’ll do anything.

Pray for Card. Sarah.

Pray for Benedict XVI.

Yes, the book treats celibacy in a particularly profound way for priesthood. However, that’s only the surface of it.   There’s more going on.

From the first part of Card. Sarah’s offering:

We have seen in recent months, around the synod on the Amazon, so much haste, so much excitement. My bishop’s heart is troubled. I have received many disoriented, anxious and bruised priests in the depths of their spiritual lives by the violent questioning of the doctrine of the Church. I want to tell them again today: don’t be afraid!


Dear brother priests, I want to speak to you plainly. You seem lost, discouraged, overwhelmed by suffering. A terrifying feeling of abandonment and loneliness embraces your heart. In a world plagued by unbelief and indifference, it is inevitable that the apostle will suffer: the priest burning with faith and apostolic love quickly realizes that the world in which he lives is as if upside down. However, the mystery within you can give you the strength to live in the midst of the world. And whenever the servant of “the one thing necessary” strives to put God at the heart of his life, he brings a little light into the darkness.

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  1. happyCatholic says:

    These “snippets” really touched me, perhaps because they seem to plainly acknowledge the truth by those at the highest levels that there are problems– serious, very serious, problems — yet, Jesus remains the Master of all nonetheless. To Him we still owe and offer our unconditional fealty and in doing so, we will have chosen well.

    Thank you, Father Z, for providing all the information you have about the content of the book, its deeper meanings, and also the insights on the controversy now swirling around its authorship and publication.

  2. THREEHEARTS says:

    mike hurcum writes
    I will pray on behalf of both auditors psalm 108 begins Lord be not silent in my praise substituting our for my a form of proxy which the Church allows and as Christ did when He took our sins upon Himself. It has worked for me in the past and I guess it will again. Will many of you join me please?

  3. How absolutely disgusting, yet totally predictable, is the reaction from the Usual Suspects and Useful Idiots spearing this effort and its product.

    Every day the line of battle becomes more and more clear. Wringing our hands won’t win the engagement, the work is hard and can be spiritually discouraging.

    We’ve got to stop acting like foppish courtiers in the King’s court and start acting like the Catholic Warriors of old. The court (Curia? Halls of the Apostolic Palace?) is full of slick operators and smooth talkers. We need people who are not afraid to knock heads, kick bu##, and take names.

    They aren’t necessarily after +Benedict or +Sarah…they’re just in the way. We’re the target, no doubt.

  4. PurrPurr says:

    I am confused. I am now seeing articles that claim that Benedict XVI was not aware that his contributions were to be part of a book, nor that he was to be listed as a co-author; also, that, therefore, the book’s cover is to be changed to reflect that Cardinal Sarah is alone the author, but has included contributions by the Pope Emeritus. Lastly, the articles say that Benedict XVI is distancing himself from the book. Does anyone know the truth? How is it possible for the average Catholic to know the truth about anything when there are so many versions of “the truth” circulating? The only answer is to not be an “average” Catholic. Sometimes, though, it’s impossible to keep up…like now.


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