Francis: Patron Saint of…. ?

From Catholic Culture:

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  1. JabbaPapa says:

    I’m back on foot pilgrimage in Spain, at last, making my slow Way to Fatima, and etc.

    Last night, a fellow pilgrim offered me most kindly somewhere to sleep other than outdoors. Then I met his sister, both are retired.

    We started speaking of the Church, and Christianity – – though when I mentioned that I don’t much like the current Pope, and that I much preferred Benedict and the two John Pauls, her face lit up with smiles and relief, made comments about how the Church is turning ill, and whilst I think the subsequent dinner invitation was withstanding regardless (and it was a marvellous combination of a beef stew with two cod dishes), her invitation came quickly and more heartedly after that point.

    So when the Roman Pontiff dismisses faithfulness towards “grannies”, this is the simple and most straightforward Catholic Faith that he seeks to destroy, in the name of whichever mere clericalist ideology that he has been seduced by.

    The Pastors are being taught to behave in ways that the People of God can only despise in their gut.

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