A good summary of why we are right to worry about the installation (not election) of Harris/Biden

While I have not abandoned hope at the gate of the hell that yawns before us, I am deeply alarmed.

A piece at Crisis today puts well some of my concerns.

Some bits and pieces to whet…my emphases


Aside from fervor for power, our new vice-president and president-assumptive fall outside of the usual historical groupings. In some ways, they stand alone.


While neither Biden nor his running mate stand out for selflessness or heroism or wit, they do satisfy the American appetite for firsts. Biden will be the oldest president to take the oath of office and the only commander-in-chief visibly impeded by early-stage dementia. He will also be the first “Catholic” president to celebrate abortion, and the only one to have officiated at a same-sex wedding…. Another first: never in our history has the electorate chosen—or had foisted upon them—an executive team so scant of intellect, character, charisma, or political philosophy.

The future court anthologizer of the wit and wisdom of Joe Biden will want to draw exclusively from his prepared speeches. There he does have a few vivid phrases to his credit—all of them, alas, plagiarized. When Joe is being Joe, off the cuff, he tends to maunder and make goofy boasts. …  Of late, his “gaffs” and slips have been of the Freudian stripe, as when he refers to the “Harris-Biden” team, or boasts of the “most extensive voter fraud organization in the world.” The wandering mind, like the wine-flooded brain, sometimes blurts the truth. In dementia veritas.


What was wanted, to fulfill the Obama legacy, was progressive vision—the vision of Kamala. Kindred spirits and all that. Or, as a poet friend of mine said, “spider sees eye to eye with spider.” …  The concealment strategy—along with mail-in votes, “glitch” prone machines, magic suitcases, speedy interstate ballot-delivery, etc.– worked to install, if not elect, Biden.


Even among pre-selected reporters, a “rogue” will occasionally shout out a rude question: “Mr. President, are you the ‘Big Guy’?”  “Did you lift the China tariffs because of Hunter’s deals?” “Which method of abortion, Mr. President, do you consider more humane, vacuuming or dismemberment?”


Clearly, such an off-putting V.P. choice—rejected even by her home state in the primary— would not give Biden the “bounce” that the much-maligned Palin brought to John McCain. So how did the 2020 Democratic ticket manage its historic win?  Could Biden’s magnetism account for it?

Or was the election stolen, despite “no wide-spread evidence of fraud”? To think that dirty tricks undid the will of the people is indeed an appalling thought. But more ominous yet is the possibility that the election truly reflected the will of the people.

Philosophers, from the ancients to Oswald Spengler, have warned that it is in the nature of all democracies to self-destruct. If America really elected Biden/Harris, we may have reached that borne from which there is no turning back. Spengler warned that “democracy becomes its own destroyer after money has destroyed intellect.


For a glimpse into how Harris’s domestic policy will impact Christians, google “Kamala Harris and David Daleiden.”  Or consult Planned Parenthood’s “9 Reasons to Love Kamala Harris.”  Once you translate into plain English the abortion giant’s smarmy euphemisms, you will have nine reasons to resist President Harris— and to pray, de profundis, that President Trump stops the steal.

Do I hear an “Amen!”?

St. Joseph, pray for us.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Very familiar with Harris and her role in persecuting Daleiden. As most know she was voted/surveyed as the most liberal of the liberals in Congress. Only God can help us now.
    I agree, Father, that there is too much evidence to suggest that Biden was not elected and will be “installed”. Someone I know has said that we have just witnessed the first third world country “election” in our nation.

  2. I don’t think Biden/Harris was elected, although it is dismaying, the number of people who actually support them. But I am thinking that this election underscores what the coronapanic demonstrated has been true all along: that We the People have no real political power, but only the illusion of it.

    If We the People were really in charge, then why would we be on the receiving end of any sort of threats from government officials (who in theory are supposed to be our servants) for failure to comply with corona crackdowns? Clearly the tin-pot tyrants running New York and California and Michigan, and mayors of big cities who refused to crack down on rioters, do not fear getting sent to the unemployment lines by the voters. If We the People were really in charge, why do we sit on the edge of our seats, biting our nails, every time the Supreme Court is in session, wondering what new bomb it is going to drop on us? How is it we are constantly being hit with things that violate the common good and that no person with common sense wants, like abortion and transgender bathrooms and legally recognized multiple sexes, and there doesn’t seem to be a thing we can do about it?

    2020 has been about hitting us with the reality of where we have always been.

