Sequel to Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”? RESURRECTION

This is pretty exciting.  I read at Messa in Latino that Mel Gibson is making a sequel to The Passion Of Christ about the Resurrection.

The cast should come back for this next offering.

Anyone know anything else for sure?

For the great movie…


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  1. JustaSinner says:

    So how DO you do a sequel to the Greatest Story Ever Told? Post-Crucifixion, Pre-Ascension? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Gab says:

    I have been looking forward to seeing this since it was announced. IMDB states that the release date is 31 March 2021.

  3. monstrance says:

    I would like to see someone take on the Parousia

  4. giannamartin says:

    My husband has read that the Harrowing of Hell as been hinted at! Really excited to see if that is true!

  5. SPWang says:

    He hinted at it in 2016 on the Late Show here at the 1:35 mark – Sounds like Bl. Emmrich’s visions will play a large roll in the script.

  6. Mariana2 says:

    Seriously cool.

  7. teomatteo says:

    Did Our Lord do any judging while he was in the ‘place’?
    Seems to me he didnt.

  8. TonyO says:

    It’s a great project, but … I can wish someone with a better moral tack-record than Mel Gibson was doing it. He’s probably a great director, but he’s also probably got a few screws loose in his theological framework, too.

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  10. Fr. Kelly says:

    TonyO before you go attacking Mel Gibson, remember that he directed the Passion of the Christ too. And everyone told him not to. They said no one would watch movie in Aramaic and Hebrew and Greek and Latin with only English subtitles. They said relying on private revelation for some details was unwise. And when he continued on, they shouted that he is antisemitic and a Traditionalist.
    In short, no effort was spared to discourage him from making the movie and all of us from watching it.
    What resulted was a truly inspired and inspirational work sprung up from profound prayer and which provoked profound prayer in its viewers.
    To me, the fact that Mel is returning to this project after so many years is a sign that he may be returning to his roots and this cannot but be encouraging to us who love him.

    Mel has proved over the years that he is a great artist and he has the ability to make great movies when he applies himself. One could even call him a modern day St. Augustine. I just hope he ends up facing the right direction.
    And whatever mess he has made of his personal and family life, he certainly deserves much better from us than to be dismissed so lightly as you did in your post.

  11. Fr_Sotelo says:

    Fr. Kelly,

    Very good points. I would just add that as long as a movie is made which reaches millions, reveals to them the spiritual treasures of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and is artistic and faithful to the Church, who cares who is in the director’s chair? What we care about is that God be glorified. But speaking about Mel, he has more than proven his ability to make a fantastic movie about Our Lord.

  12. THREEHEARTS says:

    mike hurcum writes
    if you want a true description of the resurrection and what followed read Valtorta’s Poeme and before you criticize me or the book remember what the Pope of that time said, “It will not cause anyone to loose their faith”. Consistent with Aquinas on faith.

  13. I will not endorse reading Valtorta. Nope.

  14. CradleRevert says:

    There was a interview with Mel a couple years ago when he was still in the writing stage, and he said that the movie would portray Christ’s descent into hell and that it would be an “acid trip.”

    That should be interesting.

  15. Father G says:

    Here’s video from 2016 of Mel Gibson talking about the sequel with Raymond Arroyo:
    There are photos online of Jim Caviezel growing out his hair and beard again in preparation for the role.
    It’s been 16 years since “The Passion of the Christ” was released. De-aging special effects may be necessary for some of the actors.

  16. Semper Gumby says:


  17. THREEHEARTS says:

    Father have you read anything by valtorta?

  18. TonyO says:

    To Fr. Kelly,

    Thank you for your comments. However, I wan’t attacking his artistic ability or his directorial skill. The Passion… is a great film, and I said nothing otherwise. (He is also a very good actor, as well, although he has been cast in only a modest range of distinct roles.) I have no hatred for him, and I sorrow at his actions that brought ill-repute to both his film and to the Catholic Church (and to the traditional movement as well), primarily for his own sake: I hope that he recovers. (But even if he does, most likely his family can never be fixed, back to what it should have been.)

    What worries me is whether some of his around-the-bend ideas might find their way into the new film. Being a great director, he may well make such seem to be true, or at least seem to be “what the Church says” about such things. I hope not, and I guess now I will pray not. I hope for all the best from him, his short-comings aside.

  19. Kathleen10 says:

    Mel Gibson and Donald Trump have a lot in common. No matter what great thing they do they can never be good enough. I’m grateful that God sees the forest not just the trees.

  20. Fr. Kelly says:

    As for Maria Valtorta and the Poem of the Man-God; This work was and is on the Index of Prohibited Books. The Index has not been updated in many years because of the impossibility of keeping up with the number of publications being made, but it still holds force.

    I consider myself in good company standing with the magisterium and Fr. Z (and Bishop Bruskewitz, whose judgement was stated even more strongly) as to this book. Whatever else it is, it is not a reliable guide to “the resurrection and what follows”

  21. Joe in Canada says:

    “This time He’s got His list, and He’s not checking it twice!”

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