Your Sunday Sermon Notes: Septuagesima and 5th Ordinary 2020

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass that fulfilled your Sunday Obligation? What was it?

There are a lot of people who don’t get many good points in the sermons they must endure.

For my part, where I am we are beset with a winter storm.  Hence, I – with regret – asked our schola to do psalm tones for the Gradual and Tract and I moved things along quickly.  People drive from some distance for that Mass, and I wanted to get them back on the road before conditions got any worse.  As it is, I’ve put off a drive to Chicago until the storm passes.

I left out several points, including the meaning of the Pre-Lent Sundays (there’s always next week) and what St. Gregory the Great did with the Gospel reading back in the 7th c. when he preached on it for Septuagesima Sunday at the Roman Station – the “Gesimas” have them – of St. Lawrence outside-the-walls.  The catechumens were there and he really stuck his heels into the floorboards.   Alas.

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  1. Irish Timothy says:

    Fr. Glass in Alliston Ontario (as always) made the point that no matter our vocation we are called to be saints. All of us. We do this through the Eucharist and confession too along with a strong prayer life. Amen!!!!

  2. teachermom24 says:

    Today, at the TLM, Fr preached on the topic of “ad orientum” with reference to the Last Supper.
    [For future reference: ad orientEm, not tUm] He spoke of the actual arrangement of the table where all would be facing “ad orientum”, not as Da Vinci’s famous painting (which was not meant to be an historical representation but a reflection of a particular monastery refectory for which the painting was commissioned) depicts with Our Lord in the center. Hearing the sermon, I wished he’d passed out illustrations. So I looked it up myself and found it: 
    There was so much to this (e.g., placements of Judas, John, Peter), all drawn from Holy Scripture. Fascinating! 

  3. Hidden One says:


    Sounds like a solid sermon! I do want to note–typo alert!–that it’s “orientem”, not “orientum”, though, just because that error appears all over the ‘traditional’ Catholic blogosphere (and beyond).

  4. veritas vincit says:

    This morning our priest started out his homily by saying, “Lent is right around the corner” and then mentioned several upcoming Lent-related events, which proves that, even though the NO abolished the pre-Lenten Sunday liturgies, priests are still able to prepare their parishes for Lent.

  5. Magister scholae says:

    On the road, attended FSSP in El Paso, Immaculate Conception. Didn’t get Father’s name, but he spoke first about Confession, it’s necessity and grace, expounding how to make a good confession, that the Church requires yearly, but given our fallen nature we should strive to go frequently, defined as at least monthly, better biweekly and in some cases weekly. Basic, but needed, as our genial host is constantly reminding us. Father then went on to speak about Septuagesima season, that it is to prepare us for Lent, that it was removed from the post councilar calendar to our great detriment, and that it should inspire us to seek the graces that Christ has granted us. Go to Confession!

  6. JonPatrick says:

    I was somewhat distracted during the homily but do remember Father saying we are all called to be evangelists and to spread the love of God to others.

    He also said with Lent coming up it was a good time to prepare by GOING TO CONFESSION!.

  7. fuquaysteve says:

    EF High Mass….Father talked about the season and suffering. Then he spent time going over the Gradual…”You forsake not those who seek You…”. That is our hope and it should help sustain us. I must say usually the sermon focuses on the Gospel and Epistle…it was refreshing to have the Gradual closely examined.

  8. Suburbanbanshee says:

    It is God Who gives us the strength to help others and to be kind, to be a light in darkness. There was a comparison to how LEDs put out mostly light, whereas incandescent bulbs waste a lot of energy on heat.

    Also we learned that if Father says something that sounds funny to a toddler, the toddler will repeat it; but Father just kept on going with a good poker face.

  9. Chaswjd says:

    At my parish we celebrated neither the 5th Sunday nor Septuagesima. Instead, we celebrated the anniversary of the re-dedication of our church. The homiliest made the point that the most beautiful thing about the church is how the congregants put their faith into action.

  10. teachermom24 says:

    Of course, yes–ad orientEm. Thank you for the correction.

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