  3. Fulco One Eye says:

    To Anita Moore – It would be difficult to say it better than you. My only quibble is that I put more blame on the people who supported and still support these frauds-from-hell. There are FAR too many of them.

  4. PostCatholic says:

    Have the exorcism prayers had a discernable effect? If the President-elect does make it to Inauguration Day without obstruction, can we presume that any lingering demonic influence was negated?

    [You seek to mock and yet you are trying to mock what you have no idea about. You don’t know in the slightest what you don’t know. Firstly, I’ve done this because I want souls to be defended. Second, I’ve done this because we have to have the truth. Third, exorcism is a process, not magic. It can take multiple “sessions” even lasting to months and years to effect some exorcisms, sometimes with marathon sessions of many hours. God will not be mocked and I won’t have that on this site. Stay healthy.]

  5. Fr. Kelly says:

    PostCatholic, it might be of interest to you to know that the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies met to begin the formal preparations for the inauguration, and for the first time since 1901 were not able to declare a President-Elect.

  6. In connection with PostCatholic’s comment: I have just read Charles Coulombe’s excellent book on Kaiser Karl, Bl. Emperor Charles of Austria, beatified in 2005. One question the story of his life raised in my mind was this: why is it, despite the Kaiser’s heroic virtue, devotion, and fervent prayers for his peoples and for peace, that God allowed him to be foiled, betrayed at every turn and ultimately deposed? Why did God not crown with success his attempts to regain his throne, which were based not on personal ambition but upon his obligation to fulfill his kingly oaths?

    My own opinion — and it’s just my opinion — is that maybe this was God’s judgment, not on Kaiser Karl (whom He soon rescued from this vale of tears) but on the Kaiser’s ungrateful and undeserving subjects, and on a world sunk in sin and hell-bent on war and destruction. It is sobering to consider that after millions of abortions and relentless assaults on the Church and the family here and abroad (not to mention responsibility for deposing the Kaisers and thus helping to clear the way for Hitler) the United States has not deserved less punishment.

  7. Semper Gumby says:

    Nancy (Fake Impeachment, SOTU Speech Shredder) Pelosi:

    “I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected president on Tuesday, whatever the end count is on the election that occurs on Tuesday. He will be elected, on January 20 he will be inaugurated president.”

    Stop the Coup.

    Joe (“You Ain’t Black”) Biden:

    “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    Stop the Steal.

  8. KateD says:

    The “vote” reflects the will of Cbina and her surrogates in America…comrades whom they will euthanize once they are no longer useful, not the will of the American people which has been abbrogated.

    In my opinion, President Trump should declare martial law in those states where he knows there were voting irregularities. All voting machines should be impounded and analyzed by the appropriate authorities. He should then have a paper ballot re-vote with plenty of observers from the media, all parties and the public at large. All eyes. Total transparency.

    While he has the authority to correct this issue of interference in our election from the Chinese, he should. It’s what leaders do. This mewling to the courts is the recourse of loosers not in a position of authority…

  9. KateD says:

    And by that last line I mean no disrespect…maybe just a little tweak. Goad?

    The purpose of the executive office is so that the Commander in Chief may respond quickly, unfettered by committee and parlimentary procedure…or any proceedure to a fluid situation such as this attack on the soverignty of our nation by the Chinese. The check against an executive becoming a tyrant lies in the fact that it costs a lot of money to mobilize soldiers and congress controls the purse strings. But there is enough juice to embark on a military campaign and I would think enough capital available to complete a small peaceful action such as a revote. And I’d task General Flynn with the execution of the action. No one understands what’s at stake better than he. It might land him right back in hot water again, but he’s a true blue patriot and I think we all understand that some times we must sacrifice for the cause of liberty and in this era many times marturdom is bloodless.

    We may not be at war with China, but China sure seems to be at war with us. It has been engaging in a quiet attack of our political system. Biden (and Harris) is their guy, bought and paid for….full price.

    Shanghai Joe has got to go.

  10. KateD says:

    Justice Roberts has made it clear that he is a coward who will not permit a remedy through the courts.

  11. Semper Gumby says:

    Here is a photo of the despicable WaPo (in August they published an op-ed by Jennifer Rubin asking if the country needed a Republican party as it was “white, racist and xenophobic”) depicting Trump supporters as rats:


    A Death Party PAC recently wrote a memo to Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden stating that Christianity, and particularly white Christians, are a national security threat (link to pdf memo in this article):


    Joe Biden’s granddaughter posts photos of Biden’s dogs chewing on a Trump toy:


    Biden’s campaign manager Jen Dillon, who would be Deputy Chief of Staff in an illegal Biden-Harris regime, several days ago:


    Former Death Party president Obama recently criticized “white males” and “evangelical Hispanics” for supporting Trump.

    Last month we saw from the Death Party a wave of death threats, revenge lists, “accountability projects” and demands for reeducation camps. There are many similarities between today’s Death Party in the U.S. and the race-obsessed National Socialist Party of 1930s Germany.

    Persevere. Fortitude. Stop the Steal.

  12. Semper Gumby says:

    Anita Moore O.P. (lay): Good comment as usual.

    I have heard of Coulombe’s book about Blessed Karl and hope to get to it next year. Though, the U.S. was not responsible for deposing Kaiser Wilhelm II and clearing the path for Hitler. Briefly, the U.S. entered WW I because of Imperial Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare, the Zimmerman Telegram and the French Army was in deep trouble.

    In late 1918 the German Army was retreating in disarray from France, socialist revolutions were breaking out across Germany, and Wilhelm II went into exile (Belgium, if I recall, and he may have been forced by a family member, Ludendorff was probably involved, and it was Pres. von Hindenburg who stupidly appointed Hitler as Chancellor in 1933) to try to save the situation for Germany in late 1918. Cheers.

    p.s. See “Dreadnought” by Robert Massie for more on the problematic Kaiser Wilhelm II and the origins of WW I.

  13. PostCatholic says:

    We’ve been spending weekends at our vacation property in Virginia. There are no cell towers and I don’t always bring a laptop, so I’m late replying to your comments. To the extent that teasing can be mockery, I’m guilty. I did not intend to provoke such offence and for that, I’m very sorry. It can be hard on the internet to convey a degree of humour. I didn’t and I was hurtful, and for that, I apologize.

    You’re correct, though, that I don’t believe in devils and demons and personified supernatural evils. I don’t question your sincerity in these things. I have quite a bit more difficulty understanding the views of people who, in the absence of any legally actionable or even plain and visible evidence to the contrary, think that Mr Trump won election in five states with visibly rigorous controls [?!?!? In some key places government INTERFERED with election integrity!] on election fraud. So I wonder where the demonic influence enters in: is it that demons have somehow altered the count or perpetrated some sort of fraud? [Demons are good with electronics, to be sure. However, human interference was a problem: cf. Dominion, etc.] Or do you believe that the majority of voters, in choosing Mr Trump’s nominally Catholic, certainly religious opponent, were all influenced by demons in casting their votes? [Of course not. That’s just plain ridiculous.] What is the outcome you seek by exorcising demonic influence over the election? [The truth.] As a matter of law and democracy, Mr Trump lost, as by now 50 states’ election officials, 60 judges, I don’t know how many dismissed or denied lawsuits, the Electoral College, and the Supreme Court have decided. [It isn’t over until it is over.] I do understand the disappointment and fear that this outcome brings, especially for voters most concerned about abortion. [And the TRUTH.]

    But I ask about what you seek in your exorcism prayers in all sincerity; I’m not mocking. Do you want Mr Biden to be un-influenced by demons when he takes office? Are you trying to make the majority of the electorate impervious to future demonic interference? Do you want some sort of divine intervention in changing the outcome of the election and if so, what does that mean in terms of practicalities? Are you trying to increase animus against Mr Biden and his party and voters, because they’re possessed by demons? Are you seeking some replacement form of government to the one we have now?

    We have very different world views. Mine does not have deities nor view mankind as “fallen.” I’ll try to be more sensitive in the future when I seek explantations about ideas to which I don’t subscribe. I have reasons of my own for rejecting your faith but I don’t think I can find one for being disrespectful of your faith. Again, I’m sorry.

    [A couple things. You might not believe in the “invisible” realm, including the Enemy of the Soul, fallen angels, but they believe in and are interested in YOU. I’d rethink your position. Also, I am concerned for the soul of Mr. Biden. You say there was not fraud. That’s laughable on the face of it. Of course there was and it was massive. There’s no way he didn’t know about it. As a matter of fact he probably blurted the truth about it in a moment of dementia fueled accidental honesty. We have to have confidence in the integrity of elections. This election was seriously compromised. For Mr. Biden to accept being installed as President, knowing what he surely knows, will be a lie of such proportion that it will be qualitatively worse than simple lying. What I hope will happen is that with that shred of conscience he might have, and healthy fear of his impending judgment by God, he will publicly admit the wrong doing and step aside, with promises to work hand in hand with Pres. Trump for election reform. We want the truth. We need election integrity. Without sound elections all we are left with is insurrection, and that is a terrible thing to contemplate.]

  14. NOCatholic says:

    “Briefly, the U.S. entered WW I because of Imperial Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare, the Zimmerman Telegram and the French Army was in deep trouble.”

    Barbara Tuchman’s excellent book The Zimmermann Telegram makes clear that it was the German foreign secretary’s ill-fated effort to bring Mexico into World War I with promises of agression against the United States, that prompted President Woodrow Wilson to call for a declaration of war.

    Prior to the Zimmermann Telegram becoming known, Wilson, a naive pacifist and the intellectual godfather of the modern progressive Left, resisted calls for war, even after the sinking of the Lusitania.

    BTW, there is no “steal”. One has been attempted, and might be again on January 6, but to date unsuccessfully. God bless America.

  15. Semper Gumby says:

    NOCatholic: I have neither the time or inclination to educate you. Good day.

  16. Lunchbox catholic says:

    Ya’ll have absolutely and unequivocally jumped the shark. That such faithful and intelligent people could regurgitate the false blatherings of Pres. Trump is beyond me. Yikes.

    [Yikes, is right. Your comment reveals more about how informed you are than it does about those whom you’ve insulted.]

  17. Semper Gumby says:

    NOCatholic: Barbara Tucuman offers some insight, but her ZT book and The Proud Tower have flaws and gaps. You were provided three reasons above in the sentence beginning “Briefly”.

    Stop the Steal.

  18. Semper Gumby says:

    Lunchbox catholic: You may want to request a refund from whichever Marxist madrasa you attend. At a minimum, write a sternly worded letter to your teacher and principal regarding the deficient education they provide.

  19. Semper Gumby says:

    Fr. Z: ‘rah with your red letters.

  20. PostCatholic says:

    I’m ready to believe that which can be proved. I can be skeptical of the election results. If there was a conspiracy and “massive fraud,” then let’s have the damning evidence. Merely asserting it does not make it so. So far, nothing credible nor tangible has been offered to show there was fraud. Don’t tell me I’m uninformed–I have been paying close attention to Mr Giuliani’s puddle-hopping and I’ve read a few of the decisions judges have made dismissing or denying the President’s claims, and I still wait patiently to hear anything convincing at all that the “massive fraud” actually occurred. Repeated assertion without due argument is what in logic as “argumentum ad nauseum” and is an informal fallacy.

    (The same might be said for demons and devils, but it’s impossible to prove a negative. I’ll let that one go and allow that it’s a smaller element of a much larger set of supernatural claims. Still, in both these instances I feel as though you are offering me a pseudo-gnosticism: If I’d believe in some hidden knowledge, I’d no longer require proof.)

    As for Mr Biden’s rather stupid, and immediately corrected, statement: It’s more charitable to accept the proffered explanation that this was an instance of his well-documented dysphemia. (Which I fully expect to continually aggravate me in the next four years. Mr Biden was not mypreferred candidate in the recent elections.) Since there is a suitable and ready explanation, I’m going with that, rather than the more elaborate notion that he has some form of mostly-concealed and only intermittently revealed dementia which he’s denied afflicts him. I made the same allowance for Mr Trump, incidentally, when his opponents would suggest he was afflicted with dementia. To do this is in my opinion to avert the danger of calumny. It’s also an application of Ockham’s razor.

  21. Semper Gumby says:

    PostCatholic wrote: “Merely asserting it does not make it so. So far, nothing credible nor tangible has been offered to show there was fraud.”

    Make an effort to pay attention. Plenty of evidence is available. Now, perseverance, fortitude and not being intimidated by the possibility of further political violence is important to ensure the integrity of this election.

    You complain about “assertions” yet in your earlier comment you asserted: “visibly rigorous controls.” Your assertion is clearly false. Do not fall into the trap of believing the propaganda labels weaponized and proliferated by YouTube and Twitter such as “The AP has called the election for Biden” and “states ensure ballots are counted and irregularities corrected.” If you appease the Leftist mob now, then do not expect a free and fair election in the future.

  22. WVC says:

    @NOCatholic – I presume you’re elated by the 5,500+ page Pork Stimulus Bill with 2.4 Trillion in spending, including +$500 Million going to Ukraine, hundreds of Million going to Pakistan for gender studies, hundreds of millions going to a Museum on Feminism, hundreds of millions going to Egypt and to the Sudan, and, hey, $600 going to the American chumps who lost their jobs or business thanks to COVID lockdown. But at least the illegal immigrants get $1,800.

    The Swamp is back! And you are firmly and fixedly entrenched on the side of the Swamp. You and Joe Biden and Mitt Romney and Hilary Clinton and Mitch McConnell are all in the same boat, whether you recognize that fact or not. You refuse to actually engage with information contrary to your imagined world view (you just farm out your thinking for others to do on your behalf, like the folks at National Review), you troll around on a website devoted to the Traditional Liturgy with the handle “Novus Ordo Catholic”, and you continue to post your “4 legs good, 2 legs bad” blather in support of Biden/Harris and the Swamp People. My initial instinct about you has been proven entirely correct. You’re simply a contrarian troll preening about “peace” but constantly looking to aggravate, to irritate, and to slander.

    There are plenty of pearls out there, but you shouldn’t be surprised if folks around here aren’t casting them your way anymore.

  23. NOCatholic says:


    First of all, I’m sorry you have (if your handle is accurate) lost your faith. Belief in angels and demons and the reality of demonic action in this world is an essential part of the Catholic faith. Father Z is not wrong to offer prayers for exorcism, which I’m confident God will use for good no matter what the demons are doing (or not doing, as the case may be).

    (BTW, my handle, “NOCatholic” stands for “Novus Ordo Catholic”, in distinction from most here who prefer the pre-Vatican II Latin Mass).

    With regards to the election, you have wandered into an alternate universe, where there was apparently a massive conspiracy to steal a sure re-election away from Donald Trump and give it to Joe Biden. This is the universe of OAN, Newsmax, any number of conspiracy-minded websites of Twitter rumor-mongers, where reported electoral irregularities abound and indicate fraud, where many good Catholics justly outraged by the policies of Biden and Harris, have chosen to inhabit. In our universe, of course, Biden has won the election, and none of those amount to anything, nothing brought into a court has resulted in changing any election results, and there is much that no attorney can bring into court, because an attorney who presents false evidence in court can be disbarred.

    So I fear you will find no satisfaction here, with respect to the election. Instead, you will get criticism and stern lectures.

    Have a Merry and blessed Christmas. Peace.

  24. NOCatholic says:

    WVC: You are seriously mistaken. While I don’t lose sleep worrying what you or others here think, I never supported Joe Biden in his election campaign. To believe otherwise, merely because I did not also support Donald Trump, is an error.

    I’m surprised you object to the just-passed stimulus bill, given that President Trump (not Biden, who is not in office yet) will be the one to sign it, and as I understand it, he indicates he will. When he does, will you change your mind?

    I visit Father Z’s site because it has much information to offer believing Catholics, because I am interested in knowing more about traditional forms of Catholic liturgy, whether I normally assist in them or not, and because I hope to offer occasionally a different perspective — and not necessarily or even primarily about politics.

    Have a merry and blessed Christmas. Peace.

  25. Semper Gumby says:

    The Death Party Collaborator “NOCatholic” has Spoken:

    “Father Z is not wrong to offer prayers for exorcism”

    An utterance from the Oracle at Delphi! Truly we unwashed hoplites now have wisdom. Sacrifice a goat, fresh herbs and wine for everyone!

    But, alas, “NOCatholic” is wrong as usual. “sure re-election” is a strawman. “election results” is a strawman. Then there is the usual calumny, false accusations, Leftist foot-stomping and threat of a “stern lecture” if we do not surrender our rights and accept our new illegitimate overlords.

    Far more than a “stern lecture” is on the horizon. Stop the Steal.

  26. WVC says:

    @NOCatholic – You continue to say “peace, peace” while insulting people with sarcastic comments, ignoring or belittling any and all information contrary to your opinion, and then acting surprised when folks tell you that you’re a jerk. According to your logic, the courts hold the ultimate power in this world to determine what is real and what is not real. So, you’re 100% in favor of transgender bathrooms for kids?

    Besides the fact that evidence wasn’t submitted during legal cases because apparently nobody in the country is allowed to have legal standing when it comes to a case of election fraud – an absurd but apparently “respectable” opinion which I’m sure you share. There have been numerous hearings where evidence has been publicly revealed and discussed, but I’m sure you didn’t watch any of them. You let National Review and other such types do your thinking for you and tell you what all that stuff really meant.

    You pretend that you’re not on Biden’s side, but in the end you are a friend to the Swamp and all that it entails. And that includes Hunter and his laptop from hell. That also includes the Chines Communist Party.

    As far as the stimulus bill goes, I certainly hope Trump vetoes it, but even if he does it will likely be a useless gesture. It will just get pushed back up for Biden or Harris or whomever winds up as the next Swamp King. The Swamp is Back. It’s what you wanted.

    You chose your side.

  27. NOCatholic says:

    WVC: It is not necessary to be a member of the Tribe of Trump in order not to be a member of the tribe of Biden.

    And Semper Gumby’s posts to me are as fine as specimens of sarcasm as you will find on this blog.

  28. NOCatholic says:

    WVC: It is not necessary to be a member of the Tribe of Trump in order not to be a member of the tribe of Biden.

    And Semper Gumby’s posts to me, especially the last one, are as fine as specimens of sarcasm as you will find on this blog.

  29. Semper Gumby says:

    WVC: Good point you make: “You refuse to actually engage with information contrary to your imagined world view.”

    Above in red Fr. Z wrote:

    “In some key places government INTERFERED with election integrity!”

    This is true. Here is one historical example: the 1946 Battle of Athens TN. A corrupt Democrat-run town and police force vs WW II veterans.

    “Athens is the seat of McMinn County, which, at the time, was the nerve center for Sheriff Paul Cantrell, a major lieutenant of a corrupt Democratic machine which stretched from Tennessee to the District of Columbia.

    “There were no “elections” in McMinn County through the war years. The ballot boxes were in Democratic offices, and Cantrell’s deputies served as the election officers…”

    “Several Athenians petitioned the Department of Justice for relief, knowing that local and State officials would not take any action against the machine.”

    “Meanwhile, another deputy delivered a brutal beating to a GI election judge after he protested the brazen voter fraud happening before his eyes; the deputy tried to draw his gun, and likely would have killed the veteran, but it snagged in his holster.”

    Events developed from there.


  30. WVC says:

    @NOCatholic – So your moral reasoning is “Well, that guy is doing it so it makes it good if I do it?” Why am I not surprised?

    I spent a lot of my own time writing replies to you. I provided arguments and references. You ignored them or gave them little more than a cursory glance before ignoring them. You earnestly believe you’re behaving in an appropriate way, but that doesn’t make it true. Your personal hatred of Trump has blinded you to a lot of things, including the fact that I am not one of his biggest fans.

    I do give him credit where it’s due, something justice calls for. For example, he said he will veto the insane pork, er, stimulus bill, which is more than I would say for Biden/Harris. Or for George W. Bush.

    You should get your house in order before you go after Semper Gumby or anyone else. YOU are the one repeatedly coming to a website that clearly supports President Trump in order to post snarky comments about how he’s the worst even though you can’t give any arguments to support your opinion. YOU are the contrarian with no other aim other than agitation. That makes YOU the troll.

  31. WVC says:

    @NOCatholic – Again, your personal hatred of Trump (which is an unhealthy thing) makes you see things. I have given plenty of blame for Trump for his shortcoming, which are numerous. I’ve explicitly said so. You continue to be unable to see it. I responded to your posts with lengthy comments, arguments, and evidence supporting my position. You ignored them. Even just now, you pretend like I didn’t already point out the absurd legal position of “legal standing” which the courts are hiding behind, the fact that they in fact refused to allow the evidence to come before the court, the multiple public hearings which presented much evidence including video footage, and the example I provided of how the courts can and often do get things not just wrong but unbelievably wrong (or, hey, I guess children do NOT have a Constitutional Right to change clothes in a bathroom that doesn’t include the biological opposite sex or, for that matter, I guess women DO have a Constitutional Right to murder their unborn babies because, hey, that’s what the courts say and they’re always right?).

    You continue to pretend you’re the “good guy” in this situation, but the reality is you are the troll.

    And go ahead, pretend all the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop doesn’t exist. Pretend that the Federal Investigations into his conduct and that of his father don’t exist. Pretend that none of that presents any kind of “Constitutional Crisis.” Pretend widespread election and voter fraud isn’t any kind of “Constitutional Crisis.” Pretend that having over 50% of registered voters believing the elction was stolen isn’t a “Constitutional Crisis.” One of us is willing to deal with reality and the evidence as presented, including the hearsay and gossip you’ve presented about “Trump’s Character,” and one of us is keeping his head in the sand.

    I don’t object to your presence. I object to your trolling.

  32. The tires are spinning here.

    If there is nothing new to post, let’s wrap this up.

  33. WVC says:

    Rgr. Out.

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